Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), Peepli Live (2010), Karthik Calling Karthik (2010), and Break Ke Baad (2010)

Hope you all had a great 2010, and best wishes your way for an even better 2011! Happy new year!!! For opinion on Bollywood’s hits and misses in 2010, visit Dunkdaft (here) and Apni East India Company (here and here). I blogged far less last year than I would’ve liked. Life takes over sometimes, and it appears positioned to stay that way. So mini-reviews are the theme in 2011. I hope you all are on board for those, beginning with this post. (As always, feedback on everything from the content to the format is encouraged.) Enjoy!



Responsible for getting me out of the Bollywood movie-watching funk I fell into for a couple months was none other than the classic that only continues to 'handsomely' stand the test of time. Saw this on the phone via Rajshri’s official YouTube channel at this link, and split viewing sessions across a courthouse and an airport. Lesson learned (again!): Screen size doesn’t matter much when content is absorbing. And few could make it as absorbing as Bhagyashree and Salman Khan (budding style icon at the time) do in this film.

Q: For those of you who like the movie – and I’m guessing there are many of you out there who do – which are your favorite scenes/moments/songs?

Sure, “I love you” playing in the background score in what seems to be an infinite loop sounds corny in the twenty-first century. And sure, the songs aren’t all original. (That’s one major complaint with the film.) Yet, there’s a lot about this movie that makes one admire it, its cast, the industry it stems from, and perhaps even the mere notion of love. Salman’s big film is tough to beat. Truth is, I’ve always liked it more than the coming out parties of the other big Khans Aamir and Shah Rukh, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge (1994). (Sorry Juhi Chawla, who just joined Twitter at this link, by the way.)

If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now (but do come back to comment ;) and go see it for free at the producer’s official YouTube channel, with subtitles. It’s an all-time Bollywood biggie for good reason.

Movie rating: 5/5 (Of course! Really like the maturation of the couple's love over time -- no shortcuts, always respectable. Way to go!)

Music rating: 4/5 -- At least two major instances of plagiarism mar a fun and iconic soundtrack. My favorites are both versions of Dil Deewaana, especially the second. The antakshari song made the game more mainstream than anything else. And my girlfriend while in second grade can vouch for my being pretty good at Salman’s sax theme (46 seconds into this YouTube clip) on the harmonica!

My classification: PG (Gun use is inevitable, however.)

Also see: The MPK page at Hmong Chick's Hindi cinema blog

And finally: How 'bout this for a favorite tweet?! :D

(Click to enlarge)


An Aamir Khan Productions film first screened at Sundance Film Festival -- visit this guest post for a detailed review from Sundance -- this came available on DVD and Netflix (streaming included, at least in the U.S.) recently.

There’s much to like about it: Nice script; Beautiful cinematography and art direction; Brilliant performances by some top-notch acting talent (give me performances by Lagaan (2001) and Meenaxi (2001) alumnus Raghuvir Yadav and Naseeruddin Shah -- if only a cameo -- any day; but really everyone in this is great); and most of all, accurate metaphors for a lot that is wrong with bureaucracy that plagues nations, specifically in India, of course.

Commentary on everything from bad husbands and mothers-in-law to dastardly politicians, agriculturalist societies, industrialism, capitalism, consumerism, hawkish journalism, bounty hunting, and apathy, is of the quintessence. I tend to think of it as almost a mockumentary on the Indian media circus, using the unfortunate and heartbreaking farmer suicide issue as the backdrop. I didn’t laugh much through this ‘dark comedy’. It even has a peculiar climax, which I hope wasn’t intended to make us laugh with dramatization and loudness best-exhibited by any standard Akshay Kumar movie. The fit of such an effort, its outcome, and the many directions this film stretches out into (which, it can be argued, is inherent in any depiction of a circus), are my only complaints.

Movie rating: 4/5 – Although it’s clearly not in the same league, the inspirational elements to it might well be the likes of Naya Daur (1954), Mother India (1957), Lagaan (2001), and Swades (2004). For the mere mention alongside these other films, I think this is well worth a watch.

Music rating: 3 without the integration, 4 with (and with is what counts!).

My classification: R (for language, some plot devices)



This psych thriller starring Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone would be among any top-five for any 2010 list I’d create. A decent script, an overall yuppie feel to go with a yuppie-themed plot, splendid dialogue, and a soundtrack that gives me my favorite pure pop Bollywood hit of the year (that’d be “Hey Ya” – sample it at this YouTube link).

I am often intentionally guilty of trying hard not to predict outcomes (films are more fun that way, I think), and didn't have any issues being manipulated by Karthik Calling Karthik. From a corporate professional's standpoint, one can see how the introvertedness is in line with Karthik’s compositional makeup – brilliant but shy, with lots of potential but a hidden fear to exploit it. I am not qualified to comment on the psychological professional (Shefali Shah, reliable as always), but one would hope she'd have figured things out much earlier.

On a positive note, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know about my "Deepikappreciation" tendencies. Ms. Padukone in this only cements her place among my top three (active) favorites. Sweet.

Movie rating: 3.75/5 - It's far from perfect, but has a fun first half and a more than watchable second for Farhan's performance.

Music rating: 3.75/5 (Very good, “Hey Ya”, "Uff Teri Ada", and its theme are hand-in-glove fits throughout, as is the background score)

My classification: PG-13 (Psych thrillers and attempted violence, some language)



Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone (again!) star in an average romantic drama which lives up to the not-so-high expectations it sets from the very beginning of its supply chain. The music (Vishal-Shekhar) is pleasant. The performances (look out for Sharmila Tagore and Shahana Goswami) are sincere. The cinematography and humor work for the most part. Yet, it’s obvious something is missing, and it’s pretty easy to narrow down the culprit to the script. Not surprising in retrospect, since Break Ke Baad was produced by Kunal Kohli, who was involved in writing Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008), Fanaa (2006), Hum Tum (2004), and Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (2002)

It’s a decent ‘timepass picture’, and therein lies its value. Of course, if you’re a fan of either lead, you’d want to see it, although I’m afraid the trajectory of the early years of Imran’s career is starting to resemble his uncle Aamir’s, which might not be the best thing. Time to break out of the loverboy routine, dude!

A special shout-out to the unofficial L.A. Bollywood Twitter User Club members who showed up at our viewing event. Next up: Dhobi Ghat releasing January 21, starring Aamir Khan and Prateik Babbar. (Official website:

Movie rating: 3/5 -- An average, timepass flick.

Music rating: 3.5/5 (Good!)
For Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics, Dhoop Ke Makaan and Ajab Leher are the pick of the lot.

My classification: PG-13 (for theme, language, and sexual situations involving a guy named Cyrus)

Official website:


Anonymous said...

Nawab! So glad to see you post again. Just yesterday I checked your blog and found nothing new, so happy to see this today. You’re right about MPK, it would hold up on a small screen for sure, thought this makes me think how fun it would have been to see it in a theater in its heyday! You also remind me I have yet to see Meenaxi, must get to it.
I agree with your assessment of Peepli Live. I also have not seen KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK, hard to believe, so I’ll move it up in my never ending queue now with this reminder. Maybe I’ll get around to BREAK KE BAAD (2010), but I’m not in as much of a hurry for that one. I appreciate reading all your insights into the filums and am so happy to see you back. Life has been at times too busy for blogging and even keeping in touch these days for me as well. Hope things lighten up soon for you. Let’s talk soonji!
All the best!
p.s. courthouse? Kya hua?

theBollywoodFan said...

Thanks Sita-ji! All well, was at the courthouse for jury duty, and I could have worked some while waiting for the judge to show up, but of course, MPK was a much better option. ;)

I wonder if an upcoming film festival will showcase something like MPK. The Indian Film Festivals has shown classics starring Dilip Kumar, Anil Kapoor, and even Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan, perhaps a Sallu-themed festival is due? But nothing would beat it at the theaters in India, agreed on that.

Good luck with Meenaxi, my favorite Tabu film by far! I think you'll like Karthik Calling Karthik too, if you've liked any Emraan Hashmi or SRK psycho film. ;) And you wouldn't be missing much with Break Ke Baad.

It's great to be back blogging again. Thanks for your kind words, and hope to keep up with the mini-reviews.


BragBoy said...

Perhaps, this is not the right place to comment. But still.. I am a fan of your trasnlation/transliterations of hindi songs. I don't understand hindi that much but I love hearing to songs. Is it possible for you to add songs from Swades. Your translation is the best I've found in web. It is a class apart, seriously. It would be great if you could keep on posting lyrics and translation.

Wishing you a happy new year!!

Shellie said...

Welcome back! I sure has been a year up blogging ups and downs for a lot of us! I'm going to try and find the time (nahin, MAKE the time) to watch and blog about more when I started blogging.

I liked KCK, I even thought Deeps did a pretty decent job in it, and I also went along for the ride, not knowing, or not wanting to guess, the ending. I thought Farhan did an excellent job. For me, he has got subtlety down pat!

I've yet to see the others, but I adore the music from Break ke Baad. As a rom com junkie I will most likely see this, even if it's just a time pass. Most rom coms end up being just that!

Cheers to 2011 being blogtastic!

theBollywoodFan said...

b: Welcome to the blog, thank you for your kind words, and hope you have a great year too! If I did your love for Hindi songs come about? It's always interesting to hear stories from non-speakers or non-natives about their fandom.

Point noted, I've fallen behind on the lyrics and translation. I think the last soundtrack I really liked overall was to Guzaarish. Of course, the soundtrack to Swades is in a league of its own! Do you have any favorites from Swades?


theBollywoodFan said...

Shell: Thank you, and "make time" you say! You're absolutely right. It's funny, as I was watching MPK, I was wondering how cool it is that a piece of film or films can mean so much to us. Bolly wins! :)

I must read your thoughts on KCK, I remember seeing one in the feed some time ago. Interesting comment about Farhan, he *is* really good there, and really, in everything he's acted in so far, I think. The rom com junkie in you might like Break Ke Baad, do report back!

Cheers right back at ya for a blogtastic 2011! And as always, thank you for your visit and comment. :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

You have all my sympathies- its hard to make time watch a movie, let along write anything about it! If anything, Im sure my 1st Q will be < 10 posts :). MPK so SO classic. My fav bit are all the songs, especially the bollywood medly of songs somewhere in the middle of the movie. Despite my love for it, I tend to mock this a lot during rewatches- Bhagyashree's pipsqueak voice, the whole insistence of "friends", the "boy"/"girl" caps- it lends itself to so much potential hilarity! Wait- they needed "dog" and "pigeon" caps too- just saying. And Mohnish and Salman were both so cute! I liked Karthik too, except for the major flaw you pointed out with the medical bit.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi there Shweta! They did kinda overdo some of the boy/girl caps and such, true. Perhaps it was just a product of the era in which Archie's stuff in India had found immense popularity among the youth, do you think? Heck, I even had a 'Friend' cap that I had to order from a hat store in Colaba which had sold out of them. Sadly, I lost it during some move. :(

Speaking of Salman...I still dig that jacket from his introductory sequence. Stuff of legends! (Like that jazz tune -- guy redefines cool.)

BragBoy said...

If I did your love for Hindi songs come about?

Regarding this specific question : I am in India!! How can i miss out the wonderful things happening in Bollywood. And specifically, music connected me. There are a huge list of beautiful songs out there and its so good to hear in musical form. Although I do not understand most or all of the lyrics, I love the music and the characters. Swades is one of my favorite movies and I felt really proud that Indian movies are able to produce such class ones. Other movies which impressed me in Hindi are Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, Delhi 6, Jodha akbar, Lagaan, Kaminey etc.,
And this is not the first time I am commenting on your blog, I have done it a few years before too!
Keep blogging!!!

hannah said...

Hello tBF! Nice to have you blogging again. A very happy new year to you and all of you reading this.
I just watched KCK last week - it was on TV and quite liked it. I sort of guessed the outcome though... not everything but still his psychological condition.
Guess what? I've been to India to attend a wedding! Spent three weeks there - obviously not enough to "see" India. I left Mauritius on the day 'Break ke Baad' was coming out here and was hoping to see it in India. Tried to convince my friends there to go watch it as it was filmed in Mauritius. Had no success though - no one seemed interested in going to theaters! I ended up watching it here when I came back - with subtitles! I was told that the films are not shown with subtitles in India. Is that true?
Anyway, any one of you liked the setting (Mauritius) in the film??!
My biggest disappointment about my trip to India is that I did not meet Aamir!!!

A. said...

really love your blog and glad to see you posting! I discovered your blog while looking for reviews of Hindi movies a few months back and reference it often. The world of Bollywood is relatively new to me and our entire family is now hooked (to include an 8 yr old girl who says SRK is her "FAVORITE" actor). Thanks much for sharing your passion and knowledge!

Filmbuff said...

Happy New Year 2011 TBF!

MPK was an all time hit. Liked it (when it released) for songs and overall flow. Must admit have never liked any other suraj bharjatiya film that followed.

Peepli Live is on my next towatch list.

I liked Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Saw Dabangg last night - okay to watch once on DVD with fwd button ready to by pass the violence. Some of the UP scenes and references are authentic - like the rickshaw in one of the songs and the lingo. Otherwise Salman's role seems to be a caricature.

dunkdaft said...

Fav song/scene/moments from MPK ?! Man, just anything about the movie. Even that 'I love you' - the other day I shared that ringtone to sitaji [and sorry i forgot] but maybe @amaluu. So addictive is. Favorite scenes I instantly get in my mind are - 'dosti mein no sorry no thank you' and ' I love, what?' - followed by that great sax theme. Oh, and the whole 'main ladki hoon, tum ladke ho..' sequence. Unfavorite scene- the party at Mohnish' place. :(

I did not mind songs [plagiarised], may be it was intended to target the youth that was getting into western groove those days, who were deprived of good movies. [the ugly 80s you know]. And though copied tune by tune, still immortal they are. Credit - SPB and Lataji. For 'dil deewana'- I like SPB's version more.

Agree it stands ahead when comparisons arise with QSQT and the likes. I love it more than just any movie I watched in childhood. And that tweet reminds me of a shot from the song 'ice cubes falling in glasses full of Thums Up' Remember?

Well, you already know how I felt for Peepli Live. Perfect movie it is. Love the title sequence with the song ' des mera rangrez'.

And KCK - Loved it too. Farhan in a movie is always a fresh change. I did not mind the thin line of thriller. And Deepika seemed OKish to me, later on, she impressed me with her work in BKB. Loved her performance in the movie, more than Imran's. [and, man, she looks wow!!]

theBollywoodFan said...

b in India! So sorry I completely missed it, lol. That's what being away for a few months can do, I guess. A. R. Rahman (who's provided soundtracks to four of the six other films you mentioned) is a great ambassador of Indian film sound. Keep enjoying the films! Cheers!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hannah! Great to hear from you, and wow, you went to India, very cool! Hope you had a pleasant and memorable time!

I'm pretty horrible at predicting outcomes, so even if I tried to guess for KCK for example, I'd probably be wrong :D

Yes, Break Ke Baad seemed to garner no interest in theaters here as well. (Perhaps rightfully so.) Absolutely *loved* the setting, though!

You heard right about the lack of subtitles in theaters in India, at least the overwhelming majority, if not 100% of them, do not provide subtitles.

Until next time. Again, have a great 2011!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Amy! Thanks so much for your visit and comment! I'll look to check out your blog in more detail, soon. In the mean time, I really like what you say here:

It might be an acquired taste for the western palate but that doesn't mean it's not world class.

Very right! Hope you and your family find much continued enjoyment and wholesome entertainment from Bollywood. Do come again, and thank you once again for your kind words!

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmbuff: Thank you! The songs to MPK were such a rage back in the day, it's funny to listen to them now. Funny because we inherently seem to be able to identify life events with the films of the specific points in time. So what was going on in your life when MPK released? :) I know it was played over and over again while at a cousin's summer wedding!

Hope you enjoy Peepli Live. Glad you liked Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. I saw Dabangg earlier in the week, hoping to make it part of my next post. ;) Teaser: I quite enjoyed it!


theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit! Thanks for your comment and for sharing your favorite bits. Agree with all of them, except that I liked the scene at Mohnish's place too, because that's where we meet the pigeon named Handsome, and that's where Salman must dishoom dishoom his way to Bhagyashree's dil! (Salman was made for dishoom dishoom!)

Good point about the music, I swear it felt like every kid had a cassette with songs by the band Europe (were they called, right?) who had the song 'The Final Countdown', inspiration for 'Mere Rang Mein'.

I missed the reference to ice cubes and Thums Up. Help!

You know, I liked Deepika Padukone more in KCK, actually. But she's won me over since Love Aaj Kal. Have you seen Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se yet?

Thanks again man. Until next time.

Filmbuff said...


Haven't seen Peepli Live yet (saw some snatches earlier at my sis's place and was impressed). Friends dropping in and preferring to see old AB hits is the reason Peepli is getting delayed at my end. A no of other recent movies are also lying n my To Watch pile!

I was in the initial stages of my Phd program overseas when MPK released in India and became a big hit. I could experience its influence when I went to India in 1990 for my field work for my dissertation - spent 6 months overall in various parts of the country. MPK songs used to blare from every corner, every chai or pan shop. All the shopkeepers esp in clothes stores were busy selling MPK dresses (esp the white salwar kurta with a big pink/black rose embroidered) as well as the Friends caps. Gosh one could never miss its wide scale impacts. Salman impressed me in his first film Bhagi, MPK and in KKHH. Not so much after that. Although I continue to see his films, I wouldn't rate him as my fav actor or something.

dunkdaft said...

no KKJHS yet. But want to see it.

Thums up? when Sallu receives letter from Kabootar [Handsome], and the style bhai ka different shots !! watch again yaar.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Filmbuff: Fieldwork across India for a Ph.D. dissertation sounds like much fun! Really interesting to know you heard the MPK songs most places you went. Plus the influence on fashion, as you note. Probably not a good question here, but did you take any pictures during your fieldwork that might be relevant to this discussion? (In case you studied Anthropology or the like :)

Salman's sustained (or I should say increasing, really) popularity through a string of unsuccessful movies in the 2000s will always be the biggest mystery to me.

Do report back once you get to Peepli Live! Happy movie-watching. And thank you again for your visit and comment.

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: Will do, thanks for that tip yaar!

Filmbuff said...


My Phd was on Water & Energy - although I did take lots of pics with ref to my research work, sadly I did not take any of the MPK influence (didn't strike me). Another movie that had a very strong social influence in all places was "Chandini". I must admit I got sick of chandin songs by the time I finsihed my field work! I hadn't seen the movie then, so couldn't understand why they were so popular. I saw Chadini about 10 yrs later!

Salman has got an earthy appeal and he is phenonomenally popular in India esp among guys - may be all that muscle and "macho" image - who knows?

I enjoyed Peepli Live - a brilliant satire and I would give it 4/5. The main actor who played Natha is a rare find ie is a true natural actor. I am particularly happy that it is made by a woman director and I hope Anusha Rizvi comes up with further goodies.

Nobdoy Killed Jessica is also good a movie. Pls see my comments on Darshit's blog.


theBollywoodFan said...

Hi again, Filmbuff: I haven't seen 'Chandni' since I first saw it back then, and do wonder how it's aged. I'm not sure I remember much of it, admittedly. With you on getting sick of those songs. Chandni, and Aashiqui, also from around the same time, for crying out loud! :D

I think Salman has amazing screen presence no matter if in a film, probably even better than SRK or Aamir outside at least. There are few who can take a soundtrack/movie like Dabangg and turn it into something above average. Yes, I think for me as a kid growing up in India, he always had the 'cool' factor. He comes across as more real than most celebs, plus, the original, mainstream bodybuilder image must count for something, I guess. :) Despite all this, that he is able to overcome relatively fewer hits to his credit over the last 10 years is saying something.

So you saw Peepli Live! Glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a great debut for Anusha Rizvi, hope she keeps up, yes.

Will head over to Darshit's for your comment on NOKJ. Thanks again! Cheers.

Dolce and Namak said...

Oh nooo, should I feel like a failed Bollywood fan if I have never seen, nor planning to ever see MPK??? *sniffle sniffle* Oh, the 90's style of film making... I just can't deal with it :( It's funny how the 90s managed to spread their tentacles in both directions: the 80s and way into the new century, it's almost a miracle they ever went away! :D

I do try to make up for it by being on top of all the new stuff :) so I saw the other three you mentioned. And really only writing to add to the love for Hey Ya! I was so addicted to it for months! Such a good song! The whole soundtrack of KCK was exactly what I like about the new wave of filmi music: it's modern but it retains that melodious charm that made me love it in the first place.

And my God, let's hope Imran *doesn't* follow his mamu's pattern, or we'll be stuck watching mediocre movies with him for the next 5 years at least, I couldn't bear that! I have moderate hopes with Delhi Belly, but really I am hoping more that he wakes up and smells the coffee and looks at where the other guys in his generation are and what they've done and steps it up. Don't get me wrong, I loved him in IHLS (it's of little importance that the movie overall was fairly bad) and Break ke Baad, which I found better as a film, but this cannot possibly be the best he can do! :-/ Farhan with only 3 movies as an actor (and why doesn't he make many many more????) is faaar ahead of him...

And before I go, on the topic of Deepikappreciation (LOL): have you seen Lafangey Parindey? It's an unusual role for her and I quite liked her in it.

Toodles for now and welcome back! Here's to many new posts in 2011! :D

theBollywoodFan said...

Hey there! (Or should that be hey ya! :) Yes, you ought to feel like a failed Bollywood fan (just a little, LOL) for not seeing MPK. Okay, just kidding of course. :D

I know what you mean about the 1990s, that's when I stopped watching Hindi movies for a few years, especially between 1995 and 2001. Yet, I think you might find MPK to be different. Especially if you like love stories and romance/drama, at least that's what I'd bet in favor of.

Like your point about the KCK soundtrack, I think it extends to the film as well. I like how slick it all was.

Well, if not five mediocre years, at least close to two. Since Delhi Belly is an Aamir Khan Productions product, I'll trust it to be Imran's second big hit. Farhan *is* far ahead, but he's been around Bollywood much longer, I'm sure all that experience as director must've contributed significantly to his acting career as well, although he's no slouch in the acting department either, just look at his body of work already: Rock On, Luck By Chance, Karthik Calling Karthik...Don and Dil Chahta Hai as director. He's used to delivering good stuff as much as anyone else out there.

No, haven't seen Lafangey Parindey, and thanks for that recommendation, I'll definitely look forward to it and even Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se! Can I just coin the term Deepikappreciation? :)

Thank you for your visit and comment, and yes, I hope to be blogging a bit more in 2011! See ya!

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmbuff: You might want to check out two of the more recent comments (under the comments section) to this post on Veer and Dabangg, relevant to our discussion on Salman and his appeal. Cheers.

Amaluu said...

Oh I ADORE MPK!!! I could watch it a million times over and never get sick of it. Favorite scenes are difficult to narrow down - I love Sallu's intro and first scene w/ Bhagyashree "Madam, aaj kal darwaze pe knock karke aana ka zamana mein nahin raha" "Sir, aaj kal darwaze ko lock karke rakhna ka bhi zamana mein nahin raha", the Antakshri, Smoking is Injurious to health, Seema and the Shayari by Manohar Bhaiyya, "Ladkiyan hoti hai aisi ... pagal!" and so much more! And seriously, I love the title song which is often forgotten - it's a great song!!!

Also - I liked Break Ke Baad. It wasn't anything spectacularly new or groundbreaking, but it was fun and engaging enough.

I'll say one thing for Deepika - she is so stunningly beautiful that I'll watch a movie with her in it just for the aesthetic pleasure of watching her. I don't find her to be a tremendously talented actress, but she has lovely eyes and they are very expressive. :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Amaluu! Welcome to the blog! Thank you for your visit and comment. Agreed with everything you've said. I think MPK must be the one film whose every character we have some sort of affiliation with, if only by remembering their names, what with distinct and memorable characters like Manohar and Seema around! Liked Salman's intro (I'll sound redundant here...but that jacket!), and Manohar in Papa's room trying to steal a cigarette. "Priya Papa-ji," Then, "Papa-ji nahin, Mama-ji!" Oh, and that bit of his shayari to Seema with "Khush-nasib hain woh chuhey, jinhone..." :D

We agree on Break Ke Baad, then. Deepika's great, I remember thinking during Om Shanti Om (2007) that she was a good actress, but I wonder how much of that had to do with having a good actor (SRK in that case, of course) opposite her. Thought she did well in Love Aaj Kal (2009) as well.

Thank you again, and do visit again. :) Cheers!

Linhy said...

Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!I too love bollywood flims

Fiyin said...

Just read your blog.nice how u analyse the movies.Actually started watchin bollywood a few years back(m not from India).The first movie i watched was Mard, remember screaming at my brothers that they shouldn't watch it.As i went to chase them from my neighbours house where they were watchin it, I became engrossed and started watchin it.Aamir is also one of my favourite actors.liked BKB, KCK but ve not watched MPK and Peepli live. liked ur blog.