August releases and A song for each picture #7

"Explosion 2009" featuring vocalists Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan was to stop by Los Angeles this past Sunday. The concert has been postponed to August 16, as noted here. Those of you in Houston, San Francisco, and Denver, and perhaps Minneapolis and Boston, will continue to have a chance to attend. See this Bollywood Food Club link for the schedule and any related updates.

From among the new releases this month, the two I am looking forward to are those I am prepared to not see in theaters. One will likely not be picked up by my local theater. The other I would prefer having access to a fast-forward button for. Both are intriguing, and we begin with them, then. The complete list of releases is at the bottom of this post.

Kisaan (Farmer(s)) releases the 28th. It is the much less talked about film. My wild-card for the month, it stars Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Jackie Shroff, Dia Mirza (yay!), Nauheed Cyrusi, and favorite filmi dad, Dalip Tahil. Sohail and Arbaaz play a farmer and lawyer on opposite sides of the issue. Here's Salman Khan summarizing the film, from this 10 Ka Dum blog entry, which also reminds me of how much I miss Bombay around this time of year :'(

My brother Sohail Khan has made a film on problems of farmers. His “KISAAN” is a dramatic entertainer with strong social message. The forces of bazaar want farmers to sell their land for industrialization. The entire conspiracy is so carefully hatched that brothers are divided so that they sell the land. It's [the] new face of slavery.

Here's the theatrical trailer:

If you've read the entry for 'Z' in this post, you know what I think of the theme. What concerns me is that a dramatic entertainer with social messages has strong potential to go wrong. This is not a bad cast, but the soundtrack, which seems to have a strong 1990s feel to it, promises a major distraction. Yet, I'm looking forward to it. There's more on Kisaan at this Arbaaz Khan blog entry.

Kaminey, releasing the 14th, stars Shahid Kapoor (in a double role -- twins, of course!), Priyanka Chopra, and a large supporting cast. It promises to be Shahid's true coming out party (about time!), despite the Central Board of Film Certification hitting it with the 'A' rating (equivalent to 'R' by the Motion Picture Association of America) for violence. Check out the number of guns on the home page of their official website (which also has its theatrical trailer). Eek!

The plot seems interesting, with an eventual foray into the gangster film genre. Questions: 1) How much of the film will belong to this genre? 2) How thrilling will it all be? 3) The lyrics convey a case of the impossibility of love -- will the movie stay true to it? Sure sounds like it'll make for engaging viewing, just not one I would subject myself to on the big screen. (If you were able to consume Slumdog Millionaire (2008) on the big screen, though, this should be fine.) Here's a post dedicated to its soundtrack.

Lastly, a quick mention for Life Partner, also releasing the 14th. Not expecting much at all from this comedy produced by Abbas-Mustan-Hussain, and with lackadaisical music by Pritam. Starring Tusshar Kapoor and Fardeen Khan, it also stars Govinda and I-hope-she-gets-better-roles-and-films Genelia D'Souza, the sole reason for its inclusion in this month's lineup. (She'll be back.)


Moving on to the latest installment of "A song for each picture" series. This one is inspired by my late-morning runs right by the ocean every weekend. The question is, as always: Which (Hindi) film song does this remind you of? (Click to enlarge.)

(If you're interested, more phone pics here, here, and here). Runs at the beach are always fun, and much more refreshing and rewarding than the treadmill or the inner city can ever be. What seems to hold true for me is that the quality of music playlists used is directly proportional to the quality and distance of the runs. So, you're welcome to list songs to run to, in addition to all else you might think of.

I'll skip my favorite songs for now, but a few notes on the subject: I've also been enjoying samples from background scores to some fairly recent films that have made very effective use of the adrenalin rush that accompanies a speed burst. They are at least as much fun as songs with lyrics. There are several in Ghajini (2008), and one appropriately titled 'Run' (listen to it at this YouTube link). Say, those chases were very very well executed, no?

A perfect scenario involving a run by water that could have been so much better involves Abhishek Bachchan in Sarkar (2005). Ram Gopal Verma knows Mumbai, and I really really like the film, but there's this scene in which Abhishek must run to save his life from gangsters out to kill him. They run through here...

...which is where I am reminded of running through here (except that I probably wouldn't go here at night).

The issue is, here's someone running to save his life, but even silly old me can run faster than the dude, and I run for fun! What's up with that?

By far my favorite of them all is the music to the airport climax in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008), which exudes its singular focus of reaching a well-defined goal (listen to 6:20 through 7:00 at this YouTube link, although it's condensed; watch only if you've seen the film).

On a related note, the Stair Climb to the Top is fast approaching, and once again, I've managed to commit to it. This year, I'll probably add a dedication to Chale Chalo from Lagaan (2001), to add to one to Lakha in 2008. Then again, how can one ignore Meow for two straight years? It'd certainly help to have more purpose...

...but if I knew she (told you she'd be back ;) were waiting for me on the 75th floor, I'd likely set record time. Heck, if she were on the 175th floor, I'd go for it (and probably keep going up, up and away!) The goal this year is to get to floor # 75 in 13 minutes. Who wants to join?

Enough of me. I'd love to hear your plans for August, any films you're looking forward to, and songs to the picture above. Have a great one, everybody! And please remember to care to make Independence Day festivities a part of your August. Jai Hind.

August releases (source:

Aug 7: Agyaat, Chal Chalein, Teree Sang

Aug 14: Kaminey, Life Partner, Mohan Das - A Man Lost In His Own Nation, Musaa, Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De?

Aug 21: Fast Forward, Love Khichdi, Shadow, Sikandar

Aug 28: Bachelor Party, Daddy Cool, Kisaan, Shaabash! You Can Do It, Toss


Bhargav Saikia said...

I'm looking forward to Kaminey, Sikandar and of course Agyaat! I read somewhere that RGV tried to scare Mumbaikars by hanging dummy corpses on the hoardings of Agyaat! Isn't that something wildly innovative!? I love this guy..his imagination can really run wild! ;-) Anyway, I'm craving for a good horror/thriller. Agyaat better be good!

August doesn't seem to be a great month at the movies. Even if Kaminey gets rave reviews, it'll most probably do average business. May not really click with the aam-junta. I hope it proves me wrong!

That picture reminds me of "Panchi Nadiyan Pawan Ke Jhonke, Koi Sarhad Na Inhe Roke..Sarhad Insaano Ke Liye Hai..Socho Tumne Aur Maine, Kya Paya Insaan Hoke" from Refugee.

Beautiful song, isn't it? Anu Mallik's rare form!

theBollywoodFan said...

A big 'SubhanAllah' to the lines from that song from Refugee. Perfect, Bhargav!!!

I think you're right about the response to Kaminey, they probably knew when making it that it's not an aam junta kinda film. We could be wrong, though. Figuring out the aam junta is very, very tricky :) At least it is when it comes to films.

Had forgotten about Sikandar! As for know it's of my least favorite genre, but RGV has crossed the line more than a few times, and I truly think he's lost it all over again, LOL. Wish he put his creative talents to better use. (Filmi Girl has more on this specific RGV story here.)

And you're right about August. I cannot wait to September and beyond!

Darshit said...

Well, actually I am not looking much forward to Kissaan, as the promos looks little bit 'overtried' to act. Look at last frame where Suhail tries to shout. Also one you mentioned, the music.

Besides, there is always Kaminey. And Sikandar too-God, please help the producers. But I m too looking fwd to 'oh so Predator'ish' Agyaat. kyunki, Darna Zaroori Hai :P Though the promos of Life Partner are focussing on Genelia, and surprisingly not Tusshar Kapoor [after his Golmaal], I would see that movie for Genelia only. Oh, but on DVD only :)

Now I will talk abt two co-incidences. Some days back, I was thinking why its been so long for A Song for Each picture. One of your post with pic of an idol was in my mind that time. And there you are. My pick for the song is "Panchhi Banoo udti firoo mast gagan mein'' Yes, sky is not there but still.....

Actually first I was reading the post on mobile, and could see only sea shore, saw nothing else, but 'Tanha Tanha' started in my mind :D

Okay, another co-incidence.
After a long break [due to rains] in my morning runs, I finally had started it a week back. And yesterday morning while jogging, i thought of making a run run playlist. And again, you are there with some tracks.

My instant pick at that time was track from Rahul Sharma - Maya. A great fusion of Santoor. Perfect for cloudy rainy day. Another my fav is 'Spirit of Rangeela' and 'Ankhiyan teriyan vey' [Kaal].

You asking about August plans, aren't you??
Well, Bhai o aur Behen o, anouncing online exclusively only on -

I m getting Engaged on 22nd August !!!!!

Finally, Maa da laadla sudhar gaya. :P

Life has taken rollercoaster ride, took JTYJN twist, and finally I am getting engaged to girl, who loved me for so long, and so was I [and didn't know for so long] :) Peace.

Darshit said...

and oh, that RGV idea of promotion is so disgusting. Today's Mirror noted that Police was running after complaints of residents, who complained someone's hanging over the hoardings.

JJC said...

lokin fwd to kaminey and Aladin..ust saw love aaj kal today

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: First of all, congrats! CONGRATS!!! That's awesome, and I wish you both the very best. Thanks for sharing the news with us! What an August to remember it will be!

Now the films and songs and all seem somewhat secondary, but most films from August don't seem to be well-marketed at all, eh? I'd watch anything just for Genelia D'Souza, so I'll catch Life Partner on DVD for sure, as I shall the rest.

Neat coincidences. This is the previous edition of A song for each picture, and yes, it has been a little too long.

Panchhi Banoon from Chori Chori (1956) is an amazing song, it's so well picturized too! And of course, Tanha Tanha from Rangeela (1995)! There's no substitute for a morning run, it's a lot of fun. We've got to share more playlist info, there's a lot out there that makes for fun listening. Certainly some stuff from Kaal and Rahman's remix tracks too.

And thanks for the Rahul Sharma tip -- that guy knows his music. And 'Maya' has vocals by Sunidhi Chauhan, I believe! That entire album is amazing.

JJC: Kaminey should be interesting, and I can't wait to Aladdin (in a couple months, it seems) too! How did you like Love Aaj Kal?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. The Explosion 2009 dates keep changing. Here is where I've been finding the most updated tour schedule:

All the best!

Sujoy said...

There is only one song when I see a pigeon...
Kabootar Ja Ja Ja...

or else, if pigeons are in Trafalgar Square, I get reminded of...Ghar Aaja Pardesi DDLJ..
And yes..Kaminey..Kaminey..Kaminey..all the way..I swear..Vishal Dadlani, Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Sukhwinder Singh...what a combo...

This movie is going to be aweffhum..ekdum muffht...Vifhhal Bharadwaj aur Fhhaheed Kapoor will rock our fhhocks off..

Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode..Raat Ki Matki Tode..Koi Goodluck nikale..Aaj Ghulak to Fode..btw whats Ghulak?

Ye Teja Teja Kya Hai...Ye Teja Teja..enough ranting :P

bollywooddeewana said...

I'm really forward to Kaminey,songs to the picture above (The Genelia pic right) sounds like a depressing/reflective one so i've chosen

theBollywoodFan said...

Adab Sita-ji: Thanks for the update. Whew, as long as the new schedule has L.A. on the 16th. Glad to see Minneapolis on there!

Sujoy: Of course, the immortal pigeon named 'Handsome'! If Kaminey's trailers had more streetfights with fewer guns I'd be there. Can't wait to see it on DVD, though. Teja Teja kya hai, ROTFL. To keep it consistent..."hum toh masoom panchhi hain" *flapping wings* <|:o)

The only 'gullakh' I know of is a container in which savings are stored, like a piggy bank, but more of a pot than in the shape of an animal, hence the reference to 'crack it open'. I think the context in which it is used in Dhan Te Nan is 'hit the jackpot', but that is if the gullakh I am thinking of is the only/correct one (sounds like it).

BollywoodDeewana: That's an interesting take on it. I'll accept any songs remotely connected to Genelia, and you've picked a good one! Any pigeon by the sea song too?

Thank you all. Cheers!

shell said...

Well, I don't think I'll have the chance to see anything this summer, and, since I've missed Love AajKal which was one I was looking forward to (still am despite some not so good reviews), who knows. I'd like to see Aladin, Blue and maybe Wake Up Sid, but we'll have to wait and see if my theatre ever decides to show Bollywood movies again.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hope there are enough people in your area for the theater to want to show the movies! That'd be sad if they just stopped. :( I'm skipping Love Aaj Kal, but more because of the cast than the reviews.

Aladdin and especially Blue, I am really looking forward to. I'll try to have more on Blue as we get closer to its release.

And Karan Johar's "Wake Up Sid" in October is interesting. The Wikipedia entry synopsis reminds me a lot of a principal character Sid (Akshaye Khanna) in Dil Chahta Hai (2001), but at least Dimple's profession was different.

Wake Up Sid is Mumbai-based romance about urban relationships and revolves around a good looking young guy (Ranbir Kapoor) who falls for an older and simple woman (Konkona Sen Sharma), a writer from Kolkata.


Filmi Girl said...

Those pesky Explosion 2009 tour dates!!! I will never understand why these tours aren't more professionally organized and promoted... :(

As for the picture - the pigeon made me think of "Masakali" but the first beach song that popped into my head was Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the "Karte Hain Hum Pyaar Mr. India Se."

And as for August movies - Kaminey, Life Partner, and that hilarious looking Tamil one Kathanswamy are what I will be seeing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your engagement!
All the best!

Darshit said...

Thank you all for your wishes.

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmi Girl! Those tour dates have been all over the place, yes. We hear they missed L.A. because of Air Tran, but they sure could've responded better, no doubt.

Masakali is such a cool song. And of course, Sridevi and Anil Kapoor in Mr. India! How can anything with Sonam Kapoor or Sridevi not fit in? :)

And I know we're looking forward to Govinda in Life Partner! Although I am somewhat concerned, given the track record. Let's hope we're pleasantly surprised.

theBollywoodFan said...

All: And while we're talking of Genelia D'Souza, here's a news item involving her birthday and Life Partner.

Here's cool news on music formats and Blue.

Anonymous said...

I hope this year Independence Day is violence free in India - am i wishing for the moon?

I will be flying to India on 15 Aug which happens to be a sat. Acc to indian news reports, there has been a security alert for Delhi, Hyderabad (my city) and Kolkota. Authorities have been warned to be on alert for possible attacks a few days before and on that day too.

Sad, as if we don't have enough suffering in the world.

thanks for a good post Bollywood fan. I may perhaps see Kaminey on big screen in India (purely as a nostalagia of having that feel of a truly indian experience in a theatre!).

Darshit - Congratulations! My friends may be getting married in Baroda sometime in Jan. We may perhaps run into each other then!

theBollywoodFan said...

That sounds like a really exciting trip, Anonymous! 'A truly Indian experience' at the cinema is unlike anything else, you're spot on. Be sure to take notes, and perhaps we can discuss your movie-watching experience (?). As for Independence Day, the region is always tricky on big occasions, but we can certainly hope for the best. Cheers! And I hope you are able to stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. yep will make note and share my experience in watching a movie on the big screen in India. Keeping my fingers crossed that there is peace in the region.

Last visit I saw Omkara at a multiplex - was good too but the audience in these multiplexes is more urbane i mean more educated middle class. It is not the same experience of a single screen (our days!) where you have people of all classes seeing a movie at the same time which means you also get to hear the setees (hope u got what i mean) and some truly hilarious comments from the audience esp in hyderabadi lingo (urdu/hindi mix)

theBollywoodFan said...

I think I know exactly about the kind of experience you're talking about, Anonymous. I saw Hum (1991) starring Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda, and Rajnikanth at Metro in Bombay, and that infamous Jumma Chumma song with Kimi Katkar, as loud as it was, was something else to watch alongside an audience from diverse demographics! The comments, especially, tend to be very interesting :)

Pitu said...

Rly only looking fwd to Kaminey. I saw the Life Partner promo when I went to catch Love Aaj Kal in the theater here and it just seems so stupid!!

As for the kabootar on beach, how about some impending doom in the form of 'Main teri mohabbat mein pagal ho jaoonga' from Tridev? Retro I know, but I loveeeeeeeeee it so :-D

Pitu said...

Ok, just read all the previous comments. CONGRATS Darshit!!!!!!!!! :-D

A song for you: Sun raja shaadi ladoo, motichoor ka, jo khaye pachhtaye, jo na khaye pacchtaye ;)

Also, Wake Up Sid promo looks good altho Ranbir needs to STOP mumbling! What's Your Rashee seems lame - ugh Herman :-p and the Aladin promo looked absolutely hideous in the theater. Amitabh has taken hamming to an unbelievable height :-(

theBollywoodFan said...

Tridev! Pitu, kya yaad dila diyaaaa? Great, great song, thanks! :)

Joss said...

Congrats for August to Darshit, to India, and to Bollywoodfan as I'm sure you'll make it to the 75th floor. But I'm afraid I won't be joining any of you as I can't afford to go to India, and I can't even run as fast as Abishek! I could see myself sprawled across the airport floor like Imran though. But I'd rather see myself as Genelia!

theBollywoodFan said...

Joss! I wouldn't be so sure yet of getting to the 75th in that time. The curve ball here is that Ramadan starts in a little over a week, and I'm sure training during the month (even if it's only say, twice a week) will be testing :) And you can definitely run as fast as Abhishek if you really want to! Must've been nice for Genelia to run a few feet at the end, LOL.

Hope you're all well. Assuming you got my e-mail. Cheers.