Blue (2009) lyrics and translation: Bhoola Tujhe; and A Song for each Picture #8

How can someone be so good so consistently? The soundtrack to Blue (the film releases October 15) by A. R. Rahman is easily among the best of 2009. It is certainly the most contemporary and hip of the year, and in its musical and lyrical themes, beautifully aligned with the plot. (More on the soundtrack in a future post.) And in its quest for diversity, it even packs in a song -- part-subject of this post -- on relationships with the supernatural, in this case God (Khuda, or Allah).

'Bhoola Tujhe' (I forgot You) is a rather unconventional filmic 'hamd' (defined here) in the form of a one-on-one dialogue with God, in that it is primarily one that stems from lament. It consequently implies the seeking of forgiveness and hope therein. In its religious references, it alludes to the character's ignorance of the goodness religions advocate for at individual and collective levels, and his failure to acknowledge all he does not and cannot control. The character undergoes a spiritual transformation, and it is at this juncture that he sings Bhoola Tujhe.

The big questions with respect to the film, of course, are whether it is sung at the outset or toward the end, and who sings it. With vocals by Rashid Ali, lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala, and a delightfully grandiose musical accompaniment indicating its belonging to a film, here it is (thank you Farzad!):

Bhoola Tujhe by

Here is my translation:

On a note unrelated to Blue, the vocalist-lyricist-music director team (whose works include Kabhi Kabhi Aditi (2008) and Kahin Toh Hogi from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008)), have me thinking this song might well have been a great fit in Jaane Tu if a deleted scene were retained, in which Jai and Aditi have a little debate on the existence of God. It's almost presented as a head v. heart or science v. art case, and about the only bit missing in the brief but witty discussion is that the foundations of Newtonian Physics lie in Newton's belief in God!

A Song for each Picture #8

This might also be a good time to share a few pictures (click to enlarge) from one of my favorite spots for quiet contemplation. I usually end up here with some book, or at a library, when I need to get away from the world. Please have a go at your favorite devotional (to any religion/deity) songs from Hindi films!

This post is scheduled to coincide with Eid. A happy Eid to you all, then! EID MUBARAK! Dessert's on me :)

Lake Shrine even has a memorial to the Mahatma Gandhi. If you've read any of Gandhi's works, you know he got 'it' and chose to focus on all that is common among religions. Good model to foster trust and respect, I say! Peace.


Darshit said...

Loving the song much more now. First para was easy to understand, but the problem area was second para and some lines before that. The words, Hayaat, qazaa, and the whole antarra was difficult to understand. Thanks for your brilliant translation. Talking about 'Hamd' sweet surprise that you linked 'Meherbaan' translation to this. That song made me come to your blog, and know what? after a few listening to 'Bhoola Tujhe'; i instantly went on to listen 'Meherbaan'. Both are in same league.

I am still in doubt if this album is not one of the best by Rahman this year. I think As a commercial product this works best. ....and well, I need to see JTYJN deleted scenes again now :P

Nice pics there. Must be a great place. And about songs, My choices are : Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum, O paalanhare, Khwaja mere Khwaja and Piya Haji Ali. Rahman has mastered the art of creating devotional songs perfectly.

Eid Mubarak!!!

Joss said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for doing that translation. I have listened to all the songs from Blue but this one was a little harder to understand than the others, not surprisingly. Lyrics are generally really difficult to translate. The sentences are all so mixed up and there's no straight talking! I love the music from Blue, especially loud with headphones on! I have only got as far as the first four tracks though. They overwhelm me and I can only take small doses! Yes, how can anyone be so good so consistently? Endless talent. I hope he has good security, good driver, good cook. Sometimes I worry, actually. And I'm just your average Rahmaniac.

Next, those lovely photos. khubsurat! I am a keen gardener so I really appreciate all those gorgeous textures and foliage. I have a 'tropical' section in my garden, but we really don't have the climate for it here. We have the wetness but not the heat! But I make the most of what I've got. Would you like to see some pictures?

Joss said...

Hoping to see more translations, looking to find chiggy wiggy footnoted! :)

bollywooddeewana said...

I did a post a few days ago on Tumko na bhool payenge it had a mubarak song, the first of a kind i've seen in a bollywood movie, i dont know if you've seen it or know of it but here

ajnabi said...

Eid Mubarak! I'm glad you get to eat dessert again. :-D And thank you for the translation! I love the lyrics. Unexpectedly deep for such a fluffy film. I haven't watched the deleted scenes of JTYJN because they're not subtitled... I'll join you in wondering if it was planned for that originally?

Arjavi said...

This is song appreciation taken to another level. I am truly in awe of this beautiful post, so well done TBWF! I like the song in Naya Daur, remember?

Arjavi said...

PS Eid Mubarak!

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: Thank you again for the Eid wishes. I remember our discussion on Twitter about this song. Meherbaan is great too, and I guess that post worked out! =) In agreement about 'Meherbaan' and 'Bhoola Tujhe' being in the same league.

I really like the music to Blue, for the same reason I like the music to Ghajini. Have a very good feeling this is going to fit in with the movie like hand in glove!

Really like your selections, each is beautiful. And agree completely that Rahman is by far the best in the genre, no matter the religion. Music, like goodness, can bridge many gaps!

theBollywoodFan said...

Joss: Really glad you like the music to Blue, I truly love it. It's probably best to listen to it using headphones (or to listen to it loud!), the sounds are a real treat for the senses. And yes, those concerns are always valid, sadly.

Know very little about gardening and plants in general, but used to venture out into the Everglades and the preserve at our college campus in South Florida, still love the outdoorsy stuff. Have a couple other good pictures you might like, I'll be sending them your way by the weekend. Would love to see any pictures you might have! And I love 'Chiggy Wiggy' too, so be on the lookout ;)

theBollywoodFan said...

Bollywood Deewana: Yes, I remember that song, it's fun! I *love* this one from Saawariya, and Darshit directed me to this one by Sonu Nigam

I'll be checking out your review of Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge. Seen the film, remember very little.

Ajnabi: Thanks! Yes, I get to eat dessert during the day again, but that's probably not a good thing, LOL. As always, you're very welcome. I think Blue is going to be a pleasant surprise in its emotional quotient, that's certainly not what one would expect.

Arjavi: Thank you, and yes, it's difficult for anyone who has seen Naya Daur (1957) to not remember the song. As I was saying here, I absolutely love it! Funny thing is, in retrospect...Gandhi was brought up in that review as well! :)

Bhargav Saikia said...

That place is so beautiful :-) I would say Khwaja Mere Khwaja.

Darshit said...

The discussion about 'Khuda' leads me to another thought. That Urdu has such lovely feel in its devotional songs/poems. It speaks, as you said, directly to the almighty. It says directly everything to God, also without feeling that he is 'above all of us' or 'he is oh so mighty'.

Rather than that, as here it is also used, 'Pyaare Khuda' makes it so much personal. Makes Khuda very possessed by the protagonist. See Piya Haji Ali or 'Mere' Maula or 'Mere' Khwaja, all songs have the 'possessiveness' which I love the most.

Anonymous said...

Adab! What a beautiful post to match the gorgeous song. So lovely. Thanks so much for the translation and the spectacular collection of devotional photos. Hey, this post will suffice for my evening prayer, hai na?
All the best bhai!

Anonymous said...

Can you please translate Rehnuma from the same film?

Anonymous said...

can u pls translate the song fiqrana from blue?

Anonymous said...

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