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Well, almost. Imran Khan and Abbas Tyrewala were at the BBC studios in London on Saturday. A big thank you to Raj and Pablo for asking Imran a question I submitted to the show :o)

Q: Which Aamir Khan film did you enjoy most?

A: Listen to it into the Saturday edition of the show, about an hour and 9 minutes into the complete show available at this link (click on 'Saturday' under 'Latest Shows' in the sidebar to the right), or 9 minutes into the podcast at this link. The links will only contain the 6/28/2008 edition of the show through 7/5/2008.

Here is a post (from June 2007) on why I think Love Bollywood on the BBC Asian Network does well to fill a void. Check out their shows to get caught up on a lot of Bollywood news and reviews.

Have a good start to the week, everyone! And let's hope this week flies by, for some of us have waited too long for July 4. There I go again with my peak of inflated expectations :)


Filmi Girl said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I am an avid listener of "Love Bollywood" and I was thinking of you as I listened to the interview with Imran. Raj and Pablo are fantastic and we share scarily similar taste in films. ;P

I'm getting excited for the film, although I think that my local theatre will be showing "Love Story 2050" instead of "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na."

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Filmi Girl: Thank you for stopping by. And thanks for the thought! :)

Shall be sure to remember the similarities in your movie preferences. Might come in handy some day ;)

That would be so not fair if they showed one and not the other. They are both going to do well (I truly hope)!


Anonymous said...

Interesting interview. By the way, what was your reaction when they read your question? I would’ve been stunned to say the least! Raj and Pablo really shouldn’t have inflated Imran’s ego with so much praise about his looks (that’s the last thing a budding actor needs - focus on the talent first) and that “delicious” comment just came off as creepy.

I’ve been listening to the Love Bollywood podcast since October and the show is quite entertaining. However sometimes I have to question Raj and Pablo’s qualifications to critique films and soundtracks. They really praised Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic while other reviews I’ve read have been tepid at best. And if I remember correctly they didn’t even rate Jodhaa-Akbar as high as TPTM. But I guess their reviews reflect more of the common man’s approach to cinema.

Hated how they (with henchman Komal Nahata) totally trashed Saawariya (which became a running joke on the show) and during the same program went on to shower Farah Khan with praise. One thing I remember Raj/Pablo (months later I still can’t tell them apart) saying was that if you don’t like Om Shanti Om, then you can’t claim to like Bollywood. A little presumptuous of them I thought. OSO is just one film, and it really was dumb of them to think that it was the epitome of Bollywood. But I guess it is their job as radio hosts to be so opinionated, otherwise the show wouldn’t be as interesting.

Also find their Scottish accents to be annoying at times, but it’s hilarious to hear them speak in Hindi. One thing I like about their interviews is how they know how to ask the right questions and make their guests feel comfortable. Really enjoyed their recent interviews with Kajol and Juhi Chawla. Also liked how they didn’t hold back during Sonal Chauhan’s interview when asking about Emran Hashmi.

I’m not sure if you noticed this or not, but it annoys me so much how Raj/Pablo just can’t seem to say Pakeezah correctly, which I believe happens to be one of their favorite films. They always pronounce it, “Puh-key-zaah”. I was just waiting for Mashoor Amrohi to correct them on the air last month, but alas it didn’t happen. Would have been funny, don’t you think?

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Salek: I was just excited they asked him the question! Given my respect for Aamir bhai, I was glad to hear his nephew commenting on his films. Part of me was hoping Imran would say Lagaan [of course ;)], but I don't blame him for picking Rang De Basanti and QSQT, both youth-oriented films, which is the theme for Jaane Tu as well.

Raj and Pablo are a fun bunch. They are entertaining, and of course we don't agree with them on all counts. That Om Shanti Om example was a good one. And your point about them making the movie stars comfortable on the show is very true. They are always cheerful and friendly, and that is what makes for fun listing.

That Pakeezah pronunciation correction would have been funny. Still, they do their jobs sincerely (Who wouldn't, they get to have so much, in their words, 'Bollytastic' fun!) and do fill a void, which is great. I really liked it when they went to the two shows a weekend format.


chavannichap said...

read aamir interview on this you can read it in roman
if you are comfortable with hindi(devnagri) script then read it here..

Anonymous said...

Adab aur shabash on another brush with Abbas. How exciting to hear, "From Abbas in L.A." Once again you guys communicate, Abbas to Abbas. It's only a matter of time that you will be working directly with him, which is when I start emailing you directly, asking to be able to come over and sit on the various movie sets where you will be working. "I'm here to see Abbasji, no the other Abbasji, yes I'm his agent." Like salek, I noticed the fawning at the beginning of the interview, well actually in ran through the interview. I just figured the interviewers may be gay. I just saw "Bomarillu" a Telugu film starring Genelia D'Souza, which gets me ready to see Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na this weekend.

All the best,

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Sita-ji: Thank you! Yes, that bit with Imran and the word 'delicious' coming from a guy was a little funny. I reckon they were trying to market him even more to the gals.

And yes, you might just find me on one of them sets ;) Of course, that's very very unlikely to happen, unless (as a well known director once suggested) I create my portfolio and start out as a junior artist somewhere. Or be a lyricist with a flair for dialog delivery, which is where I would finally get the better of Saif! =)

How did you like Bomarillu? You are much better prepared than I am to watch Jaane Tu! Please do share your thoughts over the weekend!


Chavanni Chaap: That's an interesting approach to blogging you've got there. I like how your poll results are shaping up :) Link ke liye dhanyawaad!

Anonymous said...

I may do a little post on Bommarillu in the next few days. I loved it. It was like KKHH, DDLJ, and Cinderella with a bit of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam all rolled into one. (It's OK, it's still a guy's movie too.) Genelia is ADORABLE and fantastic in her role. She reminds me of Tanuja-Kajol with a twist of Rani and Hema at theri cutest. It is coming out in a Hindi version with her as the lead too and Nana Patekar as the dad.

Here's a nice write up I found in case you haven't seen the movie:

All the best,

theBollywoodFan said...

Sita-ji: I'll hope that you do post on Bommarillu. Thanks for sharing the link with the review. Have only heard good things about it, but haven't seen it. The Hindi remake sounds like fun.

I have only seen Genelia in Masti, but I remember so little of the film (didn't think much of it), to me it's like she's making her Bollywood debut as well :) She's looking and behaving excellent in all the Jaane Tu promos!