Boo! Halloween costumes from Bollywood?

It's Halloween, and I figured it might be a good time to note three interesting costumes which might work well as banners of Hindi film that spark curiosity in a non-desi crowd, and those none would hesitate to wear for fear of an image problem (hence, none from antagonists; I know, that spoils half the fun, but there are some pretty good ones that good guys have worn). So here are some memorable looks, the only other filters being that they are: 1) of men; 2) from this decade; 3) feature unique wardrobe that would more than likely not be found in mainstream urban society; and 4) aren't from horror films (because I stay away from the genre).

3. Amitabh Bachchan in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007)
This one's actually more classy than most give it credit for. It is scary, not because of Amitabh but because of the film he was in!

2. Hrithik Roshan in Krrish (2006), or a Filmfare Award
Krrish is Bollywood's very own superhero, and the list would be incomplete without him. And a Filmfare Award because in 2006, when Hrithik Roshan collected the Best Actor Filmfare Award for Dhoom 2, he said, "I wish I'd won for dad's production." Scary.

1. Let's agree this spot deserves to go to someone who can defeat Spider-Man, who, as I learn every Halloween, is still very popular in the party circuit (he's always going to be). It has long been known that the way to defeat this superhero is to get him to where there aren't any tall buildings or light poles (and few strong trees). That would take away his swing, and render him mostly powerless. Agreed?

Okay, well, then let's try putting him in Champaner of 1893, folks. Bhuvan (from Lagaan) would win without a cricket bat! :P

Which are your favorites from this decade? Who would dress as if you went to a Bollywood-themed Halloween party?

PS: Did you really think #1 was going to be someone else? ;) Oh, and in case you haven't yet seen this Tata Sky ad (which is scary in its own right) featuring Aamir the henpecked husband and Gul Panag, here it is =) I was pleasantly surprised to see it on CNBC World a couple of nights ago.

You're setting a tough (but constructive) benchmark in the first three quarters of the ad, Aamir. This could well be the poor married Akash from Dil Chahta Hai (2001), na? Preparing breakfast, washing the dishes, buying the groceries, all to watch a cricket match?! You might recall the first in the series was rather shocking with this.

Happy Halloween, everyone! November's almost here, we'll be discussing the new releases soon.


ajnabi said...

That commercial's super-cute but I don't think he's portrayed as henpecked! :-D I'll have to go check out the first one.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Ajnabi: It's a cute commercial, indeed. Those first few bits, bhaago (run)! ;)

Nicki said...

Hahaha! Fun post!! Gosh, it's Halloween already! Happy Halloween!

bollyviewer said...

Let me get this straight - are you saying that Bhuvan was really Spider Man in a village in 1893? lol I'd go with the AB and Hrithik costumes though, dont think Bhuvan's is dark/scary enough.

And I am with ajnabi on the commercial. Its cute but he is so far from henpecked - wrong publicity TBF!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Nicki: Happy Halloween! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Bollyviewer: LOL, that's a great thought! I meant if we somehow transported Spider-Man to Champaner of 1893, I'd like Bhuvan's chances to beat him in a fight. The mere thought is scary :P

I agree with your costume choices. But Bhuvan's attire would draw some attention too (not all of the costumes need to be dark/scary). Of course, the real reason I'd dress as Bhuvan would be to hand out a few DVDs of Lagaan and attract them to Bollywood :P

As for the henpecked husband...the first half of that commercial (when the purpose isn't revealed) could imply that. He's doing it all, and although we haven't seen Gul yell at him or give instructions, we haven't been given any reason to believe that never happened either (except that Aamir wouldn't be smiling, albeit cautiously, if that were the case, but then I'm getting too meticulous :P).

I also really like the part where he yells out to her at the beginning...hilarious!

For the record, I'd totally prepare breakfast and wash dishes half the time of sheer love for my wife (nothing wrong with that, hence the word 'constructive' in the post!). Although that's probably why I'm still single, and will be for a while, ROTFL ;)


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I'd go dressed as Helen- but its hard to decide which of her brilliant outfits to copy!

Darshit said...

Fun post.
India doesnt have halloween. But it should be fun really.
Though Bhuvan is a bad choice.
My choices are here.
Dumb/fat Akshay in Janneman.
Amitabh in RGV ki Aag and Bhootnath.
Hairy scary Himesh in karzzz.
Urmila in RGV ki Aag.
Vidya Balan in horible dresses in Hey Baby.

One correction i would like to point out is, Hrithik had not won BEST ACTOR but won Best actor in negative role.
Best Actor was undoubtadly AK. For RDB.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Shweta: Any Helen look will work wonders, great direction!

Hi Darshit: I like all your choices. I just got Bhootnath, looking forward to checking it out for Amitabh and Juhi! (Have you seen it?) Himesh in anything would be scary, even a cap will suffice for a costume! And my choice of Bhuvan, of course, is very biased! ;)

Hrithik did indeed win the Best Actor Award that year. Aamir got the Critic's Choice Best Actor Award. Doesn't mean much to him any way, so shouldn't mean much to his fans :)


Joss said...

Guys, someone should go as Ashoka! Wasn't there a scene where he was in his bath, all covered in mud, or something, with a mad mad look on his face? Now that was scary, but would have been even more so if he'd stood up.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Joss: Good one! He looked very angry in that scene, it's hard to forget. That would scare some people, true...and LOL at that last sentence ;)