Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to you all! Many wishes your way this new year, and a prayer for peace and prosperity for all who mean well. Enjoy this beautiful related song from one of the most underrated soundtracks of 2005, that to Home Delivery. The film starred Ayesha Takia, Mahima Chaudhari, Vivek Oberoi, and Boman Irani, with lyrics by Vishal Dadlani, music by Vishal-Shekhar (my favorite), and singers (in this song) led by Sunidhi Chauhan.


Kanan said...

Happy Diwali to you too!

What a cute song.. didn't even know it existed. And I've one more song to add to my piano songs. :D Thank you for sharing.

Darshit said...

Hell, how do u know my choice?
U know wht? Since home delivry got released i hear this song on every diwali. Even i made ringtone of that .and put on my mobile site. http://darshit.peperonity.com.
Though the link is dead now.
But tht proves my affection to it.
This is perhaps the ONLY song abt diwali in recent movies.

Joss said...

shubh deepawali ki kamnayen!

Thanks for the clip. I used to run a school choir, so this could have been me ... except the song I was planning on doing with them would have been Bum Bum Bole. Oh, and the kids would have been rather less angelic. :) But sadly my health let me down. shayad agle sal?

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi all, and thank you for your comments!

Kanan: It's a great song. I remember not feeling too strongly either way about the film when I saw it. Oberoi's character -- Gyaan Guru -- quite closely mirrors the character in my avatar :) The music is great, though, no questions about it. Especially Sunidhi Chauhan here, and in 'Khushboo Churaati', which is another good piano song. I'll be over to check your list soon!

Darshit: Same here! I almost want to agree with you on there not being more memorable Diwali songs in recent memory. Taare Zameen Par had a memorable scene with Diwali and fireworks, but no song there.

Joss: Thank you, and agle saal sounds like a plan! Be sure to capture it for the rest of us! The kids in Bum Bum Bole were rather less angelic indeed, LOL (more to do with the classroom setting, of course). The only one I've participated in as an adult was to 'Yeh Taara Woh Taara' from Swades. Mighty good song too. Best wishes always.


darshit said...

U talkd abt another song khushbu churati.

To me the best one was 'chand ki roshni se, hawa ki narmi se saji'
also only small portion was picturisd in movie.
But beautifully, on Ayesha takia. Wow !!

Pitu said...

Happy Diwali Tbf! My wish for you is that you meet Aamir this year :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Darshit: That's a great song. K K did it justice, but the film could've done a whole lot more, as you say. Ayesha Takia and 'wow' are good next to each other, here's to some good roles for her!

Hi Pitu: Thank you! I almost want to quote my favorite Arjan dialogue from you-know-which-film (LOL), but instead, I'll say this:

Aas ka jo hai diya,
Paas hi toh woh jal raha!

That's deep, na? Perfect tie-in to the Diwali theme too! Actually, it's meant for dearest Tabu ;) As for meeting with Aamir, I don't know how that's going to happen, unless I choose to go to Bombay, in which case it shouldn't be that difficult. Tab tak theherna padega. :)


Joss said...

Hey, you have sung in Yeh Taara? How come? Not on the movie set, surely? I love that song.

I also thought of teaching that little dance to a class of eight-year-olds. But my health got in the way. When I finally manage to do these things they will surely be captured on camera. I'd be really proud to get these gore bachche singing Hindi! I'm a gori aurat too, but only on the outside.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Joss: It was for a Diwali show some of us in college had organized to raise funds for child relief efforts. It's a great song, and the dance is surprisingly not that difficult (although I couldn't do it now, LOL).

I'd be really proud to get these gore bachche singing Hindi! I'm a gori aurat too, but only on the outside.

That'd be nice! Although gori or non-gori doesn't really make a difference :) All that counts is the intent, and you certainly have the best of that! Good luck with everything.

Best wishes always!