Aamir Khan in new Titan commercial

Really like this new Aamir Khan commercial for Titan watches (that jingle toward the end of the commercial was hammered into every TV viewer's head in the 1980s). The dialogue in this commercial sums up Aamir's acting career in many ways, speaking to his versatility and his will to make a difference through cinema. Like the bits where he says:

  1. Learn from your own mistakes, not from those of others;
  2. Never resemble your passport photo for more than three months (followed by pictures of the characters he played, Mangal, DJ and Akash);
  3. Shock your reflection every morning!

Good advice in a good commercial. He's really carrying forward the message of Taare Zameen Par to a significant extent, and aiding the cause of organizations that promote liberal education. Salutations to the effort!

Of course he got paid well for starring in the commercial. But if leveraging his popularity can make a difference, why not?

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