Lagaan Week: Hey! It's That Guy!?

Liz discusses a phenomenon most of us have experienced while watching Lagaan. It's often the familiarity with faces and perhaps acting styles, but not names, that is effective in establishing some comfort level via frames of reference that would positively impact our perceptions of the actors on screen (and hence their films). This, of course, doesn't have to work in any direction in particular. The point is, it's difficult to ignore and if the film's special enough, it only adds to the (hopefully) positive vibes to the viewing and recollection experiences.

Few big names, and almost a perfect analogy with a winning sports team. (It doesn't take a team with the biggest stars to win.) The outstanding supporting cast of Lagaan was a big reason for its success. The better we get at recognizing them, the more we seem to see them in Hindi films, before and after when Lagaan released. Sample some instances at Liz's blog -- My Year of Prakash Raj -- at this link. Thank you Liz for your Lagaan Week entry! A related post from the Lagaan Week Archives is available at at this link.