Thank you Salman and Aamir!

At least they're trying. This is the first real indication of there being some progress for a sequel to Andaz Apna Apna (1994 -- reviewed here)! Yay! From this CNN-IBN piece:

CNN-IBN: Are you guys doing Andaz Apna Apna two ?

Salman Khan: Yes, we have spoken about it. The script has to be worked out in such a way that it has to be bigger and funnier than the previous one. Aamir is also keen about it and we are waiting for Rajkumar Santoshi to get back to us.

My next post will be the review of Yuvvraaj, which releases on Friday. Big weekend overall, with the expected music release of Ghajini as well (word is Aamir's sporting six hairstyles in one song!). Until then, have fun, everyone! And stay well. :o)


dunkdaft said...

Oh man, so much co-incidents are going on. This morning itself, i was watching that CNN IBN piece on News. And thought that i should send the link of video to you, cause you are keen on Sequel. There, were you watching the same????

Anonymous said...

At last, a sequel! Impossible has turned into possible now.

They'd not start work on it before 2010 (I think) so all have to wait a bit.:(

Anonymous said...

Hey, after getting inspired by your, amazing blog, i have renovated my blog. Please take a look at that and tell me hows that??

Filmi Girl said...

Bad luck on the translations! I'm always afraid somebody is going to take things from my blog. Some people have no respect for intellectual property...

On a happier note, did you hear about the CNN-Aamir Khan chat in December?

I already submitted my question!

PS LOVE the screencap! When are Sallu and Aamir going to make that film?!

ajnabi said...

Ooh, can't wait for the reviews! And I need to see AAA before the sequel comes out. ;-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi all, and thank you for your comments!

Darshit: I try to stay updated of goings on in the des, and IBN is one of the stops. I should watch their video streams some more; they're not always up at Maha-coincidence, though! :)

And thanks for your kind words. I'll stop by shortly, look forward to checking out the new features.

Saurabh: There's been so much said about this sequel for so long, it's good to finally hear something from one of the actors. I hope they can still get Raveena and Karisma. The four make it so completely ridiculous, it's too much fun. I agree about 2010; just going by Aamir's tendencies, I'd be shocked if he did back to back comedies (3 Idiots should be fun!).

Filmi Girl: You say it well. There's a risk inherent in blogging publicly, and it's a risk we're all willing to take. I couldn't have hoped for a better and more peaceful resolution, though.

Thanks for the link to the Aamir chat! I did not know. I'll rush to get my question in. :) And ditto to that screencap, eh?! It's my favorite comedy of all time, although I'm positive I still don't get all the references it contains.

Ajnabi: Now here's an Aamir film that is easily accessible on DVD!!! LOL. Sorry for your TZP wait; Aamir's disappeared again (for a bit at least, it seems), and I'm sure it has to do with Ghajini now.

You have some time to see AAA, but I'd watch it soon; I think you're already un-ajnabi enough (if I may use the term!) to appreciate the masala elements and all the fun that is poked at other popular films. Have you seen Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989) or Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak (1988) yet? They might be good starting points before you get to AAA, so you can see how Aamir and Salman evolved over those five or so years since their debuts (in lead roles). :)


Ramesh Srivats said...

Salman Khan for PM. Bollywood to form next government. Read on at

Nicki said...

OMG, I'm so excited!!!!! Thanks so much for the info.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Ramesh, and welcome. Thank you for your visit and comment. Do stop by again. That's a hilarious [PG-13] piece! But wait, no Aamir?!

I'd be all for Salman in politics. Our actors probably understand our people better than most politicians. But I'm not sure I'd vote for Salman (if I could) for PM (Manmohan Singh-ji is all right!). LOL :) Perhaps he'd be a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations? Salman's antics (and tendencies to be misunderstood) will fit right in, in the organization that is out to save the world with a budget smaller than that of the city of New York! :P

Hi Nicki: Fingers crossed!