Woke up in the middle of the night...

...and headed to the exit. On my way out, I saw a few notes. It took me a while, but I eventually found my cell phone, map, camera, and keys. Somehow, I ended up half way across the city, and outside a well secured and guarded building.

Was I sleep walking? Was I dreaming? Oh, no...

...I was Sanjay Singhania in Ghajini (2008)! And the dumb ethical cop (the one in the game, of course; I'm confident none of our cops are unethical ;) could not be offered the most generous gifts in exchange for some favors (life bana deta us ki), which made my life more difficult than I'd like. (If you think I'm serious, think again!) Lesson learned: It's tough toying with a memory clock that resets itself every few minutes (even when you're not a cop or politician).

Aside: And I even saw some really appealing posters outside the cinema that made me wish I could walk in and buy tickets to at least two films! (Click to enlarge -- see, I told you Aamir and Shah Rukh got along fine :)

Seriously, now. The U.S. release of the game was delayed, and a representative at Eros Entertainment was kind enough to call me after I ordered it the day it went on sale. It's not an easy game to get through, and requires more time than I can put into it to find the Dharmatma as efficiently as I would have when I was in middle/high school. But in the medium that mattered, he was found and taken care of, so I am in no rush :) For now, I am enjoying the wonderful depictions of the sets in the first ever 3D video game based on a Bollywood movie. The background score (A. R. Rahman) and voiceovers (Aamir Khan) alone make it well, well worth it all! If there's enough interest, I would consider a formal game review for it, but only after having gone through some serious dishoom dishoom, which I haven't gotten to yet.

Meanwhile, Ghajini continues to be immensely appreciated by the masses, and continues to break all sorts of records at the box office. Now, it's the first ever to go past Rs. 200 crore at the cinemas, and the biggest earner of all time in the domestic market, all within two weeks of its release!

And no matter how one looks at it, when a film runs to packed houses in its second and third weeks, following a humongous (best ever for any film) opening week, people are liking it.

Here's a thank you note from Aamir and a video of the latest success party, in which Aamir also has a few things to say of A. R. Rahman and the Golden Globe Awards. It's nice, I say, to have been on the A-Train since it left the station in 1988. To the right is a token of appreciation for getting this far in the post (picture source: IndiaFM). Have a great weekend, everyone!


Darshit said...

Wow... How cleverly you use words? Totally drooled over first two para.

The Game must be awesome (though i am not a gamer). I am waiting for DVD with loads of extra features.

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky, as you've got the game just after 1 month of the movie release. Do you know when it's releasing here in India? I would love to be Sanjay Singhania. Has it become your dream role?

It is interesting that the film has earnt over 200 crore. It has broken the record of DDLJ! In the other news, Sonu came at Indian Idol, it was a rocking episode!

Bhargav Saikia said...

It'll be damn cool to bash up Ghajini in the game! :D Is the game available on XBox and PS3?

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: If you're not a gamer, stay away from it unless you want to try something new for timepass. For those of us who liked the film, the sets, music and Aamir's narratives between the checkpoints are what make it really cool (and some cool comics!).

I can't wait to the DVD release. My #1 request to Aamir immediately following the film was that they release the background score as a separate album. He got enough requests for the background score of TZP which was released with the DVD, and this one (remember those lovely tunes of Behka and Guzarish?) would be fantastic if it made it. Fingers crossed.

Saurabh: I think it released in India before it released out here! After playing it, I want games for Baazi, Sarfarosh, and Mangal Pandey! LOL. What makes the 200 crore mark mind-boggling is that it happened in two weeks. So it's only going to extend the record, plus DVD sales to come which will factor in.

My local theater has extended its play by a week (to a total seven weeks, I think) which the owner says has never happened before for a Hindi film. :) I've got to look up Sonu at Indian Idol.

Bhargav: That it would! The game is only available on PC. My only big complaint is that the input must be through the keyboard and mouse, which means it doesn't recognize gamepads! I switched exclusively to PC gaming immediately after Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, in the U.s.) and it really bothers me that a game made in 2008 refuses to allow it.

It's like I've rolled back to 1993 and the first FIFA DOS-based game, LOL. In fairness, though, the keyboard and mouse sync in the flow of the game works well, almost to a point where it isn't an issue beyond the initial learning curve of the first hour or so.

Darshit said...

I was desparate for JTYJN background score. :-(
but it's not there. Can you send request to Aamir for that???

ajnabi said...

Wow, cool that you're enjoying the game--it sounds first-class. And love the statuette. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. First M.F. Hussain and Meenaxi, and now Ghajini the game. I find your brain fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Ghajini doing so well, but I'm wondering if you'll be churning out a music review and song translations for Delhi 6 soon. It's an awesome album, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

theBollywoodFan said...

Darshit: The JTYJN background score is great. I'm sure they've gotten a lot of requests for that as well. You too can write to Aamir at his blog!

Ajnabi: That statuette is really cool! :D The game is a decent overall first attempt at a 3D environment. Let's hope they treat such efforts more seriously in the future, because there's a lot of potential to be tapped. I wonder if we'll ever get to a point where a game convinces people to watch a movie. Happened to me with The Titanic (but anything with Kate Winslet I should have had no second thoughts on, any way)!

Anonymous: The brain is fascinating, isn't it? Thank God I have one to carry a glass half full approach, so I can assume your comment is a compliment!

Salek: Oh I'm enjoying the music to Delhi 6. Did you know a couple of its songs were composed for Ghajini, but disliked by Aamir (apparently) for lack of fit within the film? It's like 'Jai Ho', which won the Golden Globe Award, being originally written and composed for Yuvvraaj. Still, certainly doesn't take anything away from Delhi 6, which you've inspired me to discuss. Might be a while, but I'll get to it. It's been a crazy start to the year :(