Please don't steal my content...and Bollywood's

A good netizen (internet citizen) and regular visitor to this blog was kind in contacting me today to let me know that a certain website has plagiarized and presented as their own my translations to some Yuvvraaj songs (I haven't bothered to check what else they copied; links to all my translations are available here). On their site, they've included my translations of three (and only the three I selected from the soundtrack!) songs, word for word, with a few deliberate spelling 'adjustments' (their effort involved typing from my images containing translations).

Now, I'd never even heard the site in question, and what bothered me most about it was that they're generating revenue through advertising. As genuinely angry as I was to see my translations on their site, complete with their rather hypocritical 'Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy' (I write some of these in my profession -- technology regulation), what did comfort me some what (in a very shallow way) was that these folks are illegally making available MP3 files of entire Bollywood soundtracks. I guess I do have something in common with them filmmakers and musicians! ;)

Question (you know who you are): Why do you steal?

Reminder to visitors: Please know that I do not blog on Bollywood anywhere but here. The disclaimer I've had since the inception of this blog (see bottom-right of the sidebar) holds and will hold true -- I have not and will not blog for money, which means at the very base level, no advertisements, EVER!

Normal programming (err...blogging) will resume almost immediately. I do apologize for the negativity of this post, and thank you for your tolerance of it, which probably is, by every definition, a rant. :) These translations take a decent amount of time, and the last thing I intend when I put thought into them is for anyone (including myself) to use them for commercial purposes.



Anonymous said...

Plagiarism can't be stopped. A post is copied by many others. It is a disadvantage of blogging.

But why don't you add, "Don't copy anything from here," or something like that in the blog's Disclaimer. I have done it on mine, it may control plagiarism.

Joss said...

You have my support on this matter. Your translations are really excellent, and are much more helpful than others I have come across. A translation is a creative act, but all too often it is treated as if it is in some way automatically generated.

Please carry on providing this service for the rest of us. We appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

You have every right to feel angry about it. You might try contacting them to ask them to take the translations down although it probably won't work---you could also contact the music publishers whose soundtracks are on there and let them take care of the site :-)

bollyviewer said...

That sucks! But just consider - you are now expert and interesting enough to be copied. :-) Seriously though, is there something that can be done apart from angry emails/comments to the site?

ajnabi said...

I'd be doing more than a restrained rant if I were in your place, no need to apologize. That's awful! I'm sorry it happened. :-(

ajnabi said...

P.S. Have you heard of Copyscape?

Darshit said...

This is a very shameful attempt :(

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi all, and first of all, thank you for your comments, suggestions, and support.

Saurabh: I tend to agree with you. It's the classic chor-police case. Just as crime won't ever stop completely, as malicious computer viruses will continue to be spread over the internet, so will plagiarism. See note to Ajnabi below for disclaimer content.

Joss: Thank you for your kind words. One can get fairly involved in the translations, especially because there isn't one correct way to convey the implied sense. It's a fun and learning experience, one I thoroughly enjoy. What makes it worthwhile is, as you say, the benefit to fans of music/film. That benefit will always outweigh the risk of intellectual property theft!

Memsaab: Thanks for your suggestion. I'd e-mailed them before I wrote this, and they were nice enough (relatively speaking) to remove them. There are too many sites to take care of (which would've been the other route), it's a shame it's almost somewhat acceptable among our Bollywood (and in some cases, even Hollywood) fan base.

Bollyviewer: I know, right?! :) There is a lot that can be done, and fairly easily. The reason I started the blog was to free myself of work-related stress (seriously). I see enough related to copyright infringement in consumer and mostly (believe it or not) enterprise technology (think patent trolls) at work, and I figure this fight might be best left to Bollywood (I'd rather focus my energies on feeding hungry children!).

The sites in question seems to be pretty well optimized in search engines, and it's not like our film distributors and record labels cannot find them. Instead of focusing on combating the piracy they foster, our film industry seems to worry more of you and I embedding videos from YouTube. Oh well. Of course, I could be saying this because this particular case was resolved, so I'll try to forget it ever happened.

It's not the first time this happened, though. There was one (much bigger) incident around the time of the Jaane Tu release. Come to think of it, I'm always discovered around the time of Aamir's releases, LOL!

Ajnabi: Thanks for the Copyscape note. I probably should incorporate that, huh? I guess I'm so caught in the technology and regulation bubble because of what I do for a living, I almost take for granted that no explicit statement warning visitors is required (in which case, copyrights are owned by the publisher). Probably doesn't apply in our case, so Copyscape sounds like a good, formal way to make it stand out.

Darshit: Thanks for your comment, dude. I missed you when we were online. I'll e-mail you soon.

All: Again, thanks! I'm just glad the issue was resolved, so we can focus on the BIG Bollywood weekend upcoming! I'm so ready... :)


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

That is so horrible!
I enjoy reading ur blog and sharing info w/ u- it makes me really angry to know this happened to u- I wish there was some way to stop it :S

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Shweta: Thanks, and no worries. We can only do so much, and I, like you, wish there was some way to stop it. Chalta rahega, I think we can follow our celebs and dismiss incidents such as this as 'distractions' :)