3 Idiots (2009) lyrics and translation: Give Me Some Sunshine and Jaane Nahin Denge

Children's Day was celebrated this weekend (November 14). This picture of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Walt Disney is displayed in the lobby of Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. (Here's a slightly larger image.) This is displayed right outside. And these are relevant because Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment just recently released the trailer to Like Stars on Earth, which releases in the U.S. on January 12. (The release schedule for other countries is as follows, per Aamir at his blog: Australia: Nov 11, 2009; U.K.: Oct 26, 2009; Russia: Jun 18, 2010.) And it's a relief the Disney DVD will include the original Hindi language audio as well! (The film is now dubbed in English too.)

There are several parallels to be drawn between the theme in Taare Zameen Par (2007) and song four of five from the soundtrack to the upcoming 3 Idiots, Give Me Some Sunshine. (Besides, Nehru and the Indian Institutes of Technology are forever connected!) While I'll be looking for the intersection of Dil Chahta Hai (2001), Rang De Basanti (2006), Taare Zameen Par (2007) in 3 Idiots, I'm really enjoying the song. This has little to do with a revival of H2SO4 from the Rang De Basanti (2006) classic Paathshaala, and that too with three from the fabulous seven in that film. Having said that, I do sense a combination of styles of Prasoon Joshi and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy in this. Anyone agree?

Thankfully, I cannot say I'd sing this with the discontent the characters in the film sing it. If I'd "want to grow up again", it'd only be to have a blast all over again, with no changes whatsoever (and thank my parents and teachers for that!) Having said that, I cannot imagine this song won't be a singalong favorite at parties involving a guitar!

It also strongly reminds me of You are my Sunshine, which made it to fourth grade curriculum (in Bombay). For all we know, Give Me Some Sunshine might be an allusion to it! Those of you who attended schools in other countries (and especially in the West), was/is this popular in schools out here as well?

And finally, song five of five -- Jaane Nahin Denge -- is one I don't like. (But that doesn't mean I deprive you of its translation!) Check it out:

Given how situational it is, though, the opinion would ideally need revision after seeing the film. Yet, I can't help but think this could have been a lot better. Never mind if the character played by Aamir dies (I sense a bit of reverse psychology here, why on earth would any filmmaker give this away? Flip side is, the joke might be on me!), I'd much rather have a song along the lines of Lukka Chuppi, which had a lot more lyrical, musical, and vocal depth, and was simply a far more superior song, the patriotic theme notwithstanding. (But then, that entire album is far more superior.)

So there you have 'em, five songs and two remixes that could've been done without. This soundtrack ticks because of its lyrics, no second thoughts about it. Three and a half stars on their strength, then. It's tempting to ask where this ranks against soundtracks from Aamir's other films since Lagaan (2001). Tempting, because the rest are clearly better. That hardly means much at this point, though. It won't, until we see the film Christmas day.

Have a great start to the week, everyone! Normal programming (i.e. more discussions on movies) will commence in about a week. Until then, you can listen to all songs at this IN.com link. The album is also available for download at this iTunes link.


shell said...

First of all, thanks so much for all the translations.
2nd - I sure hope that Jaane Nahin Denge isn't as indicative as it sounds. I don't know if I would willingly go watch a film where I know Aamir's character is going to die. However, we could be being mislead on purpose and if someone's "leaving" the group, who's to say it's him? Anyway, the countdown in on!

ajnabi said...

I don't like the sound of Jaane Nahin Denge either, but I appreciate your translation! The lyrics themselves are pretty good, don't you think? And, yes, "You Are My Sunshine" is standard PTA-meeting recital fare for grade schoolers here in the States as well.

Darshit said...

Indeed, the styles of both musicians are combined. At very first listening, the opening strings reminded me of 'Kholo Kholo' from TZP. And definitely, this song is the best in the album.

On the other hand, I loved 'Jaane Nahin Denge' too. Maybe because I have read the book. And you are right, you might change your view after watching it. But yes, nothing can come closer to Lukka Chhuppi. Its immortal.

p.s. I don't think filmmaker will take risk with Aamir..lets see.

theBollywoodFan said...

Shell: You're very welcome. Thank you for your comments. Come to think of it, the fate of Aamir's characters have seldom mattered as much to me. Some of his really good films are those in which his character dies! (It's true!)

And yes, I truly think this is to mislead deliberately, few filmmakers would gladly give that bit away from the very outset (unless in an epic/thriller, I guess).

The countdown is so on!

theBollywoodFan said...

Ajnabi: I can't bring myself to like 'Jaane Nahin Denge'. Tried hard, too. The lyrics, music, singing, nothing's working for me. But again, the placement and use in the film should make or break it. If it's distracting and takes away from the emotion, probably not working.

By the way, have you seen Rang De Basanti yet? If not, I'd recommend you see it before 3i, if only for perspective. :)

Darshit: Glad I'm not the only one who is reminded of those styles! 'Kholo Kholo' is exactly that model. Wow, so you like the song! Must be cool to relate to the book.

Lukka Chuppi is unbelievably good, of course. But then, A. R. Rahman and Lata are gifts to humanity from the divine forces! Will be interesting to see what they do with Aamir here.

Shahid said...

Heyy bollywood fan,remember me,shahid.? used to post on ur blog during the ghajini days ;) well if itz an Aamir movie,i've to b here,how r ya.? n howz ur bollycraze goin on.?

theBollywoodFan said...

Hey Shahid, of course I remember you! How've you been? Kahaan ho bhai? Been well, thank you. Waiting for 3 Idiots, although I won't be the first one reviewing it this time around...Bollycraze is alive and well, as you can tell :) How's it going for you?! Cheers. And thanks for your visit and comment.

Shahid said...

Well,everthin's fyn wid me,btw i find the lyrics of this song funny,as well as provocative the,"kandho ko kitabo ke boj ne jhuka & likh likh kar pada hatheli par alpha beta gamma ka chaala" :) reminds me of ma school days whn we wr facing d same prob's though ma dad nvr told me to bribe any1 :P tht wld hav been good.!!

theBollywoodFan said...

I think the ability to relate to our school days will be the biggest strength of 3i, since its message is about education. On a more practical note, I hope e-books solve the weight problem some day. I'm all for using more books in school, actually. :)

Really like this song too, the bit about 'bachpan bhi gaya jawaani bhi gayi', 'ek pal toh ab humein' is just filled with irony.

As for rishwat, lena aur dena dono bohat bure kaam hain, I'm sure you agree. That it might be more practical is another story... :o)

doyanmakan said...

Well, hai..
Am a big fan of 3 idiots movie..
I love all the soundtracks, because they're just so beautiful.
So, thank you for translated them :)

First song i love the most is Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh. Because the song picturing all the beautiful landscape, all the way to Simla, to find the 3rd idiot.

Secod song is Jaane nahin Denge Tuhje. Even you don't really like it, hehehe..
For me, this song framed the sadness and friendship so well in the movie.

And i really appreciate all the translation you;ve made. Because now am deeply in love with those songs and words that contains.

Thank you

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Doyanmakan: Welcome to the blog, and thank you for your visit and comment! It's great to know the translations added to your enjoyment.

I did enjoy the integration of the music in the film. I guess, of all songs excepts 'Give Me Some Sunshine', which I thought could have been much better-integrated. Oh, well. It's still a fine, fine film. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translations..
I love this sunshine song.. I think i've heard it more than 100 times now...

Anonymous said...

thank you for anyone who had translated the song to English,as i know the meaning of the song,,
i do love every song of 3i
i do love the actors,the actress, and the film for sure,,
i hope indonesian film maker can learn from bollywood to produce the best film,,viva 3i!!!!

rodge said...

so glad found your blog my friend,, as a filipino its too hard for me to understand the tought of the song, its good that i found the movie 3i...
though i have just watch it,,, and found it really really good,, inspiring and made many filipino cry,, we also love the songs and this translations, made us more inspired,,,, thank you once more

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you, Rodge and Anonymous! Appreciate your kind words. :)

Rodge: Are there many Hindi film theaters in the Philippines?

shugetsu_rh said...

here in the philippines, there are more than a thousand theaters but there are also more than ten times pirated dvd vendors.

btw, nice blog. i have understood the meaning of the songs from 3 idiots. ^_^

Anonymous said...

i can't believed i've watched 3 idiots for more than 10 times now and i'm still loving it! 2 thumbs for everyone behind it. it is a movie for all. lots of love from the Philippines :D

Anonymous said...

I am Poma from Philippines, I watched the movie just this April 2011. This movie is awesome, very inspiring, very creative, the best! I cried at the scene when Champ came into life!...he kick when he heard the phrase 'aall izz well'.

I introduce this movie to our parish church youth and they love it. I hope they will make more movies like this to change billions of lives in the world. God bless you! Two thumbs up!