This ain't Bollywood

Not sure whether to laugh or cry (and shed tears either way) at this. Some of the dialogue would fit in perfectly in a scene with evil leaders. And she gets the treatment from her own too, before we point fingers. It's laughable leadership all-round. Some of it's been known for decades. What's ironic is that our current administration here in the U.S. lobbied to have charges of corruption against him dropped. Right. In other news, India has sadly climbed ahead in the Transparency International most corrupt nations list this year: "Indians living below the poverty line paid Rs 9,000 million (that's almost USD 200 million) as bribes in 2007 to avail need-based services". Guess it could've been worse.

Good old corruption and greed at work, applicable universally. It's all for the wealth and power after all. Their allures are the subject of my next movie review.

Until then.


Nitin said...

After benazir, he needs someone and has started the process :). On a serious note - not sure replacing musharraf with zardari is a good omen. He is no statesman and I think would lack the depth to fix the issues between India and pakistan.

- nitin at

ajnabi said...

O God, I totally agree, it's absolutely ridiculous. She handled it well, I thought, but if it'd been me I'd have been tempted to create an international incident. ARG.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Nitin: It sure seems like it. Larry King played the video on his show earlier tonight, and had comedian Chris Rock comment on it, which was quite entertaining :) The incident has become quite the laughing stock, and rightfully so. One expects much more class at their levels, and this was just a major violation of any foundational ethical principles, forget that it's in politics and international relations. I do agree that Musharraf was much better equipped, personally and professionally, to be an effective and exemplary leader for his people and for the region, which many would argue he was.

Ajnabi: While I'm surprised she hasn't made this an international incident, it's all very calculated. *She* wanted to meet with him, as she tries to build her case on foreign relations expertise ahead of the vice presidential debate. She got her first passport (yes, first EVER) last year, and claimed in an interview today that Russia is right across from Alaska! To me at least, it's a scary proposition, no matter how I look at it.

Of course, nothing can ever justify the treatment she got from this other leader and his contingency (including women), and the treatment she gets from her own party which has handcuffed her since her inclusion on the GOP ticket.

All: I got a few distasteful responses to this post, and am shutting down comments here. To those whose comments were rejected, please note that it's perfectly acceptable (in fact, encouraged) to disagree with me, and to question the authenticity of the people discussed, but please please let's do so in a respectful manner, which means that choice of words is important. We can be harsh (heck, I doubt I spared any criticism in the post), but not derogatory.