Ghajini Promos 6 and 7, and Aamir's physique

Confirmation tonight of Ghajini's release on Christmas Eve, including here in Los Angeles (Culver Plaza Theaters and Naz 8)! Likely the final promo will be rolled out early next week, featuring Jiah Khan, who's been kept under the wraps for good reason.

Here's the sixth, the newer bits begin 17 seconds in. The seventh is at the bottom of this post:

As someone who spends only about seven hours a week at the gym, about half in the weight training room, I certainly appreciate all Aamir has gone through to achieve this look. Three hours a day of this is not at all easy, no matter how one looks at it. In typical Aamir fashion, he came out the other day saying if his look is what the audience remembers more than the film, the film is not good enough. Here's that video. I'm confident we'll see him walk the talk next week.

For now, enjoy this fun and telling video, basically the making of Aamir's Ghajini physique. It also features a glimpse of Director A. R. Murgadoss. If you want to watch it in full screen mode, visit this link. From the first few seconds alone, we can tell the background score by A. R. Rahman is going to rock!

For the record, he does not intend to maintain the physique, and has in fact been losing some of the mass for his next film 3 Idiots, in which his character requires a relatively leaner look.

Finally, here's a promo for Aamir's appearance on Oye! It's Friday hosted by the one and only Farhan Akhtar. Also present is the lovely Tanushree Dutta. From Farhan's blog post on the episode comes some candid (and true) discussion:

The term six pack has suddenly become a part of our vocabulary over the last year. Aamir’s Ghajini body is the latest example, but one must remember that he worked to achieve that body [only] for a look. While I think it is great to be fit and commendable to achieve such a level of fitness, it’s also a little tragic how today everyone is expected to have a perfectly sculpted body. But it’s not a natural form and real people don’t have six packs. Previously, potential actors were gauged on their dancing, acting and horse riding abilities. Added to the list they now say ‘good body bhi hai’. A good body has become a prerequisite for an aspiring actor. I am thinking of putting on weight for my next role just to prove a point.

Happy Friday! There's lots more to discuss through Ghajini's release.

Addendum 12/21/2008:
This promo was revealed at Oye! It's Friday:


Joss said...

Well, I thought he looked nicer before all that training! But hey, what dedication. I think I shall show this to my son, who is having to do physio after an operation on his knee last week. He pushes himself, like Aamirji does, but only for ten minutes three times per day. Not three hours! Aamir is in training for a global block-buster whereas my son is in training to go back to school, and also to just be able to sit down for three hours in a cinema to watch the global block-buster! Both things are equally important to the individuals concerned.

Saurabh said...

Yay! Promo of my favorite song. I watched his excercising on TV, he did a very hard work. And excercising for 2 years is not a joke, is it?

Ghajini will release just after four days, oh, can't wait!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Joss: You're a much better judge of whether he looks better before or after (although I agree with you), but I think his character is supposed to be less attractive and more rugged. So in the trailer, he's the normal Aamir, and in the action sequences, the bulky Aamir. Should be interesting to see it play out. It really comes down to dedication, as you say. Sure, it's for a big film and all, but all that effort, it can get real painful.

Wishing your son the very best with the recovery. Knee issues can be tricky and extremely painful. If anything, the video will serve as inspiration and only add to a can-do attitude! There's really no secret to it right? Just all about hard work and determination!

Saurabh: Certainly no joke. It's a great little documentary they put together, this one's making the Ghajini DVD! :)

Nida said...

Oh, my! Aamir never ceases to amaze me...I'm not really into the whole buff guy thing, but it seems like it'll be really effective in this role!

"Kill Him" etched in the wall, motivating his endurance? I get chills just thinking about it! Creepy, but in a good, thriller type of way!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Nida! He grows so much with each role. I think this time around, he was just bored and figured this would be an interesting experiment/challenge. This has pretty much guided his career since Rangeela and then 1947 Earth.

With you on the physique, overall. I like that he won't be holding on to the look for too long.

He's been one of the best at action films through his career (even through the 1990s), and the intangibles seem to be in place for a very good one (without social/political commentary, which was the subject of his action films this decade) in Ghajini. Let's hope it lives up! :)

theBollywoodFan said...

All: Just added updates on the release in cinemas in Los Angeles, and more importantly, notes from Farhan Akhtar's blog post on his show with Aamir.

ajnabi said...

I'm impressed with his dedication (and had to laugh about his frustration with himself on his blog when he saw the promos, LOL) but I wish his trainer wouldn't have focused so much on the pecs; they don't look, um, right. ;-) However, I am super stoked about the film. Have you visited the website? Love how it resets itself!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hey Ajnabi: That month in 2007 with TZP, during which his workout routine suffered, needed quite a bit of attention! The pecs are interesting, I wonder why many get it wrong -- Anil Kapoor's in Tashan (2008) were laughable (seriously, just wrong), and Priyanshu Chatterjee in Bhootnath (2008) were even worse, LOL. I'm really glad Aamir isn't retaining this look for the future, though.

The website -- -- is very good, yes. Those are fun resets! The background music stands out there as well. My only complaint is that Aamir's other recent films had more downloads :(

Shahid said...

Btw the movie is in trouble,the producers of the tamil version hav filed a case over the copyrights issue n madras high court has put a stay order on its release.!!

I just hope it releases tommorow.!!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Shahid: I've grown used to Aamir films being the target of above average scrutiny -- Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par, each has had its issues. When it's not political, it's legal. It's the intangible price one pays for being on top, because there's a tremendous amount of money involved :)

This one is going to be interesting. I hope it's sorted out early Wednesday (have a feeling it will), because it would certainly be a major loss to fans of cinema if they had to postpone it because negotiations (or money to shut them up, which is typically what the goal is for the defense) couldn't satisfy the needs. *Sigh*

Here's more background information.