Favorite films of the 2000s: Which are yours?

A remarkable decade for Hindi cinema nears its end, and as we look behind (and forward), what better occasion than the week of Thanksgiving and Eid to recap some favorite films that I'll remember the past 10 years by? Please add your favorites -- if you have a blog, perhaps you could consider compiling your list there?

Before we get to the films, a note of thanks to you, dear visitors, for making this space what it is. This blog was registered in 2005, but I didn't post much at all until a couple years later. It has since been a welcome avenue to discuss films with some very cool film lovers and connoisseurs, from whom I continue to learn much, and for whose participation I am thankful. This blog would be pointless without you.

I am thankful to Sita-ji of Bollywood Food Club -- she was the first to trust me with a link. She was also the first to refer to me as 'theBollywoodFan'. (I say this at the risk of sounding like a politician, but my journey to read contemporary Indian culture through popular cinema led to theBollywoodFan being conceived as a name applicable to all of us -- as Rajpal Yadav in Paheli (2005) would say, "I am the Bollywood fan, you're the Bollywood fan, we are all Bollywood fans!" Turns out it's not at all a bad identity for personal use either. :)

I am thankful to Aamir Khan, A. R. Rahman, and Ashutosh Gowariker, for making me a believer in Hindi cinema. In 2000, I was hardly a fan. A redundant brand of cinema lacking much purpose (it continues to survive, and often thrives) had turned me away for several years. These three changed that. Their irresistible blend of storytelling, acting, and sound forced me to give the industry a long, hard look. Together, they offered fair indicators that the new era of Hindi cinema, in which experiments and substantive themes are lauded (think ticket sales -- long-term sustainability without profit is improbable at best), is here to stay, and that the diversity (in innumerable categories) films of the 2000s carried indeed lead to encouraging signs for the future.

As an Aamir fan, I think it's fair to say he is the only actor who has come close to defining a decade of popular cinema, since Amitabh Bachchan did in the 1970s. Everything must end, and his incredible streak will, too, of course. Been a fun journey, for which I am thankful.

On to the films that bind us. Here are my favorites from the decade, then, in the order in which they were released. We tend to have stories associated with the best films we consume (they manage to make things personal for most), and these are hardly any different.

1. LAGAAN (2001)
I don't think (and by now, I know you probably don't think, either!) I'll ever run out of things to say about this magical film that set a new standard for how a Hindi film should look, feel, and sound. The production values it brought along revolutionized the industry. QSQT (1988) often serves as a reference point signaling a new era of films. Lagaan is a second such film originating from the same career. Rare? Sure. Worth celebrating? Of course! Lots more here.

2. DIL CHAHTA HAI (2001)
Films with serialized plot lines leading to a unified conclusion got a jump start with this fine film by Farhan Akhtar. It spoke to the urban youth by portraying the urban youth with startling accuracy. Excellent performances by Aamir, Preity Zinta, Akshaye Khanna, and Saif Ali Khan (whose career finally took off after this), sleek cinematography, and a reminder to make the most of the present, made this one of the hottest contemporary films of the decade. And let's not forget the debut of music directors Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy -- Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe -- ruled every desi party my freshman year in college. It still rules every desi party, from L.A. to Paris and Dubai. Eerie factoid: This is probably the closest to reality any film has come in portraying my relationship with my folks (heck, even their professions!)

3. TERE NAAM (2003)
Salman Khan owns this role in what is a remake of a Tamil film. His look in the first hour of Tere Naam befitted the title he's earned in 'Style Bhai' (see him in this song, for instance), but it was a soul-stirring second half that made it extremely difficult to not shed a tear to. The film was bothersome, which means the it was effective. I liked the soundtrack (Himesh Reshammiya) more than I thought I would. Think Salman can't act? Watch Tere Naam, and let's discuss.

4. SWADES (2004)
By far -- I repeat, BY FAR -- my favorite Shah Rukh Khan film. Too bad it wasn't well-received by his fans, and too bad it didn't do better overall. My theory is our folk in India didn't enjoy seeing an Indian from abroad solving tangible problems, and Indians abroad probably weren't too thrilled to be reminded of what they aren't doing that they could be doing where they are needed most. Brilliant in almost all respects, this one's a keeper. It would likely make my top 10 of all-time. More here.

A beautiful woman in a beautiful film! Thank you God! Please excuse the candor here, but while on offering thanks, I am extremely thankful to have had the presence of Tabu impact my perceptions of beauty and femininity. (Although my mom might be a little worried this woman who's about a dozen years older dominates my walls, but that's another story.) Meenaxi by M. F. Hussain is one of the few films in which her poise, grace, and major sex appeal were finally showcased in a fitting manner. More here.

The only thing I don't like about this (well, the only thing besides that it stars Amisha Patel) is that it's only one film away from Lagaan in Aamir's filmography. But let that not affect whether you see this film. It's grandiose in its presentation, it's about a critical period in the history of the Indian sub-continent, and it's got Aamir and A. R. Rahman at work again (and this time with Rani Mukherjee in the mix!). What more does one need to say about it? More here.

7. IQBAL (2005)
A gem of a film which thankfully didn't go unnoticed, Iqbal proves script is king. Sure, it's got cricket at its core (and that component is exceptionally well-researched), but it'll most definitely have you rooting for the underdog with its fine, heartwarming screenplay, and spectacular performances by Shreyas Talpade in his coming out party and the classy Naseeruddin Shah. Consider checking this out if you haven't. My film collection would be incomplete without it.

8. HERA PHERI (2000) and PHIR HERA PHERI (2006)
Next time Kabeera calls, let's thank him. I liked the first in the series more (geeky Tabu is better than no Tabu), but that doesn't mean the second was anything but good. Unadulterated fun despite treading the fine line between tacky and funny, these films are the quintessential nonsensical/screwball offerings of the decade, with Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty pitching in with howlarious performances that simply refuse to get old.

I'd seen this film in theaters in three countries across three continents before I saw it at an event at the university I attended, celebrating India's Independence Day. Nothing had prepared me for the sports bar-like atmosphere during the film -- it was intense! This, probably more than any of the decade, hit its intended audience hard. This, as much as any, is a shining example of the potential carried by films that are commercial but meaningful, sensible and fun. More here and here.

Probably running out of Aamir credits here, but I told you it's no secret he's been behind the best popular films of late. Taare Zameen Par took the road less traveled by.

Aamir the director at work here, and you know the rest. Joke in my household is it's no coincidence I moved to California to be close to my nephew within six months of this films release. Yeah, right! More here.

11. JODHAA AKBAR (2008)
Third consecutive Ashutosh Gowariker film that had a power-packed soundtrack by A. R. Rahman. The editing issues in Jodhaa Akbar were obvious and even painful. But the film excelled in many departments, including, again, the narrative and -- my favorite, this -- the underlying theme of acceptance (and not merely tolerance) by Hindus and Muslims of their cultural elements which were a lot less intertwined at the outset of Akbar's rule than they were at its end. Let's not forget here that the vast majority of Hindi films still use Hindustani, the language developed because of the Moguls' inventing Urdu. There is a lot to admire about Akbar and his rule, and there is a lot to admire about this film and Gowariker's approach to it.

12. AAMIR (2008)
(Disclaimer: This film makes this list despite its title, not because of it. :o) Here's a good example in changing attitudes and expectations from cinema. Aamir, with a small budget, no glitz, and a debutante each in its writer, director, lead actor (Rajeev Khandelwal), and music director (Amit Trivedi), outperformed at the box office a concurrent release starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Aishwarya Rai. Low on the fluff and as hard-hitting as it gets, it's one of the few Hindi films that credits its inspiration (a foreign film) at the very outset. More of this, please. Said this last year, and let's say this again: Amit Trivedi, whose stunning soundtrack to this film could've been better-appreciated, is primed to be the next big thing in film music if he so wishes.

Honorable Mention:
Devdas (2002), Parineeta (2005), and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008) for Madhuri Dixit, Vidya Balan, and Genelia D'Souza, respectively. (Why is Jaane Tu not in the Top 12? I had to cut off the Aamir Khan connection somewhere.) On my wish list for the 2010s: Better roles for these lovely ladies who can act!


Now the fun part, since there are so very many more films out there! Do you agree/disagree with my selections? Which films would comprise your 'Best of 2000s' list?

Have a blessed Eid and a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And let's all be thankful for the many blessings we have. Hindi cinema is certainly among them.


ajnabi said...

This is such a great idea! I'm going to have to think about my list for a while; a lot of times the films I like best are not necessarily the best films, yk?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, great idea! I definitely agree about Dil Chahta Hai and Rang De Basanti! Still need to see Meenaxi though. ><

I think I will compile a list! Not sure when it will be up (I'm writing a short story for a contest this week), but I'll post another comment here with a link when it is. =) Mine will be a good deal more SRK than yours, though. ;)

Clipped.in - Latest Indian blogs said...

It is taare zameen par all the way. A movie with a social cause... says it all..

Joss said...

jPleased to see that I have seen most of these films already and so feel in the loop. Also pleased that there are some I have not seen. Since your tastes clearly coincide with mine I shall immediately put Aamir and Tera Naam on my Lovefilm list. I would compile a very similar list, only Taare Zameen Par would be much higher up, probably in pole position. And yet I still haven't got the DVD. (Thanks for the recent tip-off about Disney releasing it in the UK - it's now on my Christmas list.)It really is my all time favourite film of any genre and I can find nothing to criticise about it. How often in life do we have experiences like that? Maybe there is a deliberate flaw in the seeming-perfection but I don't want to find it.

Congratulations for keeping hte blog going so consistently for so long. And for having readers over so many parts of the world. I've just looked at your Clustrmap and what I find even more impressive is that there are as many Indian readers as American/European. You obviously know what you're talking about... :) It's great that you have bridged the gap between western cinema and hindi cinema for people like me. Keep writing!


Kristine said...

Hi there BollywoodFan!

Wonderful choice of movies. Here are my favourite movies starting with (everyone has to have some skeletons in the closet)

I just looooooove this movie to death. The music, Abhi, the dialogues, Abhi, Mumbai, Abhi, the story, Abhi, Abhi wet, Abhi dry, Abhi dancing, Abhi... ok... enough.

Rang de Basanti
Of all the movies I have ever seen, this made me think the most. Think about me, my life, my family, my friends, my country, the past and the future.

Dil Chahta Hai
What a wonderful movie on friendship and love.

The first Hindi movie I have seen. Simply wonderful. And I love the spectacular camera works.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer
Pure, simple, poetic and heartbreaking. I wish there would be more movies like that.

Wonderful and touching story, brilliant acting.

You can almost taste the love Pradeep Sarkar has for Kolkata. Wonderful pictures, great set design and the costumes... *sigh*

Delhi 6
The best soundtrack in years (ok... Ada is also very good). Wonderful story. Beautifully filmed... The end is määääh....

Brilliant adaptation of Othello without loosing any indianess or that typical Shakespeare-touch.

And last but not least

The Blue Umbrella
There... They can make wonderful movies, touching storys and brilliant acting in only 90 minutes.

Hach... I can't decide...

Another brilliant Shakespeare adaptation... Dark, intense and everything you expect.

My honorable mentions go to:

Taare Zameen Par for bringing a very special topic in the limelight, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na for the freshness it gives off, Bunty Aur Bable for the cute couple and the even cuter wedding night and Dor for another wonderfully told story.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season!

Take care

bollywooddeewana said...

Great list i've barely seen much stuff from the 00's of all you've listed i've seen only Lagaan, Swades, Jodhaa Akbar and Rang de Basanti (a rewatch is due i watched it earlier on when i was discovering bollywood and i fell asleep almost all the way through)

Regarding my favourite films from the '00's, i'm way too embarassed to list them ;0)

By the way i saw Lagaan a few days ago for the first time ever and i loved the music, cast & Aamir of course but it would have made it onto my favourites list if it was about 30 or more minutes shorter

bollyviewer said...

Umm... how does one shorten the list to just 10-12 films?! Just right off the cuff, I think of at least 2 dozen films that I liked a LOT! :-D Loved TZP, Lagaan, Hera Pheri, Iqbal, Parineeta and JTYJN. For SRK films, I much prefer Chak De! India and Paheli. Also, I would include Vishal Bhardwaj films, especially Maqbool which I loved, Shyam Benegal's Welcome To Sajjanpur and my favorite mod romcom Hum Tum! And then there was the utterly insane laugh-fest Hungama, the fun Luck By Chance, the more serious Dev, Firaaq, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Phir Milenge (the only Hindi film I've seen about an AIDS patient - and its not a tear-jerker!), etc. Hmm... I clearly need to think more about this!

Anonymous said...

Adab TheBollywoodFan-ji,
Thanks for your sweet shout out in the post and I too am thankful for your blog and all the wonderful things you write about. I particularly enjoy your lyric translations. I've seen all the movies you listed here (except Meenaxi) and enjoyed them all. What a eclectic list you have here, so thoughtful! I'll have to get back to you later on my list once I build one. I am enjoying all the other lists in the comments here too. (Enjoyed Blue Umbrella too!)I've been meaning to write this one up for some time, and eventually will, but add Kamosh Pani to my list.


Oh and Water too. Wait, looks like I'm on a liquid theme. I will think and report back with my list, and not repeat any of yours. It's quite a difficult task with so many greats to choose from, hai na?
Thanks again dost!
All the best!

theBollywoodFan said...

Kristine: Hey hey! So we have Lagaan to thank for your fandom! Thanks for your comment, and I like your picks.

I see you're an Abhi fan!!! Bluffmaster is probably my runner-up for favorite Abhishek film, after Guru (would've made a favorite-15). Priyanka Chopra wasn't bad at all either. I liked how it ended..."everyone's bluffing each other," or something on those lines. Have you listened to any non-filmic music by Arash (who had 'Boro Boro' in this soundtrack)? Really quite good, I'd check out the album titled 'Arash'.

Have you seen anything by Guru Dutt? If you like to think along to films, you'll have fun with his works.

Also agreed on that scene in Bunty Aur Babli. There are some from your list I haven't seen (and am quite embarrassed to admit), like Dor, The Blue Umbrella, and Maqbool. Luckily, I have them, so I should move them up now!

Clipped.in: Thanks! I think it's always good when a film manages to get people to think about an issue they might've otherwise overlooked (or chosen to ignore).

Superstars in film tend to communicate with the masses better than most politicians or social workers, and I find it very admirable. Thanks for your visit and comment.

theBollywoodFan said...

Joss: Thank you so much for your kind words! It's been a fun experience blogging, the idea was conceived one cold night in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere (ah, the consulting life! LOL.)

I often wonder whether I'd be a big Hindi film fan if I had spent more time in India. The cultural disconnect has probably been the biggest driving force, and I've been on a roll since production quality and to some extent, redundant themes, stopped being an issue. (There's probably more experimentation in the industry today than at any point since the 1950s.)

So, wow, TZP for your all-time favorite! That's good to know. Assuming the Disney DVD has the Director's commentary track, I'd definitely recommend you check it out. It made me look at the film very differently. Aamir doesn't hesitate to rip apart his own work, which is neat to see.

As for the list...a little disclaimer: Aamir and Tere Naam aren't films I'd watch with kids around. :)


theBollywoodFan said...

Rhilex: I'll look forward to your list, then! I was very close to including Veer Zaara in my list, that'd be my other SRK pick, but what I thought was a slow and painful end kept it away. :(

What I appreciate most about Meenaxi (besides Tabu and the music) is that it really is quite abstract -- draw your own conclusions as often as you want! Hope you enjoy it.

Ajnabi: Nice little distinction there, but personal 'bests' are okay, I guess. I know what you mean about tastes not aligning with the widely held opinions. All I need to say is I quite liked Yuvvraaj. :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Bollywood Deewana: But you have seen most I'd weigh greatest. :) Lagaan was long, yes, but it could've been longer and I would probably have still enjoyed it just as much. Editing issues with Gowariker really came to the fore with Swades and especially Jodhaa Akbar, but the quality in each case more than made up, I thought.

No embarrassments at all with your favorites! Would it be fair to expect an Abbas-Mastan film? ;) And yes, I'd definitely be interested to know your take on Rang De Basanti some time. I had to watch it (especially the second half) multiple times while wide awake to truly appreciate it.

Bollyviewer! It's really difficult to narrow the list to anything less than 20, yes. I had many more on there, but weighed experiences in repeat viewings more. So a Chak De India, which I loved the first time, had to be excluded because I was truly bored the second time. I also toyed with the idea of including a Madhur Bhandarkar film too (especially Page 3)...arrgh!

I'll have to play Hum and Tum on Hum Tum. =) Thank you for your other picks. Haven't seen Phir Milenge (don't know why), Firaaq and Maqbool (which I have), Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and Blue Umbrella, and am really looking forward to seeing them. Thanks!

theBollywoodFan said...

Adab Sita-ji: Thank *you*! I hope you get to see Meenaxi soon, if only so we can discuss at length her merits and your interpretation(s) thereof!

I've somehow missed Khamosh Pani altogether, it sounds really intriguing. Besides, Zia-ul-Haq is among the few people I believe are/were genuinely evil, so you've got me very curious.

And Water, of course! What with Lisa Ray and that amazing soundtrack by A. R. Rahman!

Cheers. Look forward to your list!

theBollywoodFan said...

All: You might want to check out this cool piece in the Wall Street Journal titled 'The Indian Thanksgiving', by Sarah Khan.

Also, A. R. Rahman was to perform live at the White House State Dinner earlier tonight! More here.

dunkdaft said...

Haven't u watched Dor, The Blue Umbrella and Maqbool ? ? ?


:-) actually I have Maqbool since 2 yrs, but haven't touched it yet. (so is Black Friday )

great post. Wil come back with opinions. And yes, wud *love* to make a list of my own, if life stops 4 a second :)

(btw, why dint u wait for Dec'2010 ? Doesnt tht count in decade? )

Joss said...

Hey, I checked out the Disney DVD and it doesn't have the bonus disc with it! Curses! I shall have to ask nicely to see if my partner can find some helpful Indian contacts at work. There are loads of people from Cognizant Infosys where he works. Maybe they will be going back home over Christmas.

Shellie said...

Ahhh, the 2000's. The vast majority of what I've seen falls into that category and there are so many that I loved. There's a few on your list that I haven't seen and I'm rushing to my online rental store to see it they have them. You actually make me want to watch Salman Khan, and that's terribly hard for me to do! I will have to think long and hard for a list for myself, but, like rhilex, it will most likely include a mix of Shah Rukh and Aamir films, with maybe one or two others thrown in there for variety!
My fav's off your list include Lagaan (yes, the very very best Hindi cinema has to offer in every possible way!), Taare Zameen Par (my first Aamir film) and Swades (not my favorite Shah Rukh film, but probably his best work to date). One should almost have a fav's list by category. That might help bollyviewer.
Now, off to think.............

Kristine said...

Hi BollywoodFan.

You got me... I loooooooooooove Abhishek... *fiep* And I've almost forgiven him that he married that... that... that... aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh..... Or not. :-)
Bluffmaster and Yuva... Maybe Refugee... And of course Bunty aur Babli... To be honest I didn't like Jodha Akbar that much... I found it boring... And I think that the soundtrack fitted not very good (too modern rhythms, instruments and...). But hey... Thats just my opinion... :-)

And yes, I've heard other songs of Arash. He is surprisingly someone who is played on the radio from time to time... Or at least he was couple of years ago...

Have a nice evening.

Filmbuff (aka Anon from DU) said...

Adab Bollywoodfan ji

Very good post with a short synposis of some really good movies in the 2000s.

I am surprised you missed Munnabhai and Lagey Raho Munnabhai in the list. Both these movies are really worthy of being included in the list.

Also missing is a very good Rajpal Yadav (with the beautiful Ritu Aparna Sengupta) movie "Mein Meri Patni aur Woh". Perhaps you haven't seen it. Pls don't be misled by the title (i almost did!). It is a truly good movie.

I would also include Parineeta in the list. Some one has mentioned Chak De India already - another worthy one

I wish I could get hold of "Meenaxi" - havent'seen it.

I have seen Hera Pheri but not Phir Hera Pheri.

Filmbuff said...

TBF, sorry forgot to add - if u think Salman did a great job in Tere Naam then pls watch Vikram's truly outstanding performance in the original tamil version "Sethu". Some how remakes never match the true flavour of the original (no matter who is remaking what)

veracious said...

Tough call. I think my favourites would include DCH, Omkara, RDB, Ek Hasina Thi, LRM, Hum Tum, Jab We Met.. gah, so many good ones! I'll have to work on a proper list when I'm less occupied.

Surprised you listed Mangal Pandey, as even though I liked it, I hear a lot of people bash it. Swades was good but CDI definitely replaced it as my "best SRK performance" film.

EbruKash (via Twitter) said...

Lagaan, Swades, Iqbal, RDB, TZP, Parineeta, Bluffmaster, A Wednesday, Omkara, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Munnabhai, KHNH etc.

Pessimisissimo said...

BollywoodFan, many thanks for your list--I'm now eager to see Meenaxi, among several others on your list (if you're a Tabu fan, I think you'd very much like Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000) if you haven't already seen it).

Inspired by your list, I've done a post on Bollywood films from the past decade: six favorites plus five honorable mentions, six that I have an inexplicable affection for, and ten that I found disappointing to flat-out awful. If you're interested, you can read my post here:


Many thanks again for your list!



Sarie said...

I have to echo what some other people said; at least the first Munnabhai film needs to be on the list.

This is somewhat because that was the first Hindi film I watched, but I think it's really excellent. It got me hooked on the genre;both the humor and sweetness are so well-conveyed that it's very enjoyable for an American like me. I think it's got real international appeal and is perfect as an introduction to Bollywood.

I'd want to put Ghajini on the list, too. That movie is so endearing and heartbreaking (and features both Aamir Khan and a soundtrack by AR Rahman!) But I suppose at some point you have to stop adding Aamir Khan films. But Ghajini is what finally convinced me that Aamir is a very awesome, very good actor.

BTW, I've never commented before, but I visit your blog from time to time. I love the song translations you do; a lot of the time the subtitles on the songs are just awful and I know they have little to do with what's actually being sung! So thanks for that!

theBollywoodFan said...

Joss: That's interesting. I think the one in the U.S. will have multiple discs. In either case, please note the T-Series DVD released in India is region-specific, so it will not work on standard DVD players in Europe or North America. It will work on most PC DVD drives, though. Also, the director's commentary is included in the same disc as the film.

Darshit: No, I haven't, would you believe it?! I have them, and am committed to seeing them soon. Sure, definitely make your list! (You have time, Jan mein bhi chalega.) Went with the generally accepted definition of decades, e.g. 1990-1999, 2000-2009, which would be the 1990s and 2000s, 2010s starting next year, etc., although a decade could be any period of 10 years, I guess.

theBollywoodFan said...

Shell: It'd be interesting to get your take on Tere Naam, but Salman's best films are from the 1990s, anyway. Have you seen Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun (1994)? I trust you're not kidding with that Lagaan comment ;) And absolutely agree on a favorites list by category. I had two of 10 each, one core Bollywood, the other closer to arthouse, but decided to combine the two to stay true to my definition of Bollywood discussed in the intro post. :)

Kristine: Hey again, and Yuva was quite good, have to agree there. I think a big part of the challenge in composing music to period films is to make it relevant to a present audience. So the music to Jodhaa Akbar uses some modern instruments, but I guess I'm okay with that, as long as the music is good. Cheers.

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmbuff! I see Anon from DU has a name! Great! The only reason the Munnabhai series isn't included is that I haven't enjoyed it (relative to the rest) in repeat viewings. That absolutely doesn't take away from the characters of Munna and Circuit being iconic.

Thanks for the recommendation of Main Meri Patni Aur Woh, I haven't seen it, and I'll be sure to include it in the next order.

Meenaxi is stunningly beautiful, not just visually, but the sound, the script, the dialogue. Love it for the most part.

I remember your comment about the other remakes of South Indian films, and can definitely see why remakes would seldom match the original. Thanks for the tip, I need to get Sethu too, then. :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Veracious: Tough call, indeed. All you list are cool. I liked Mangal Pandey a lot, the bashing will always be there for historic fiction that's not 100% accurate (Jodhaa Akbar faced that, too). Interesting about SRK and CDI -- as I was saying in a prior comment, I loved it the first time, and it just didn't work the second time around. Swades, on the other hand...

EbruKash: Thanks for your visit and comment. I definitely need to check out Mr and Mrs Iyer. Even Dharm, which I've heard great things about.

theBollywoodFan said...

Pessimisissimo: Thank you! Yes, I've seen Kandukondain Kandukondain, and really enjoyed it too. Tabu and information technology are a lethal combination! (She played a programmer, if I recall correctly)

Thank you for the link, I'll definitely check out your list this weekend!

Sarie! Thank you so much for your comment, and thank you for stopping by every once in a while. Please comment as often as you like, it's always interesting to hear others' takes on films.

Takes such as those on Munnabhai and Ghajini, loved both, and agree that both are excellent. Interesting it was Ghajini that convinced you of Aamir's acting prowess! Rahman and Aamir have yet to let me down with a film they worked on together, great team there.

And finally, thank you much for your comments on the translations, too. Always good to know they add value. :)

Filmbuff said...

TBF, I would once again recommend that you see Tabu's tamil film "Kadal Desam" with Abbas and Raja. I am waiting to read your review of that movie. I think you will not be disappointed with my recommendation.


theBollywoodFan said...

It's on my list, Filmbuff! Thanks so much! I don't worry about disappointment, there's something to appreciate about the majority of films/works of art.


PS: It's kind of weird to have Filmbuff replace 'Anon from DU', gotta say :) Of course, we'll get used to it soon. Until later my friend.

Filmbuff said...

I usually post as "Anonymous" on most blogs. Of late I noticed quite a few nasty comments on some of the blogs from others who are posting as "Anonymous". I decided that it was time for me to get a blog identity to distinguish myself as I usually don't post comments like that. I only say something about a movie when I have something nice to say (ie what are the things I like in a movie or what didn't work for me)

yep u will get used to my new id!

BTW, i saw Wake up Sid on DVD on sat, really liked it. Would recommend this movie to you. Also, Saira Banu in "Junglee" was absolutely charming and beautiful. See it if u r inclined towards old movies

Nicki said...

This is really really really hard. I've been debating about this for a while now. Will have to get back to you

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmbuff: Your use of the ID is perfectly justified in that case. I'll have to wait until the Wake Up Sid DVD is released here, thanks for the tip. And I've had Junglee DVD for the longest, got to see it soon!

Nicki: Do that! As I was saying in a couple of the comments, I weighed higher the films I saw and enjoyed multiple times. (Which also meant there weren't any from 2009...)

Filmbuff said...

TBF, Wake Up Sid will be your 2009 pick.

Pls do watch "Junglee" ASAP since you have the DVD on you. I was lucky - my friend gave me his copy recently.

theBollywoodFan said...

Great, will do, thanks! Seems the verdict is unanimous on Wake Up Sid. By the way, finally saw some other good movies from 2009...new post coming up at some point over the next day. Cheers.

Anu said...

Hi BWFan!!! Here's interesting article about the Iconic Movies that defined this decade and the best actor, actress, music director and director of the decade, published by Telegraph India.

Here's the link - http://www.telegraphindia.com/1091207/jsp/entertainment/story_11829669.jsp

Good news for us AK fans is that Aamir has been declared the Best Actor of the Decade!!! And 5 of his films are listed among the 25 Iconic films that defined this decade. He's the actor with the maximum number of movies in the list.

My fav films of this decade have to be AK films - Lagaan, TZP, RDB, DCH (and if I may add, Ghajini as well). Non-AK films include CDI, Swades, Black, Sarkar, Munnabhai Mbbs and LRM.

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank link isn't working for me, Anu, but that's great news, and hardly unexpected :) He's clearly defined the flow of subject matter and production benchmarks all decade long, been fun! I'd have added Ghajini too, just ran out of Aamir credits, and haven't seen Ghajini as often in less than a year it's been out.

Sarkar is awesome!

Anu said...

Strange! Trying accessing it again. Here's the link:


If you are still not able to access it, then head over to AamirKhan.org, in the Movies board, the entire article is posted in a thread called 'Don of the Decade'(that's the title of the article).

yves said...

Hi Bollywood Fan,
Yep, certainly a nice list, except, except Meenaxi: How CAN you have selected this one???? (Pessimisissimo: do NOT watch it!!) Tabu is great in it (as elsewhere), but the film?? In fact I'm sure you wanted to say: Tabu appearing in Meenaxi was one the great events in the decade.


theBollywoodFan said...

Anu: Thank you again, got it this time! Liked how this section read:

After Mela, it could only get better for the man this decade. It sure did, and how! Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini... Aamir Khan showed in the last 10 years that he could push himself like no other star. His film releases were movie events. That he directed one of those films made it all the more special. And with 3 Idiots, he is set to make a smart start to the next decade.

theBollywoodFan said...

Yves: Thank you for your comment! I didn't at all mean to say Tabu appearing in Meenaxi was one of the great events of the decade. If that were the case, Madhuri Dixit in Gaja Gamini would've made my favorites list too!

I truly think Meenaxi's a beautiful film. Of course, I am hardly free of biases... :)

Anonymous said...

Adab! Nawab, here is my post on the films of the decade I enjoyed. I tried to focus on some of the less popular films:


All the best!

Belle said...

Hello Bollywoodfan !

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