Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla in Love Love Love

Revisited Love Love Love (1989) a couple of weekends ago. I had first seen it as an eight-year-old around [Indian] independence day in '89, and remember liking parts of it. Almost two decades later, I still like parts of it, some more than others. And I figured it was a good time to catch one of my favorite filmy jodis (couples) around the time Imran Khan made his debut. So here we are.

1. Love Love Love (commas in the title wouldn't hurt) starred Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Gulshan Grover. Dalip Tahil, Om Shivpuri and Raza Murad played the roles of their fathers, respectively.

The film started out with some old school and rather popular dishoom-dishoom at a discotheque (to the tune of Zooby Zooby by Alisha Chinai -- remember?). This was when I thought this frame was perfectly timed (in the movie, with the dialogue, and in the present), given another movie with the word 'love' in the title by the gentleman who was an Assistant Director at the time didn't quite make it recently.

Sorry, Harry, but we do forgive you for Love Story 2050! =)

2. The story revolves around -- you guessed it -- a romantic relationship between Amit (Aamir) and Reema (Juhi). Amit was the son of a simple and ethical taxi driver, and Reema the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur who was a partner of a bhai (yes, a bhai of the gangster kind). The bhai's son was Vicky (Gulshan Grover), who was Reema's boyfriend at the outset of the film.

Here is Amit, asking his father for some more time to sleep (as a kid, this was a lot funnier, I swear)...

...and here he is making the discotheque his own:

Here is Reema, looking as beautiful as, well...Juhi Chawla in her prime. She was quite sensational:

And here is Vicky, when he saw Amit and Reema on the dance floor:

3. Amit and Reema were made for each other. While Reema hesitated at first, he won her with his persistence. And she liked him more when they represented their school at some contest (wish the contest were better developed, but we had Jo Jeeta for that!).

Look, we knew after Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak a year before Love Love Love, that Amit and Reema were made for each other. They knew it too, of course, so despite behaving all innocent every once in a while...

...they did not hesitate to express their love either. This lip lock was bold in 1989. A new benchmark, perhaps? And one that was eclipsed in Raja Hindustani (Aamir and Karisma Kapoor) and then Ghulam and Mangal Pandey (Aamir and Rani Mukherjee), and even Rang De Basanti (Aamir and Alice Patten).

The kiss, by the way, was a result of Reema's appreciation for an Amit idea that suggested they meet 'secretly' while running every morning! This song immediately followed:

4. He knew she liked him when she braved leaving her mansion to join him at Disco Dandiya. This song was the most memorable from the film, and was (and still is, believe it or not) pervasive across dandiya ceremonies, if I may call them that, and competitions across the country and across the Bollywood fan-occupied places across the world. Apologies for the quality and no subtitles, but this is the best video I found:

5. None of this was oblivious to Vicky's father. As bad as his intent might sound here, his approach was milder than his son's, who wanted to kill Vicky as opposed to merely severely injuring him.

5. Poor Amit was approached by Vicky & Co. while in the locker room, and did well to escape after the dishoom-dishoom. You know, he's made the dishoom-dishoom his own too. Through the 1990s, he was one of the leading actors in action films.

6. In what was typical of Hindi films, Amit and his family were threatened. Amit left. Reema cried. And she gave in to Vicky's wishes to be his bride. Here, she invited Amit to her engagement at her birthday party, and cried some more.

Aside: A highlight in this portion was Amit calling Reema and saying 'hi' -- and stating that it was the 'Angrezi waala hi' (the English 'hi') and not the 'Hindi waala haaye' :o)

7. Amit, despite carrying a greater than likely risk of being ridiculed at Reema's birthday/engagement party, went to the party with a beautiful gift. If you have seen the movie, you know what the gift was. If you haven't seen the movie, toward the end of the month, I shall have a post dedicated to the gift and what I like to think is one of my works of art :)

8. There was more dishoom-dishoom, a climax at an amusement park, an attempted molestation, and some more dishoom-dishoom. Through it all, Amit and Reema were so young, so innocent, so naive, and so in love...they could have used some parental involvement, and that they did. But would that be enough? Would Vicky get the better of Amit? Would love, love, and some more love, survive?

The actors were all very good. Aamir and Juhi were fantastic together, as always. Gulshan Grover was at his irritating best. And the plot was going in the right direction, except that there was more dishoom-dishoom than would be desired (in fact, none would be even better). The term 'that taxi driver's son' (edited for content) was overused and lost what effectiveness it might have had, fast. And the story was one we are all too familiar with. The music by Bappi Lahiri was good, and I distinctly remember the songs being appreciated more than the film.

Yet, if you are a fan of Aamir or Juhi or both, you will find plenty to like in this film. Having said that, one can see why this was one of their less popular works. I am going with three stars for Love Love Love, because the performances by Aamir and Juhi save an otherwise average film. We really do expect a whole lot more than merely 'good' from them, do we not?

Movie rating: 3/5 (Good)

My classification: PG-13 (For language)

Music rating: 3/5 (Good)

Addendum 7/16:
Just realized that my classification and the age at which I saw this film aren't consistent. As they say, all is fair in love, love, love! :)


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I'm pretty sure I saw the movie about the same time you did! The 1 thing I remember the most is Gulshan Grover's ear piercing- I think he wore a plastic cross for at least some part of the movie :D I also remember quite liking Dilip Tahil here. Even as I child, I think I dissed the movie as a bad copy of QSQT :D

ajnabi said...

I think I'd still like to see it, just to get more of the jodi. :-D But first I have to watch QSQT!

Anonymous said...

Liked them best together in QSQT which I resisted watching because of its Romeo-Juliet take, but absolutely loved it when I watched it! Have you seen them in Daulat Ki Jung (probably shouldnt ask as I know you are a die-hard fan and must have watched it)? Its a hilarious movie and they are great together.

Apparantly Juhi was induced to work with Shahrukh Khan on the basis that he looked like Aamir!!! Her reaction (and indeed anybody with an eyesight will echo it) was - He looks like Aamir??!!

theBollywoodFan said...

Shweta: Good going with watching it on time! ;) Dilip Tahil was really quite good, especially opposite his annoying wife, who played Aamir's step-mom in the film. And I guess I didn't pay much attention to Gulshan Grover's earwear (is that even a term?)! Overall, I do agree that it didn't even come close to QSQT.

Ajnabi: You must watch QSQT soon! With Aamir's earlier films, it might just be worth watching them in chronological order. Especially Dil and Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar in that order.

Bollyviewer: QSQT was quite fantastic, wasn't it?! Glad you liked it! I have seen Daulat Ki Jung, but it was so very long ago, I don't remember much at all. Need to revisit that soon!

With you on the Aamir/SRK factor :) One of my favorite Aamir-Juhi starrers was Andaz Apna Apna (AAA). Juhi made a special appearance at the beginning and played herself, and the comedy was just too good. More on AAA some time this summer.

Thank you all for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where I can find this movie online. I've been looking for it for the last five years.