Lagaan Week: Engaging with Themes of Colonialism

If you've seen Lagaan more than once, you know it carries that greater-than-average potential, to say the least, of growing on its audience with each viewing. Sure, it's a product of entertainment, but its value extends far beyond that, perhaps most crucially in forcing its audience to appreciate all that is human, and the affirmations and negations humanity has always tried to win and defeat.

How much we learn is proportional to the nature and extent of the questions we ask. We think, and we connect. That's what The Mighty Mango of 3 Bollywood Queens does in her thoughtful essay on Lagaan and British India, in which she suggests the themes of colonialism in the film are more pervasive than one might initially believe. Check out the essay at this link.

While on colonialism and Lagaan, here's a related post from the Lagaan Week archives, with references to some great essays/articles on the subject for anyone interested in further exploring cricket and colonialism within the context of Lagaan and British India.

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