Yeh Chaand Sa Raushan Chehra: Lyrics and translation

Mentioned in this post that I saw Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) recently and absolutely loved it (looking forward to reviewing it this weekend). One of its biggest strengths is its soundtrack, which offers song after great song. In all fairness, there is hardly a way to select one or two or even three favorites. They are all very good.

Having said that, I am really enjoying Kahin Na Kahin Dil Lagaana Padega and the subject of this post, Yeh Chaand Sa Raushan Chehra. The latter is an excellent, excellent song. Everything about it is excellent. The lyrics (Shamsul Huda Behari), the music (O. P. Nayyar), the vocals (Mohammad Rafi), the setting, the placement, the characters, the actors, heck, even the supporting actors! :)

They ought to have an accolade at beauty pageants or award ceremonies called the 'Chaand Sa Raushan Chehra Award'. And this year's award goes to Sharmila Tagore. 44 years after the film's release, it would still be well deserved, if only for her role in the film.

Of course, the song also featured Shammi Kapoor at his best.

Given my love of the song, I couldn't resist playing around with the words a bit. Below are the results. See the song at this link. It was also listed among my favorite Songs with Chaand, the Eternal Performer.

Translating the last paragraph was an interesting experience, for it offered an intriguing lesson in translating sense for sense versus word for word. Word for word, it might even be translated as follows:

I admit that your powers shall drive me insane,
Let me see to my heart’s content, your wild ways.

So, could we conclude that this might well be one of the most subtle and beautiful hip-hop songs in the guise of an elaborate 'nazm' (poem)? How's this for meaningful hip-hop? And who better than Shammi Kapoor to bear that torch? ;)

Of course, the thought above is shared merely in jest. The reality is that this is among the most expressive and enjoyable songs, and one that earns those who assembled it tremendous respect. That one finds it enjoyable decades later is evidence of it having withstood the test of time. I'll go back to enjoying the soundtrack some more. Until later.


memsaab said...

Thanks for the translation of one of the best Shammi songs EVER (and that's saying a lot)...look forward to your review of KKK :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Added to my "to watch" list. Appreciate the translations, as always.


theBollywoodFan said...

Memsaab and Sita-ji: Thank you for your comments. You are very welcome. This is such a fun song -- it was fun and challenging to translate as well. It was also more complex than it sounded initially. :)

Sita-ji: Hope you enjoy the film as much I did!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I had forgotten how very pretty Sharmila is here- and what a fun movie this was! great review bollyfan!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you Shweta. It was a fun movie indeed. I can see where Soha Ali Khan gets her oomph from (only applicable to her in Rang De Basanti, in my humble opinion). But I haven't given up on her either.

Sharmila-ji was spectacular in Kashmir Ki Kali, to say the least.

salek said...

Beautiful lyrics and an expert translation to match! Enjoyed the footnotes, especially the clarification on ’qayamat’. I’ll finally know what exactly is being referred to in songs when ‘qayamat’ is mentioned.

Very sharp of you to note the connection between the deep secret and depth of the lake. Perhaps the eyes are so mesmerizing that the one who looks into them will lose himself just as he would if drowning in a deep lake. Shahid aapne suna hoga, "kisi ki aankhon mein doob jaana"

To continue the celestial theme, check out this Shammi Kapoor song…

theBollywoodFan said...

These lyrics are excellent indeed. I cannot stop listening to the song. The first few times I listened to it right after having seen the film, I really enjoyed the lyrics and knew translating it would be a fun experience (that it was!).

Yes, aankhon mein doob jaana is a beautiful poetic expression.

What a great song that link you shared contains! Thanks!

Wilson Gomes said...

Meticulous in detail and an awesome site for Bollywood fans!!!

theBollywoodFan said...

Wilson! Thanks for stopping by my friend. I'll be writing to you very soon. Hope all is well in the 305! :)

AbhiTaneja said...

Hey Bollywood fan!
Thanks for the nice translation.. have copied your translation on my blog as well.

Thanks again!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you for your visit and comment, Abhi! Do stop by again. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent translation!!!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you!!!