Unforgettable Week: Amitabh and Jaya, and fruit juice and a song

My light bulb moment for the realization of the level of penetration Amitabh Bachchan had achieved in Indian vocabulary and culture (or at least the culture of Bombay) came when I was nine. Out shopping with my mom in Bandra, when we stopped by a fruit juice place and placed our order for one large and one small drink. I don't recall the name of the store, but remember the experience (despite the fruit juices were not as good as those from the Haji Ali Juice Center noted in point 5 of this post). That is because I distinctly remember the person behind the counter saying to her colleague: 'Ek amitabh, ek jaya dena' (give them one amitabh, and one jaya). I wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean, but mom helped clear my confusion.

Why, Amitabh and Jaya were terms for the serving sizes (a play on their difference in height)! How creative, na? Innovative would be a more appropriate word. And we thought Starbucks with their tall and grande sizes (staying away from small for negative connotations of the term) were b-school case study material?! :o)

Of course I appreciated how pervasive Amitabh's personality is, ever since. Cheers to fruit juice! Speaking of Amitabh and Jaya, Tere Mere Milan Ki was an excellent song from an excellent film -- Abhimaan (1973) -- starring the couple. With music by S. D. Burman, lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and vocals by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. Enjoy it at this link.

PS: Amit-ji has this interesting blog post after the first show of the Tour last night. Although there's the usual jab at the media. Perhaps if he stopped his assault, they would reciprocate? And perhaps if Abhi-Ash were (or at least appeared to be) less full of themselves or gave us better films (or more to Kajra Re to), we would all root for them? In other news, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar have concurrent releases this Diwali. Should be fun.


Filmi Girl said...

I meant to comment on this earlier. I agree about your final points on Amit-ji and Aish and Abhi.

I have a nice big shopping bag with the poster from Devdas printed on both sides and this weekend, when I was out shopping, the Indian cashier who rang me out asked if I was a Bollywood fan (YES!) and she went on to say how much she really didn't like Aishwarya and Abhi and how she thought Aishwarya made Indian women look stupid.

While, I don't agree with that point, I do think that the Bachchan clan has yet to work out how to deal with Western press and media with a more ironic tone - something like David Letterman. This disconnect makes their self-importance seem much worse.

theBollywoodFan said...

Couldn't agree more, Filmi Girl. If you read some of the comments here during coverage of the Dostana filming in Miami earlier in the year (especially ones I had to reject for language), this is evident not only in their interactions with the media, but with the fans as well.

Thumbs up for carrying a bag with a Devdas poster. And two thumbs up for doing your part (I assume, almost certainly correctly) to not use too many plastic bags! =)


Anonymous said...

Adab Nawab!

Well thanks for commenting on my post on Abhimaan, and I do recall this post of yours, which now after seeing the film is even more interesting. Let me link you into my post and here's mine, dost:


All the film's songs were great as is the one you included here.

All the best!