On Movie Reviews, New Film Soundtracks, and 100HappyBollyDays

I have been away from this blog for long. Too long. And by now, I've narrowed down my prolonged absence to two primary factors: 1. Lack of Time; and 2. Uninspiring Film Music.

Lack of Time
When the choice is between watching films or writing about them, the former must take precedence. And when the choice is between writing about films in less than 140 characters (or multiples thereof) or not writing about films at all, I'm happy to pick the former. So micro-blogging on Twitter somewhat solves the first problem.

Here's the collection of 'tweets' with my thoughts on films. As you can see, it's in its infancy, and I hope to keep adding to it much more frequently moving forward.

Uninspiring Film Music
I've been thinking much more about my reactions to soundtracks to our newer films. The one conclusion I've repeatedly come to is that the state of Hindi film soundtracks today is quite disgraceful, to put it mildly. The last soundtrack I loved from start to finish was that to Rockstar (2011), and it's no coincidence that the last post here on a song or soundtrack was dedicated to one from that film. While acknowledging that I'm no longer the individual who registered this blog in his early 20s (in 2005), I've even questioned whether this sentiment stems from just having grown up some more, leading to where so many appear to have been for so very long as they simply proclaim, "Old is gold!" (Which it is, but there is more than one precious metal or asset class in the universe, so this proclamation, like the vast majority of generalizations, is hardly substantive.)

But what good has come from dwelling on the negative for too long? A conscious, thoughtful effort at being positive seldom goes entirely unrewarded. It is in the spirit of optimism, then, that I've signed up for the #100HappyDays campaign. (More at http://100happydays.com/) I may not get to it on 100 consecutive days, but since when did these kinds of norms ever get in the way of fun and entertainment?  

I'm calling my entry a deliberately cheesy #100HappyBollydays, and my primary objective is to share film music that I'm grateful for. Maybe there's a fond memory or story associated with its consumption, or maybe not. Maybe I just really like it for what it is without much other reason. This is, after all, art and not science.

So if you're on Twitter, please follow along (or better yet, join in!). If you're not, the compilation of #100HappyBollyDays tweets will update at this link.