My response to Kahin To Hogi from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Your thoughts? Would your advice to Jai and Aditi be similar?

Genelia D'Souza and Imran Khan have exciting entries in this latest post at Aamir Khan's blog.

The Jaane Tu soundtrack sounds and feels even better after the movie, and my favorite song remains Kahin To Hogi (lyrics and my translation in this post). The music is excellent, the lyrics are beautiful, the vocals by Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das are captivating, and equally importantly, the placement of the song in the film is outstanding. Now that new regulation in California mandates hands-free cell phone use while driving (as noted in this post), at least I won't look as ridiculous speaking to myself (singing, really) in the car without a phone to my ear :)

Wanted to share an interesting and fun experience from during lunch today. Listening to Kahin To Hogi while reading the Journal, and came up with a response to the song in the form of a poem I titled Woh Duniya Hai. Wrote it from the perspective of the audience, urging Jai and/or Aditi to realize their friendship was indeed a product of love. This sheet of paper was my word palette. Changed very little while transcribing.

Wrote specifically for the moment in the film in which the song appears, and I hope that quality is intelligible. Strongly encourage you to revisit the original, for bits are answers to questions posed in it.

The translation is written as if this were being said to Jai, as I can relate to the character in some ways (convinced it has to do with the way my mom brought me up, for better or for worse).

Playing around with words was fun! See if you can find the following in the poem/song:

  1. Refererences to each song from the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na soundtrack (some more explicit than others).
  2. A reference to a Mirza Ghalib poem. (Hint: Abbas Tyrewala had one in Nazrein Milana. Mine is adjacent to a reference to the song.)
  3. References to two Aamir Khan movies, one very obvious. Did you really think I was not going to include them? ;)

Here are the results. For the record, I never finished lunch, but that's okay. Every once in a while, nourishment from Bollywood food must do! Eat and be merry, folks...cheers!


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Your devotion to the movie is amazing! seriously! :) Great writing sir, as always!

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Shweta: Thank you for your kind words :)

Jaane Tu has been such a fun experience to discuss! I've loved every moment, and was really glad with the final product.

It was testing too, of course, because of several e-mails I got from fans of Love Story 2050 (prior to the films releasing, I wonder why...), suggesting I was 'being paid by' for my enthusiasm.

All I said to them was:

a) Thank you for writing;

b) Understand what it means to be a 'fan';

c) You're doing Priyanka and Harman injustice by calling yourselves their fans; and

d) I'll let our beloved Meow do the rest of the talking ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope all's well.


Anonymous said...

dude this is amazing!!! you should publish your own bollywoodfan-naama =)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Anonymous: Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

Having an own compilation is a mind-boggling thought (one I am honored to even conceptualize, though quite undeservingly).

A few poems as a hobbyist makes a poet not, let alone a poet who has his own -naama! :)

Maybe we could coin the term blogpost-naama?!

dipika said...

hiiii this is dipika JAANE TU YA JAANE NA IS A FANTABULOUS movie specially for young generation and the songs are too good .Every thing of this movie (story , songs , music , acting) is 2222222 good

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Dipika! Appreciate your comment. Of course, I agree with you! Glad you liked it. Fantabulous might well be the appropriate word in this case. Thanks for stopping by!

salek said...

I’m not completely sure about these but here goes…

The 2 Aamir Khan films (I think) are Lagaan and Fanaa. “Chale chal” from the Lagaan song ‘Chale Chalo’ and of course “fanaa” from Fanaa.

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi - Both your poem and the song refer to the coming of the “sawera”

Pappu Can’t Dance - Both your poem and the song mention “qismat”. While Pappu can rely on his shining destiny, Jai (the anti-Pappu?) cannot rely on his to cure his helplessness.

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai - Your poem’s “Tu jaane ya na jaane” is a rearrangement of the song’s “ jaane tu ya jaane na”

Nazrein Milana - Both your poem and the song describe the heart as a “nek banda,” Both contain “nazrein milana”. In the song the heart troubles (sataye) during the day and in your poem, the heart loves to tease (sataana).

Tu Bole Main Boloon - Both poem and song refer to the half-full glass.

Kahin To Hogi - Both song and poem refer to intoxicating meetings. In the song, the speaker wonders if there is a world where “she” will be with him (mere saath hai) and your poem affirms that indeed there is such a world (tere saath hai). Both song and poem have “fizaa, jahaan, zameen, aasmaan” all in agreement. In the song, the female vocalist is concerned she will lose sight of the destination while looking for the route, which you warn against in your poem. In the song, the male vocalist wonders if there is a world where his life isn’t disappointed with him, while your poem urges him to not be so “khafa”

It's just awesome how you were able to take pieces from all the songs and put them together to make a meaningful statement. You have proven yourself to be not just any ordinary Bollywood fan, but really TheBollywoodFan. For me it was actually kinda fun to find the references (like a scavenger hunt for Hindi/Urdu lyrics).

P.S. It’s also very cool that you can write in both Hindi and Urdu (and this is coming from someone who can't really write in either) :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Salek: Excellent! And thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the process as well :)

You almost got them all -- hats off buddy! I'm amazed at your efforts and familiarity with the lyrics. Each instance you have noted (including Chale Chal from Lagaan) was correct. There are only a couple more that I'll share soon.

Anonymous said...

This is simply amazing!
You are an amazing writer..and lyricist too! :) I agree w/ salek, how you were able to piece everything together! The final product was just fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw:

Your reference to the song "Tu Bole Main Boloon"- "Glass aadha bhara hai.."

theBollywoodFan said...

Salek: Here are the remaining ones I had in mind:

1. From the song 'Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai' (i.e. the female version of the song):

Saansein kho gaee hain kis ki aahon mein?

led to the first line in the third couplet,

Raahon mein hai woh saansein churaane waali

2. Here's a difficult one, but I couldn't resist its inclusion. Abbas Tyrewala alluded to a couplet by Mirza Ghaalib in the song 'Nazrein Milaana' (see comment #3 to this post) I had to have my own :) The word 'sataana' used from the following Ghaalib poem:

Dil hi toh hai, na sang-o-khesht,
Dard se bhar aaye kyun?

Royenge hum hazaar baar,
Koi humein sataaye kyun?

The translation to this would be (and this is very informal, not doing justice to the Urdu version):

It's only the heart, not a stone, nor a brick,
Why then does it ache in sorrow (or why then is it filled with sorrow)?

I'll cry a thousand times,
Why then would someone tease me?

3. Also, there was one very deliberate tribute to the Salman Khan film Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989):

Honton pe yun baat dabaane se...

From the antaakshari song, where this song (originally from Jewel Thief starring Dev Anand) was featured:

Honton pe aisi baat main dabaa ke chali aayi...

As far as I can remember, that's about it! Again, thanks for taking time to sort through it! Kudos to you buddy!


theBollywoodFan said...

Anonymous: Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words. Really very glad you enjoyed this, I had a lot of fun playing around with the words. :)

And yes, you're spot on with the Glass aadha bhara hai bit!