Salman at IPL final and Aamir in 10 Ka Dum

I might not be a good cook (at all), but I am a believer in the componentized food model (might as well patent the term). This delicious Sev Puri was on my dinner table a few minutes ago, and it was a treat indeed.

Following up to this post. As expected, Salman Khan has been very entertaining as host of the game show 10 Ka Dum. Search YouTube using the name of the show, and see for yourself. Haven't seen Shah Rukh greet a contestant on stage like this! That too with a song from an Aamir Khan film followed by one from his own. Cool, yaaron.

The exciting news is that Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran Khan recently recorded an episode of the show with Salman (per this article). Aamir and Salman are easily two of my favorite actors of all-time, and I am absolutely excited to see them on stage together! What a treat that will be!

Aamir and Salman were also seen hanging out together at the final of the Indian Premier League of cricket a couple of weeks ago (and I thought my watermarks were intrusive):

This is also where Salman performed at intermission. Here he is in a brief segment, about 3:30 into the video:

If you are a cricket fan (or even if you are not), you will also appreciate this video, in which Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh (both among the more talented cricketers in the country) respond with Katrina Kaif to Salman's question: "Who do you think is the most beautiful actress?"

Like the way the video ends, with Salman saying, "See you outside".

PS. And I thought I was a big Sachin Tendulkar fan.


salek said...

Apparently Hrithik Roshan is also busy with a show on NDTV Imagine called ’Junoon… Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka’ where he isn’t a judge, host, or a contestant, but something called a goodwill ambassador. No idea what that means really. I have yet to see 10 Ka Dum, which seems like the Indian version of the Power of Ten, right? Having grown up in the U.S., I prefer the American versions because the questions are easier to answer simply because they better reflect my experiences.

Sometime last summer, I was watching Sony TV around 3 in the morning (I’m kind of an night owl) and I happened to catch ‘Jeeto Chappad Phad Ke’ with Govinda. The show wasn’t bad, but I felt that the presence of a star host on the show really made the show a drag. Can we please just focus on the game, and not the antics and charm of the superstar host? All of the American game shows that I’ve come to love do not have movie stars as hosts, but instead rely primarily on unique, entertaining concepts, backed up by witty hosts, who do not overshadow the game itself.

The Aamir/Imran Khan guest appearance on 10 Ka Dum would be cool to watch. I still haven't heard Imran's voice, and by this time before Saawariya/OSO, everyone seemed to know Ranbir, Sonam, and Deepika so well.

Recently, I’ve been watching some episodies of ’Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’ with Shah Rukh Khan. It’s okay, nothing spectacular. SRK is charismatic, or at least attempts to be. I actually enjoyed a recent episode with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Some interesting things I noted from the show:

Saif and Kareena have no chemistry offscreen. Kareena came off as incredibly aloof. Either she was trying to boost Saif’s ego, who seemed to be answering all of the questions, or really does not know much about anything (she admitted she’s never had an interest in books). I’ve read some reports that Saif hasn’t been too happy with Kareena lately and has become somewhat possessive.

There was one question under the category of Holidays (I think), which was something along the lines of…

True or False: The Islamic holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr occurs at the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Now I never expected Bollywood stars to be religious, but I was a little taken back when Saif Ali Khan, explaining his thought process, said that there were 40 days in Ramadan.

My favorite moment of the show was when one of the “paanchvi” students brought a box of laddoos to share with Saif and Kareena. Now we all know how hard Kareena had worked to lose weight and look so thin for Tashan to the point that people began to speculate that she had an eating disorder (“Do I look anorexic?!” she snapped to someone who asked). Upon seeing the laddoos Kareena gasped and placed her hand on heart seemingly out of disbelief. To which my mom said, “Anny khuraq mahiney di nahin honi” (She probably doesn’t get that much nourishment in a month), and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Being a Punjabi, I have never had Sev Puri or even heard of it before. Could you explain briefly what Sev Puri is?

Anyway speaking of food, I’ve been sampling many desi deserts recently. I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but I’ve fallen in love with Motichur Laddoos and also had some amazing Kheer. Reminded me of Eid when my mom makes Saviyan. Maybe it was just the ones I had, but I also tried something called ‘Chum Chum’ (sort of like white Gulab Jamun), which tasted absolutely horrible! Kind of like cardboard to tell you the truth.

theBollywoodFan said...

The Hrithik appearances sounds interesting. I would think a goodwill ambassador would promote the show in good faith, and use his/her celebrity status to attract new viewership. The concept might not be very different from goodwill ambassadors for countries, where they represent their countries and focus on the positive, and discuss their strengths to build on and what they could do better, garnering support from other countries. For the shows, I tend to think of them as brand ambassadors, but I might be wrong.

Haven't seen the Govinda show, thanks for the info. Imran and Genelia have been quiet (typical of Aamir Khan projects), which is making things better for the film, one would think.

I was surprised with the knowledge of religion some of the Bollywood stars do have. That piece with Saif sounds very interesting, and somewhat disappointing. That Ramadan is a month really isn't unknown to most of the world :)

Your mom's comment on the laddoos and Kareena is hilarious and probably right!

Sev puri is a very popular chaat-style Bombay snack; more at this link

And all those desi deserts are yummy, although I am not the biggest fan of Chum Chum, I'll admit.