Lagaan Week: On Location, History Revisited in More Ways than One

Darshit over at his Hindi film blog Dunkdaft, has developed this (good) habit of taking us back in time when Lagaan Week comes around. But before you get to his Lagaan Week entry for 2011, which describes his sheer joy of watching this film in an Indian cinema-turned-cricket stadium, let's briefly note his previous posts I am positive you will agree every fan of the film will cherish. Please join me in thanking him for bringing us these great posts by visiting his blog and commenting there. This stuff takes an awful lot of commitment, and it takes a Lagaaniac to appreciate that!

Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi, a remote area in Kutch in the Indian state of Gujarat, served as the site for the quarters of the commanding officer of Champaner in Lagaan. From there, we are gifted an excellent great picture essay at this link, in which he ties his beautiful photographs of the exterior and interior of the palace, with some specific references to scenes in and around it in the film. The post is complete with an obvious connection to Lagaan from the gates to the palace.

But wait, that's only the beginning. Darshit has also visited Kunariya, the Gujarati village in which Lagaan was filmed in 2000. He's taken some excellent photographs of the location, and even visited the theater which hosted the world premiere of Lagaan -- fittingly, involving the very villagers who were the life of the film. The post, which outlines a heck of an adventure, is available at this link.

There are also some fantastic shots of the former Champaner!

In his Lagaan Week entry from last year -- What a Climax (at this link) -- he reminds us, among many other things, of how the film starts with a shot of Bhuvan's mom Yashodamaai (Suhasini Mulay) despairingly looking skyward for clouds, and ends with a shot of rain touching her feet.

And in this year's entry, he shares with us his Lagaan story. What's yours? Head over to discuss!

(Pictures used in this post are copyright Darshit of Dunkdaft)