Lagaan Week: Addendum

We have a few more entries to Lagaan Week! One comes courtesy Lagaan Week Alumnus and Bollywood and technology blogger Sujoy Singha, who had previously contributed this project management case study centered around the film. This time around, he discusses the ensemble cast and the film's relevance to Bollywood in two separate posts. Check his first post at this link, complete with a great animated GIF of an announcer-turned-patriot Ram Singh as he proclaims victory. In the second, at this link, he discusses why and how Lagaan was a game-changer that was not only welcome to, but was needed by, Bollywood.

Bloggers Dolce and Namak discuss the draw of Bollywood films to a non-Indian audience, using Lagaan as a prime example of what defines Bollywood cinema. Their thoughtful Lagaan Week entry, available at this link, includes songs from the film, so head over to their blog to further discuss!