Taare Zameen Par on Time Warner Cable

Aamir Khan calls Taare Zameen Par (2007) 'one of the biggest successes of his life'. Realized this past weekend the movie is available on Time Warner Cable On-Demand for $3.99 (see International -> Movies). If you haven't yet seen it and subscribe to the service, here's your chance! I'm confident your reaction will be similar to that of Nikumbh Sir:

So I wanted to make going through the Taare Zameen Par DVD set an 'event', and that's what I did this past weekend. It's everything it promised to be, and a whole lot more! Hope to have notes on it this weekend.

In the mean time, here's something interesting: Did you know Lalitha Lajmi, Guru Dutt's sister, made her acting debut in it? In the director's commentary, Aamir has notes on his interactions with her. Combine this with notes in the second paragraph of my review of Pyaasa (1957), and the significance of the value of those interactions is evident. Here she is (middle):

Lalitha-ji's daughter Kalpana Lajmi is a film director. Here are some she has worked with: Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Tabu, Kirron Kher, Raveen Tandon, and Sushmita Sen. I just happen to like these actors and some of their works a lot (are you kidding, Tabu and Raveena!), so I'll aim to check them out. If you have any recommendations (a listing of her works is available at this IMDB page), please let me know!


Pitu said...

Among Kalpana Lajmi's films I have seen Rudaali, Darmiyaan and Daman. Rudaali is phenomenal- Dimple is very good and the songs are also great.The story talked about professional mourners whom I hadn't even heard of before I saw the movie. 'Dil hoon hoon kare' and 'Samay o dheere chalo' are beautiful songs. And it has one of my most favorite songs of all time- Jhoothi Moothi Mitwa. Since you appreciate poetry, you'll love this song- it depicts Radha calling Krishna a liar because he said it will rain-

Jhoothi moothi mitwa awan bole
Bhado bole, sakhi, sawan bole :-)

Rog ye kaisa laga mohe
Aarse (mirror) uthaoo dekhu tohe
Man darpan ??? na pade
Bawali bole mohe pagli kahe
Kaari tori ankhiyan yaad karu
Aarse mein bar bar kajal haru (:-)
Man darpan tohe pihu bole
Jhoothi moothi mitwa awan bole
Bhado bole, sakhi, sawan bole

Darmiyaan was incredible but also very depressing. Ashutosh Rana did a magnificent job as a hermaphrodite child whose mother is torn between love and loathing for him. 'Duniya parayee log yaha begane' is a song that will break your heart- kya lyrics hain yaar!

Daman is the least effective movie but Raveena has done a decent job. The movie wasn't very cohesive. But it takes a look at a difficult subject- marital rape and torture. The very gently depicted Raveena-Sanjay Suri (who plays her devar) track is sweet. Music is below avg. Watch out for Raima Sen playing Rav's daughter!

theBollywoodFan said...

Salaam Pitu, and thank you! Jhoothi Moothi Mitwa sounds fantastic yaar! Thanks also for the alert on Darmiyaan. So Rudaali for sure, and maybe Daman in my bias for Raveena (and Raima!) :)

Look forward to checking them out! Shall keep you posted.