Ghajini (2008) lyrics and translation: Latoo

Our journey through the Ghajini soundtrack by A. R. Rahman continues with song five of six from the album to the Aamir Khan starrer which releases this Christmas (all posts on the film here), Latoo (pronounced 'lut too'). A common meaning for the word is 'top' (one that spins), although in the song, it means 'a dazed state'. The analogy is interesting, because as was the case in the song Behka, the lyrics here contain very direct references to water and earth, and subtle ones to wind and light. This is likely over analyzing, but because tops have always been of great interest to physicists for their very direct relationship with forces of nature, perhaps therein lies a hidden thread that will be revealed in the film? Who knows? :)

At the surface, Latoo is simple, especially given the lyrics in the first half. Things get very interesting in the second half, though (from 'Masti mein ti' onward). I initially thought these phrases employed dangling syllables (defined at #1 in this post). But there is more to them here, I think. Some letters of the Urdu and Hindi alphabet do carry meanings, and trying to piece them in context here was really quite fascinating (it's like a mental word search in some ways). So I think there are meanings behind these phrases, and have incorporated my interpretations in the translation.

Again, it's not that the interpretation alters sense -- it just derives some from what might be perceived as not having much sense. I hardly think it's a coincidence.

On to the song, which begins in remarkable fashion with the infamous words of Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind," followed by, "Houston...the Eagle has landed." What follows is a song that is unlike anything we've heard from Shreya Ghosal. She has several dance tracks to her credit, but none in which she could take away part of the limelight from counterpart Sunidhi Chauhan for owning the genre. Here, she challenges that history. She is in excellent form, and delivers effortlessly. The choreography should be very interesting, and the trailer (assuming we get one featuring the song) worth looking forward to -- any guesses on whether it will involve Asin Thottumkal or Jiah Khan?

I'm also really looking forward to tomorrow's pick, which is one of the more challenging and fun to translate. For now, here are the lyrics and my translation to Latoo (click to enlarge). This link has some interesting pictures of Aamir's journey to attain his Ghajini look.

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ajnabi said...

Thanks for the translation! I saw today on Nehaflix that they're offering a free copy of the soundtrack with a $30 purchase, so I immediately started adding up my promised purchases of Jab We Met for various friends' Christmas presents. LOL I love Shreya Ghosal--she's my favorite female playback singer. :-D

Gulabo said...

One word: Awesome!

I cannot wait to see this song on the big screen. This song sounds a lot like something Asin would be dancing too as it relates to the fun, perky character she's playing in Ghajini. Plus DNAIndia got an exclusive pictures of her shooting a song, but did not tell us what song she was shooting for as Mr. Exclusive himself was keeping it all on the down low:

BTW, Shreya rocked in this song!

Anonymous said...

I always like your translations as you're simply the best. I think you've reached the third song out of the six. What is your next goal/song?

Anonymous said...

Adab and thanks for the translation. I love Shreya Ghosal!
All the best!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi all, and thank you for your comments! You're very welcome, and I hope you're enjoying the songs as much as I am.

Ajnabi: Thanks for the Nehaflix update -- I see they have Rang De Basanti in stock, and it'll be the fourth copy I'm purchasing for myself, because friends and family who borrow it seem to want to hold on to it :) [Hint, hint]. Jab We Met should make for great holiday presents! And Shreya's fantastic in this soundtrack!

Gulabo: Thanks for that link! Asin's looking stunning, but we knew that. Mr. Exclusive has managed to keep Jiah's role and look quiet.

My guess would be the song being shot is 'Aye Bachchu', in which case Latoo might just be filmed with Jiah! It's a win-win proposition, if you ask me :)

Saurabh: Thank you man! Three of six overall is right. I'm not sure which the next will be, I guess the tune I wake up to?!


theBollywoodFan said...

Adab Sita-ji! Thank you for your comment. Me too on Shreya -- I remember how we all loved her when she debuted with Devdas (2002). I really like that the versatility argument was laid to rest with this song. :)


Darshit said...

Shreya, is unbelievable in this song. After breaking the mould in 'Jab we met' she had broken every barrier in here. Now no one can dare to doubt, before giving her any song. She's so versatile, she can do best.

'Masti me ti woh hai' 'jeene me jee woh hai'
Quite interesting lyrics. Prasoon seems to be in 'Gulzar' mood. And more interesting is your translation to that. Awesome man.

Me, too agree. This would be Jiah's song. Sound of music says that. Even I think, Aye bachchu would be including both actresses. Let's see.

Darshit said...

Lyrics reminds me Jaane Tu Ya Jane na.

How? Remember Aditi saying 'Fattooo...tu...'
and so on.

Darshit said...

and hey, change layout of your AddThis toolbar. when we hover cursor to put comments, Addthis gets dropdown and annoy us.

Anonymous said...

U don't know how much I love ur blog..
'coz it has every-aamir-exclusive things..
I'm also excited about Ghajini more for the love story not the action.. I TOTALLY LOVED ALL Ghajini album esp Kaise Mujhe, Behka and Guzaarish of course.. I think Bachchu will be 4 Jiah 'coz it sounds more like Jiah-thing and Latoo sounds more innocent so it's 4 Asin .. MY GUESS

Thanks for the translation 4 Behka, Guzarish and Latoo..

Love u.. Keep it up

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Darshit, and thank you for your comment! Agreed on Shreya, absolutely. That's an interesting take on Aye Bachchu, it's tricky. At first, I thought it would be for Jiah, but the pictures at the link Gulabo shared above suggest something else. We'll see. That's true, the song would work in Jaane Tu too!

I added the AddThis button before Blogger switched to the new layouts feature, and will be trying to remove it altogether. Thanks for the feedback; I agree, just need to spend some time looking into it :)

Hi Anonymous: Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments.

I would be surprised if Ghajini had more of a love story than Fanaa (2006). In other words, it'll likely be a blend, but with more action, perhaps, almost like Ghulam (1998) (?). But who knows, it might be fairly balanced, knowing the surprises Aamir likes to throw our way. Fingers crossed for a good one.

The songs are really good. See note to Darshit above regarding 'Latoo' and 'Aye Bachchu' -- it's interesting how the character traits lead to one and pictures from sets to the other...I wonder if the movie will be like that.

It's always great to hear from fellow Aamir fans! I probably wouldn't blog if not for his contributions to cinema :)


Anonymous said...

I would never have even thought of those extra words, e.g. pani mein pa etc. to have any meaning. You made me think :) It's very interesting.

Emily said...

Nice translation.
I can't wait for your translation for "Aye Bachchu". :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Anonymous: It's an interesting thought, yes. As noted above, I'm not certain it was all intended, but at the very least, there's the analogy of love to phonetic symphony, which is fun. Thank you for your comment!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Emily: Thank you for your comment! Just added notes on and translation of Aye Bachchu at this link. It's a fun song, hope you enjoy it!


Saawariya said...

You are, by far, my favorite translator! I know a limited number of words in Urdu and Hindu, basically whatever is used in most Bollywood movies I know...but songs are more difficult. But from what I do understand, I think you do an exceptional job in capturing the essence of the songs, especially this one. Thank you for your translation!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Saawariya, and thank you! I'm glad you find these of some use. I try, and the feedback is always encouraging :)


Ginz said...

after the Neil Armstrong quote i heard "JAI HIND" cn ny1 tell me m i right? If yes, y saying dis in dis type of song i could',t catch cuz dis is d dance track i know raheman hs gr8 countryship 4 India his VANDEMATRAM hs samashed hit n also going on till now.Please tell ans ny1 wats d reason behind 2 put "JAI HIND" in lyrics. A grand, huge, gigantic thanks in advance...... Good Day.....