Third Annual Lagaan Week: Ninth Anniversary Special

It's that time of year again, and once again, let's start things off with a digital piece of cricket-centric cake! Here you go. And you. And you, too. You in the back, come on down! :)

Nine years on June 15, and I have few introductory remarks to add to what's been said during Lagaan Week in 2009 and in 2008. To make things a little more interesting, Lagaan Week this year will mostly feature posts from some of my favorite bloggers in the Bollyblogosphere (see complete blog roll to the right), who have, at one point or another, gone out of their way to express their fondness for the film or something from it. There's also a guest post toward the end of the week to round things off.

So please visit every day this week, as we celebrate the film. To all fellow bloggers, you're welcome to contribute to Lagaan Week with a post at your own blog any time this week. Please stop by to comment here if you do.

May the force be with you. Oops, wrong film. Chale Chalo!

Links to post from the Week:

Guest post by Hannah: Spirituality in Lagaan


Shellie said...

Woo hoo! Lagaan week! Finally a feature week that I can get behind and actually participate in!

I can't wait to read everyone's wonderful posts this week as well as share mine (which I have just put the finishing touches on)!

Thanks for the cake. Yum yum. I'm full!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you Shell! I too can't wait to read everyone's posts, including yours, and am sure there'll be several new angles to look at the film!

Glad you liked the cake, it won't run out! :) And I must add, as a disclaimer, that although I've been a cricket fan all my life (the cake's from my sixth birthday, a fair reflection of fandom, I'd say :) it's Lagaan's ability to use sport as a metaphor for life that makes it so delicious. Apt timing too, with a major world sporting event ongoing!


dunkdaft said...

ahem ahem..
I m here with my blabbering. :)

Kristine said...

Good Morning and Happy Birthday, Lagaan!!!!

The celebration of Bhuvans (yes, that's the nickname she had choosen two years ago) century went off well. We had lots of fun watching Lagaan simultaneously and chatting about it (and other things) on the net...

Thanks for the cake. I'm sure even after all these years it tasts really good... :-)))

I'm eagerly waiting for all the wonderful posts that will come from all over the world for one of the best movies ever... Maybe I will contribute with one or two snippets from Balham to Bollywood... :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: Thanks once again. :)

Kristine: Thanks for your visit and comment! Neat, Bhuvan must be a role model, then. ;)

You're always welcome (in fact, encouraged) to contribute, please! The posts have begun, hope you enjoy them.