Taare Zameen Par post and link listing

Here is a listing of all my posts (most recent first) on Taare Zameen Par. External links will be added to the bottom. It has been a fun ride, and I hope it continues to be so. For the next few months, this post will be accessible by clicking the movie icon in the sidebar. I'll be updating it with links to other posts and external links.

Just realized that in my initial review post, I had wished for the film to have a chance to represent India at the Oscars. Foresight or fandom?! Your guess ;)

Post listing:

10/13/2008: Taare Zameen Par DVD review (T-Series release)

09/23/2008: Video: Aamir on Taare Zameen Par's entry to Oscars

09/20/2008: And India's entry to the Oscars is...

09/04/2008: Taare Zameen Par on Time Warner Cable

07/21/2008: Taare Zameen Par DVD release (includes videos)

05/03/2008: Aamir Khan interview and notes on TZP DVD release

04/23/2008: Taare Zameen Par at the Indian Film Festival of L.A.

02/24/2008: Taare Zameen Par wins Filmfare Award for Best Film

01/07/2008: Video: Kyun Tera Bheja Kum?

12/30/2007: Making of Taare Zameen Par

12/28/2007: Still basking in the brilliance of Taare Zameen Par

12/27/2007: Thoughts: Why Taare Zameen Par towers above the rest

12/06/2007: Javed Akhtar on music to Taare Zameen Par

12/02/2007: Aamir Khan on Black (2005)

11/27/2007: Music Review: Taare Zameen Par

11/27/2007: Taare Zameen Par trailers for your iPod and iPhone

11/19/2007: New Taare Zameen Par pictures

11/10/2007: Video: Music launch and Shammi Kapoor

11/06/2007: Lyrics and translation: Taare Zameen Par title song

10/30/2007: Countdown to soundtrack release:
4 days | 3 days | 2 days | 1 day

10/11/2007: Taare Zameen Par official website up and running

10/07/2007: First look: Taare Zameen Par artwork

09/22/2007: Aamir Khan and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy on the soundtrack

06/16/2007: Aamir's next, Taare Zameen Par, scheduled for the winter holidays

External Links:

09/24/2008: TZP Bulletin #1 at Shweta's blog Apni East India Company

09/23/2008: Amole Gupte on Taare Zameen Par's entry


Anonymous said...

You're a nut, Bolly Fan, You've obviously awaited (I mean, who counts down to a soundtrack release?) the film from the early days, and it's fans like you who should deserve to feel proud for what the film and the actor (i.e. Aamir) have done with TZP, Oscar or no Oscar. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I heard the news, and knew you would have written something about it. I was right! :P And Ranjit is right too. Kabhi phone to kar.

theBollywoodFan said...

Ranjit and Preeti: You are too kind :) I was playing around with my blog header last night -- hope you like it!

TZP '09

Anonymous said...

Hey has the Disney DVD been released yet?

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. The Disney DVD has not released yet. I'll update this post when it does. Stay tuned :)

TZP '09

Anonymous said...

i just finished watching this movie for the second time and again i find myself wiping my tears the same time that i am giggling. thats the kind of reaction this movie brings about; i think Aamir Khan has delivered the ultimate movie experience and done it with such subtlety that you are never bored from it. he has avoided the ever common pitfalls of bollywood movies of overplaying one emotion and ultimately taking away from the experience. add to that is the beautiful cinematography and the music which perfectly complements the scenes. i won't mention the incredible child acting talents that the movie is overflowing with as that is a given. certainly one of my most favourite bollywood experiences!