Guest post: 3 Idiots Movie Review (It's here!); Your thoughts?

I am very pleased to have my good friend Joanna write this review. Joanna lives in central Ohio with her husband, three kids, and their two dogs. She is an Early Intervention Specialist who works with children (up to age three) with developmental disabilities. You might recall her fine contribution to Lagaan Week 2009 in this wonderful post. Thank you Joanna!

If you've seen 3 Idiots, what did you think? Liked it? Loved it? Didn't like it? What's the verdict? (If you've written about it, please share the link in a comment below.) If you have yet to see it and are willing to give it a chance -- and of course, I highly recommend you do -- there are several related discussion topics at my 3i umbrella post, including the songbook with translations to each song from the soundtrack.

This should do it for 2009. Wish you and your families the very best. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! See you all in 2010. God bless.

An Amazing Ride on the Journey of Self-Discovery

Life is a race. Compete or die.

These are among the messages students at the Imperial College of Engineering hear loud and clear. Perfection and its pursuit has only one path. Be the best. Be on top. If not, you’ll end up just like any other Idiot, and the finer things in life will always be beyond reach. But isn’t there another way? Must education only consist of rote memorization from textbooks?

Rancho (Ranchordas Shamaldas Chanchad, Aamir Khan) has the answers.

Branded an Idiot and a troublemaker by school Principal Viru Sahastrabudhhe (Boman Irani) -- or 'Virus', as referred to by the students -- Rancho challenges conventional educational paradigms with his innocent and optimistic view of the world. Chance encounters with such a pure soul had extraordinary impacts on the people he touched. Rancho’s spirit set them on a course that changed their lives forever.

Aamir’s performance as the free-spirited, pure-at-heart Rancho is absolutely wonderful. There was not a moment during the film when I was snapped back to reality and remembered that this is a 44 year-old! He was at the top of his game and I agree with Director Rajkumar Hirani when he says Aamir *is* Rancho.

Sab theek thaak, Aamir. I hope your fear about playing a man half your age has been put to rest.

I feel this trailer captures the essence of the film:

The entire cast was outstanding. Both R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi were fabulous as the other Idiots. Although the story remained focused on Rancho, I don’t feel that Farhan (Maddy) and Raju (Sharman) were at all playing second fiddle. I was especially impressed with Sharman Joshi’s acting skills during some of the more sensitive and emotional scenes in the film. However, I wished the transitions between the manic, happy “AAL IZZ WELL” moments and the emotional, dark parts of the film were done with a little more care. The potency of those scenes was partially lost due to the lack of fluidity.

Pia (Kareena Kapoor), a strong, intelligent and likable medical student, was right on par with the boys, and I felt that there was wonderful chemistry with Aamir. I particularly liked the scene where she was comparing the names of Gujarati foods to missiles. This was but one of the very good laughs to be had.

And how can we forget Chatur (Omi). More than once I wanted to jump out of my seat and wring his neck! He played the irritating, know-it-all, over-achiever that everyone loves to hate, and did it with style. His chamatkar/balatkar speech was hilarious, and despite the obvious play on words in Hindi, the humor was not lost in the translation.

3 Idiots kept us smiling throughout the film. The roaring laughter and spontaneous applause was a sure indication that the audience felt as though they were truly part of the fun happening on-screen, or perhaps simply having a nostalgic flashback to their own college days. It’s as if we were all transported to the ICE campus and were also standing there in our underwear. Was it over the top at times? Absolutely. But what part of college life isn’t over the top? Drinking, fart jokes, cramming for exams…all part of the experience. It was very easy to be lost in the moment.

That said, the first half did border on being a little preachy. I wonder if the issues being addressed could have been conveyed in a slightly more subtle way. Since 3 Idiots has been openly compared to Taare Zameen Par (2007), I would say that the latter did a slightly better job of highlighting the issue without going too far in an attempt to make a point. Raju Hirani and the writing team still get a thumbs up for an honest attempt to not only highlight some of the issues and pressures that today’s students are facing, but offered tangible solutions as well.

The soundtrack is a great fit, and one gains appreciation for the songs when paired with the visual references. One of the most striking moments for me was the scenery in Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh. I could almost feel the cold crisp air and the sun on my face. Breathtaking. I’m so glad that there was a second effort made to return to the location (Ladakh) after the first attempt was met with horrible weather and near disaster.

I feel privileged to have tagged along with the 3 Idiots on their journey of self-discovery. It’s mentioned in the synopsis that the film addresses the concept of self-actualization. Whether the characters were able to attain that level of functioning may remain unanswered, but the lasting message of the film is this: Don’t let other’s define who you are. Be the best “You” you can become. All else will flow from that.

Film rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Classification: PG (Some scenes may be disturbing for young children.)
Parental Advisory: SPOILERS (Contains on-screen depictions of attempted suicide, and a semi-graphic and intense childbirth scene.)

theBollywoodFan's comments:
I've been following 3 Idiots for about a year and a half now, and it's been obvious throughout that the cast and crew never hesitated to sell 3 Idiots on Brand Aamir, both within and outside the scope of the film. Of course, that's a good thing, too, because one doesn't need to see a film to know the actor would have given it his all (which is pretty good). From the initial reactions to 3 Idiots, it sure seems Aamir's incredible run continues to defy the odds...but that is what Idiots (with a capital 'i') do, I suppose. =)

Official website (and picture source):

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Darshit said...

Welcome back Joanna. Another wonderful post after Lagaan. Would love to see more from you.

Somewhere I agree there with transitions thing. But on the other side, that's Raju for you. He can never get 'so' serious that makes it completely dark on screen. At the end of each dark scene part, he makes you smile.

That scene of Pia was fantastic. As a Gujju, I was in splits. All in the audience were on a high in that scene. Kareena is such a natural throughout the movie. Loved her in a short yet charming role. Would love to see more of the pairing. They can do wonders, hai na tBF??

Similarly, agree with Omi. His tongue was like scissors. Most 'irritating' performance-worked best.

Only complaint I have with Raju is, he never makes completely 'clean' movie. So that we can be worry free and watch with the family. Remember, in Munnabhai there was 'dekh le' song which was 'no-no' to watch with family. Similarly in Lage Raho-there were scenes to drop the pants and all. Which is repeated here. That makes the movie loose family audience. But given 'he is not making family movies, he is making HIS vision' - He makes his best. :)

Btw, I have written some thoughts about it over here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna,
what a wonderful review and it is bang on...i totally agree that the switch from emotional to funny wasnt very smooth at times...I found the second half much more gripping...the songs were blended intot he screenplay superbly...

u cant call 3 idiots a is as I mention on the blog a very layered thing...lots of facets...laughter, tears, philosophy, friendship...just like life itself!
A word about the performances...
Sharman: proves once again waht and underrated, underutilized talent in Bollywood he is...if RDB wasnt enough am sure 3 i will make people take him much more seriously..

Maddy: impeccable timing...wonderful chemistry with coactors...if u want to know what I am saying pay close attention to how his expressions change while Aamir is telling the semi comatose Sharman that he has has found a groom for his sis..:)

Boman:this guy oudoes himself each time...never fails to surprise me...the pains he has taken for creating little nuances in his performance and!

Kareena: I didnt expect a lenghty role or a great performance but she proved me wrong...this is her best performance after Jab We met!

Aamir..he is of course the best..perfect body language...comic timing superb..there's this one scene where Virus is dragging Rancho and he walks along looking bewildered...that scene stole the show for me as far as Aamir's performance is concerned!

Raju doesnt let you down for the third time in a row...imagine the pressure on him when he makes the fourth one...

~Ashu( from aamir's blog)

NeetaD said...

Hey Bollywoodfan and Joanna,

Well written!! I must say that this Movie took me down Memory Lane - and I truly enjoyed the wonderful lighthearted humour and yet at the same time the powerful message that was sent out to Parents and Educators! Fabulous Work Indeed - Hope Aamir, Raju, Sharman, Maddy, Kareen and the lot Continue to Give us their Best!! Three Cheers All the Way! :))

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: Thanks for the link to your review, have added it in the post. I'll be checking out the film next week. As I was saying on Twitter, this is the first time since Lagaan I've missed an Aamir film on opening weekend, this one's for work and Moharram. Of course, I'm really looking forward to seeing it, will keep you posted. This sounds really, really good!

Going to have to agree on approaches to some racy (albeit funny to many) scenes in Munnabhai and 3i. It's what makes Ashutosh Gowariker's approaches to filmmaking stand out, in my opinion (the violent Baazi notwithstanding).


theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Ashu: You raise some excellent points. One would hope people have seen more of Sharman and Maddy since RDB, they sure have some other fairly good works to their credit. Of course, Boman does too (recently saw the comedy titled '99', it's really good). Raju's next is reportedly 'Munnabhai Chale America', and that has got to have tremendous potential even at this stage! Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

NeetaD: So good to have you stop by here, thank you for your comment! Aamir more than anyone appears to have figured out a way to consistently deliver important social/cultural/political commentary via commercial cinema, it's such a great combination. And the feedback on Kareena seems to be really good, finally! (For the most part, I've disliked by a lot her choice of films since Jab We Met.)

Three cheers for the three Idiots, you say! Cheers, indeed.

Have a great one.

amritha said...

Joanna and TBF,

An absolutely lovely write up. The movie sure does take us all back to our college and hostel days. Being in a campus now ..this movie did throw light on what can be happening in the hostels here (wink wink)
Joanna, you were right about Sharman Joshi. I was pleasantly surprised too with his acting talents. In some places the way he acted kept me guessing whether the movie revolved round him or Aamir.
I would say 3 Idiots is a well packaged movie and great Christmas Gift for the fans and others as well. Today as I left the theater I did get a feel that we are in for an encore! ( at the box office).

Way to go Aamir and the rest of the 3 Idiots Crew!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you Amritha! I've said before that I feel fortunate to have been in college when Dil Chahta Hai and Rang De Basanti (both with strong college or just graduated themes) released. I can imagine this must be right up there too. Thanks for your insight, good luck with the studies, and keep it real! ;) Aamir's conditioned us to expect well-packaged Christmas gifts by now!

Arjavi said...

@Joanna - thanks! Saw it today and agree 100%

@tBF - Hope you also write your review once you see it. It is always interesting to get to know your thoughts on Aamirs fillums. :)

Joanna said...

Thank you so much for giving me another opportunity to post on your wonderful Blog!

I agree with you on the PG parts of the film. As a matter of fact, I had made the decision not to take my smaller children (now aged 7 and 9) because of some of the content. (They still haven't seen Ghajini, for example.) However, after seeing my son's disappointed face, I relented and took them today. We just made them cover their eyes.

I have to say that they hand over heart "Aal Izz Well" mantra has made it's way firmly into our family. I think it will come in handy. :-)

Hey Ashu!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here!

And thanks to you and Darshit for your insights about the transitions. I was a bit nervous about posting the more critical comments, especially as I thought perhaps it was just me. I had read other's comments regarding having tears in their eyes, and this rotloo (crybaby) didn't cry once!

I love to be at the mercy of a director's whim. If there's a sad scene, I want to feel the emotions along with the characters. Now, as a person who likes to make people laugh in times of sadness, I can appreciate Raju's style, but I just felt a little robbed of the experience.

Hi Neeta!
Thanks for reading! I too was travelling down memory lane, even though I went to college in the U.S. Ah, the good 'ol days!

On second viewing, I'd say that I have even more respect for Sharman and Maddy both. It could be easy for Aamir to steal the show, and I think it says a lot that they held their own. I was able to notice even more nuances that I missed the first time around. Hats off the both of them. (And of course the entire team as well!)

Thanks again for reading, everyone!

theBollywoodFan said...

Arjavi: It's great you got to see 3 Idiots! At the very least, I'll post a detailed comment, or if I feel there's something to add (and you know me by now -- there's *always* something to add if one looks to do so), I might dedicate another post to the film. Joanna was very kind to write this for all of us!

Joanna: No, thank you! Interesting your children saw 3 Idiots too. Such an Aamirian family! :) I just had a flashback (courtesy your comment) to my mom covering my eyes as she or dad would fast-forward through a suggestive song on family movie night, LOL. The first such instance I can recall came in Mr. India and Sridevi in a wet saree. :) With you 100% on Ghajini, which was violent enough to have me troubled at times. Ah, the power of manipulative cinema!)

I have a theory regarding the hand to the heart, but I'll save that discussion for after the film. :)


Samey (Govind) said...

My review on 3 Idiots is on I wanted to start reviews from 3 Idiots only, and delayed the debut post from WAKE UP SID. Anyways I follow all you Aamir fans on his site. First time visited this blog. For Joanna, its thumps up!

Aamir said...

Thanks Joanna, so glad you liked the film :-). Aamir.

Joanna said...

Hi Govind ,
Thanks for posting the link to your review I have not read "5 Point Someone," so I didn't have the other character references in mind when I saw the film. Thanks for bringing up the comparisons.

Well, hello there Aamir ,
So glad you were able to stop by and take a look! Now that I'm free from the constraints of my "critics" hat, I think it's now safe to say that "liked the film" is an understatement.

I'll say it one last time (as your unofficial night watch-person.)
Aal Izz Well.

Now, get some rest, will you? ;-P

Gaurav Kumar said...

Joanna, I never knew you could such a great review. I have already seen the movie twice and am going again today. I just cannot have enough of it. For me, it's clearly one of the best movies ever (if not THE best). I have only seen the audience give a standing ovation on two previous occasions - RDB and TZP, but never like this. The auditorium was just echoing with applauds. The movie theater where I saw it (North of Toronto) is not the typical Indian-concentrated theater. There were a mixed audience.

Raju Hirani is clearly a genius. We all know what Aamir is made up of. His performance really did surpass any of his previous performances for me. What I took home was the fact that how the character of Rancho took over the Star Aamir. But as everyone had predicted - this was a deadly combination -Raju - Vinod - Aamir. It couldn't have been better. I am not sure if ever this will happen again. This movie is a keeper!! Cinema cannot get better than this. Every time, I go to see an Aamir Khan movie, I go with a slight doubt in my mind (just my personal bias for Aamir) thinking how this movie is going to fare as compared to his previous ones. But every time, he pulls out a better performance - this is unreal. I mean how much can one improve? There should be a limit. This is unfair. Hats off to you Aamir!

Sharman is truly a find. His wittiness and expressions show what he is made up of. Maddy has always been a thinking actor for me and he delivers again. Boman is a genius - where was he all these years???

theBollywoodFan said...

Govind: Thanks for sharing the link to your review, added it to the post. Hope you enjoy blogging about films as much as some of us do. :) 3 Idiots sounds like a fantastic starting point! You've certainly inspired me to read Chetan Bhagat's book. Thank you for your visit and comment, thankful to Joanna for her fine contributions here. Do stop by again.

theBollywoodFan said...

Aamir: Aap humaare yahaan tashreef laaye, us ke liye bohat bohat shukriya! (Thank you so very much for your visit!) Truly humbled (and a little speechless). :) Congrats on the spectacular opening for 3i!

Joanna: I've been in Rancho in the Idiot Quiz (3i website) mode all morning. Hand to heart, going "Aal izz well, aal izz well." :) Thanks!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Gaurav: Hello and welcome! Thank you for your visit and comment. There's this commercial in which Sachin Tendulkar goes, "Whatever level you reach, getting better never stops." Clearly been the case with Aamir's filmography through his career. We're hardly acting experts (at least I am, LOL), but that doesn't prevent us from being awed with the progression. Completely agree with you there.

From Boman Irani's recent works, I've seen '99' (2009) and 'Maharathi' (2008), I'd say check them out. '99' especially is a fun, fun comedy, with some rather good performances overall.


agreen said...

I can't be arsed to become a member of Aamir's blog, but I know he is hungry for as many reviews as possible. Here is a good, original take:

One of you fans, please post it there. :)

Pitu said...

I LURVED the movie. PHENOMENAL! I especially laughed when Rancho talked about engineers who do their MBA and work in a bank. So true! My hubby and our close friend got lots of AAHA! accusatory glances :D

I do wish the film had been better edited though. Little less rona dhona and that entire retarded scene about the delivery needed to be cut!

The twists were AMAZING tho :D

theBollywoodFan said...

Agreen: One would *hope* actors are hungry for feedback on their performances and films! Those who aren't are on their way to irrelevance. Thanks for the link to that review. I'll have to agree with the comment on A. R. Rahman, but then, I agree with that comment *all* the time! :)

Pitu! Yaaay! Ahem. I'm not sure how I'll take humor involving technical folks who go to business schools and work in the financial industry. ;) At least mera engineering se taalluq nahin, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bollywoodfan!!!

Love your site!!! As usual, what a pleasure to read it!
Joanna! Didn't see the movie yet so, I reserve my appreciation on the different reviews.

Keep rocking girl! ... :-P
A big HI from my little son, Mekki-Rayanne (7 years) to yours with our best wishes of health and happiness!!!
From a mother to another mother!

HappY NeW Year to all of you!!!

God bless you all Friends!!!


Sujoy said...

I thought the chemistry between Kareena and Aamir was lukewarm at best.. although I liked the Dhokla..Thepla...joke :)

The delivery sequence was a complete disaster...and it should've been replaced.. Log kya kahenge :P

My long-ass rant on the movie is here OKS Rant on 3 Idiots

But for what its worth, it was a joyous emotional ride for me.. specially coz I have gone through the same grind.. and I see bits of myself in Raju,Farhaan, Rancho and even Chatur.. but I happen to know the difference between Chamatkaar and Balatkaar :P

theBollywoodFan said...

Jamila: Thanks as always for your visit and comment! And a happy new year to you too!

Sujoy: I'll save more discussion for this weekend, mera cycle ek week se peechhe chal rah hai, unfortunately. And of course, I'll be back to OKS for more, it's amazing that you can relate so easily to the content, kinda looking forward to some of that myself! (Plus your great Delhi-6 post, which I have yet to comment on.) In the mean time, added the link to your review above. Cheers, and thanks for your comment, as always!

Kanan said...

Hi tBF, cool posts about 3 idiots. After I watched the movie and read around, I figured it was best if I came up with my thoughts as a post so here it is. Btw, thanks for all the songs and lyrics. :)
Nice review by Joanna and I liked the photos you've put in.

PkG said...

Hey BollywoodFan, Hey JO!

Love the review, Jo, keep this up! you did a great job! I'm doubly glad I did that extra little turn to have a chance to see 3i on time and big screen (actually twice!) as I now could finally read your review! :-)
Did you notice how Aamir plays on his lack of height to pull off that special mixture of childlike innocence, impish humor and shrewd observation? And that's certainly not very far from the Aamir we are beginning to know a little, isn't it?


PkG! :-P

Priya said...

My review on 3 Idiots:

Anonymous said...

I must be in the minority; I just could not get the pissing jokes in the 3 idiots. Felt ashamed that Indian education is portrayed in such a degrading fashion. This is the same masala as in every other bollywood movie. The story has a point and moral, but got totally lost in the attempt to keep on peeing.

Aline CineHindi said...

Hey there BollywoodFan and Jo!
Great to see the whole gang here, Aamir included! :-)
Wishing your blog a fantastic 2010 with plenty of merry posts and comments, BwF, keep it up! :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Kanan: Thank you, and happy 2010! Good to see you around, it's been a while. Enjoyed reading your review, and have added a link to it in the post above. Cheers!

PkG: Hey there! Can't imagine watching this in theaters multiple times could ever be a bad thing ;) I'll try putting up my thoughts on 3i soon.

Definitely agree on Aamir's play on his height, the mannerisms were a delight throughout. Tought to pick one, but the bit where Virus is dragging him across campus with hand held typical of a high school student, even!

He hasn't done much pure comedy since Ishq, and this will have to be second only to Andaz Apna Apna in my books. Aal izz well, indeed! See you at AK's, when the crowd dies down.

theBollywoodFan said...

Thanks, Priya! Welcome to the blog, and thank you for your comment. Cool post, have added a link above.

Anonymous: There's a definite case to be made for the film having trivialized some bits of Indian academia, to an extent. There's hardly anything trivial about the issues presented, though. And getting the kind of response (best ever!) at the box office would very likely not have been possible without the masala-ness.

I'll agree with you on the specific kinds of jokes you mention. Could've been more tasteful, or at least, less frequent. (Although their existence is hardly a surprise, given the brand of comedy the director is notorious for; wasn't entirely unexpected.) I was able to look past them, so they didn't bother me too much at all.

Do stop by again!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi, Aline: As always, thank you! Always a privilege to have some from our very merry Aamirian gang stop by. :) Wishing you a very happy 2010 as well!

priya said...

Thanks BollywoodFan for putting my link up there. I am priya77 from the ak blog and am so happy now to be a part of yours' :-)

Joanna said...

Hi BollywoodFan and friends!

Loved reading everyone's comments!

Well, a few of us just couldn't let go of this fun film without paying homage to Aamir's wonderful promotional trip around India.

We made a fun video which can be seen here:

We also did a secondary review in the form of a wacky interview here:

This one does contain some spoilers which I tried to keep out of my original review here at your site, since so many people hadn't yet seen the film.

Aal Izz Well!


Samey (Govind) said...

Bollywoodfan: First, I will like to thank you for posting my review link on your site (I rarely do this, but reading your reply to the comments, I realized I was doing wrong). By the way, I got atleast 20 person visiting my blog through the link posted here, though no one commented except you (again thanks for visiting).

And yes, I like blogging about movies especially reviewing AAMIR'S film. But, he never give us enough chances (one film a year).

Happy for Chetan Bhagat, got him two more readers :)

Joanna: Thanks for visiting. Want to read Lagaan's post, Darshit was referring to ?

Enjoy Every Step!


Anonymous said...

one of the scene in 3 idiots is similar to this commercial

Liesie said...

Hi all, my first time here.

I'm from South Africa and we need to import most of the Bollywood movies, but it's worth the wait.

Loved TZP and Ghajini!! I've seen 3Idiots two weeks ago. Was released in three cities, yay. It's was one of the best movies I've seen thus far. I love the messages that's coming through in Ammir Khan's movies.

So, this weekend I've invited a few friends for a TZP and Ghajini movie evening.

Keep well!


theBollywoodFan said...

Priya! *Woh* Priya?! Thanks! And any time, I enjoyed your review. Great seeing you out here, and that's an interesting blog title you've got! ;) [Funny bit, I just thought of this song from Dil (1990), surely you know which one!]

Joanna: Great posts, that video is pure fun, and a remarkable effort by everyone involved. The Aamirian in me salutes the Aamirian in you!

Samey: I'm okay with one film per year by Aamir, although when he's done more than one in the last 10 years, the results haven't been bad at all either! (2001: Lagaan and DCH; 2006: RDB and Fanaa.)

No, no, thank *you*! Keep writing, as long as your heart is in it, it will be rewarding (and rewarded with comments, too, only a matter of time and patience.) More this weekend.

theBollywoodFan said...

Liesie in South Africa! Thank you so very much for your visit and comment, truly appreciate them. How was the movie evening with friends? Did they like TZP and Ghajini? And yes, it's Aamir's quest to entertain with substance that makes his brand of cinema so appealing.

Do stop by again. And thank you, again.

Also, if you have a chance, please stop by Aamir's blog if you haven't already. I'm sure he'll appreciate your comments and feedback.

Liesie said...

Yes, all the way from South Africa :)
The movie evening was a HUGE success! TZP had everyone in tears, including me ... again. What stuck with everyone were all the relationships that were so beautifully illustrated. I’m a Social Worker/budding Child Advocate and I strongly believe that children should play more, explore more, be creative, and allowed to make mistakes, question more and just be children. We live in a world where everything is a race and children are pressured to perform and not allowed to just experience … We want live to be full of quick fixes, almost like a vending machine, pop in a few coins and out pops whatever we need. TZP just made us realize that we can slow down a bit and appreciate life and the uniqueness of being a child. But here I am preaching! Ghajini was not what anyone expected. The music was beautiful and I really enjoyed the humor, drama, action, romance ~ a bit of everything. Imagine waking up every day, re-living everything and been traumatized all over again. Maybe I’m delving too deep into the “messages” ;)

I’m definitely ordering Lagaan!! Any other recommendations?

I’ve stopped by Aamir’s blog and I’m just amazed that he’s keeping up with all the comments, but love the fact that he's stayng in contact with his fans.

Anonymous said...

The movie impressed me. I think its concept is somewhat similar to that of Taare Zameen Par. Because in TZP, the film focused on a child with neurological problems stopping him from studying. And in 3i, the concept, again, was studies (although it did not focus on any brain disorder). What do you think?

Liesie said...

Mmmm, you have a point there ... The concept is somewhat similar to TZP.

But I guess it's also a matter of passion for a specific issues(s) and the ability, means and platform to explore or expose them.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Liese: Thanks for your visit and comments. Great to know the screenings were a big success, and kudos to you for a career in social work! Can't add much to the wonderful examples you've put forth, good going there.

Saw Aamir's comment to you at his blog. ;) I'd definitely recommend, as a starting point, each of his films from 2001 - 2009. Here are those we haven't discussed from that time frame:

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)
Mangal Pandey (2005)
Rang De Basanti (2006)
Fanaa (2006)

I'd also definitely get his first big film, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988), and my Aamir favorite before Lagaan, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992). Hope this helps. And my apologies for the late response. Be in touch. Can't wait to hear your take on Lagaan!

Anonymous: Yes, there's surely a parallel to be drawn. Aal izz well, I guess. I tend to treat 3 Idiots as more of a comedy, TZP carried the message much more convincingly (but I wonder if I'd say that if 3i were released before TZP).

hannah said...

I just loved 3 idiots and am still raving about it to friends who haven't watched it yet. Last week, I managed to get my hands on the book 'five point someone' on which the film is "based". I am wondering what the whole fuss was about since it is so obvious that the film script is totally different from the book! The book is good but cannot compare to the film, which in my opinion is just brilliant!!! Still, Mr Bhagat still got something out of all this, I am sure the sales of his book went up. I, for one, had never heard of him and I ended up buying his books!

Dee Loner said...

My first time watching this movie was 5 days ago, and to date, I've watched it 6 times in total! man, I'm crazy about this movie. It's rare of me to be liking bollywood movie, considering I'm an outsider, but this movie is absolutely exception.. and of course taare zameen par..

Considering your saying about Lagaan, I really should watch this movie, even though it's premiered like what, 9 years ago? .. Good movie, they'll last forever.. ehee.

I love your review on the movie here. Keep up the good work..

theBollywoodFan said...

Hannah: Sorry for the very late reply here. Interesting analysis on the Bhagat controversy, thank you for your insight. I'm skipping the book, probably best to remember the film for what it is, which is a very good piece of comedy!

Dee: Six times in five days, wow! Joanna's got a great review here, thanks for your comment. And you absolutely *must* watch Lagaan at your earliest convenience! (I mean it. :) If you liked 3 Idiots and Taare Zameen Par, I'd bet you'll like Lagaan a lot too.

Thanks for your visit and comment. :)

hannah said...

While going through the posts for Lagaan week, it just occured to me that it would be just great to have something similar for 3 idiots. What do you think? could we have a 3i week every Christmas???