Love Story 2050: Music Review

Some overt enthusiasm for Jaane Tu has earned my blog a record number of visits since its music release (shall make the stats public after the film is a blockbuster =). It has also attracted some attention from fans of another film (Love Story 2050) releasing the same day (July 4). Appreciate the trouble some have taken to remind me that I have somewhat ignored what they are looking forward to.

Love Story 2050 is termed by many as India's first Science-Fiction film. That in itself warrants excitement (although in my filmy duniya, Mr. India in the late 1980s was India's first sci-fi flick; if not, then Koi Mil Gaya/Krrish were). The film stars newcomer Harman Baweja (whose resemblance to Hrithik Roshan from some angles is freaky), his real-life romantic interest Priyanka Chopra, and Boman Irani.

I like this poster of the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal hotel in the foreground (there was a scene set here in another Priyanka Chopra starrer, Bluffmaster (2005), and in a film I saw more recently, Taxi Driver (1954))! Going all out and making the impossible possible -- that is the core definition of fiction. What could be better than a Manhattan in Mumbai and flying cars?

[Aside: In the year 2050, we shall probably be closer to flying cars than the Manhattan in Mumbai as is depicted above. If we are alive until then, I'll get a chance to prove it. There is already a working prototype of a flying car (really, there is). Getting the Mumbai population from the neighboring areas to leave, build all these towers, and populate them would be a logistical nightmare, unless someone discovered an Arabian Sea equivalent of Bikini Bottom (a la Spongebob Squarepants!) to serve as a temporary housing place. Heck, they might just have one in the movie, who knows?! Getting back to the film, for I am probably sounding really silly now...]

Seems like Karan (played by Harman) and Zeisha (played by Priyanka) will be characters in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG -- anyone tried playing them? I once ordered a pizza through one!) at some point in the film. At least that is the impression one gets from this image:

One of the songs also notes a character by the name of Sana. It is a beautiful name (it means praise), and shall find a mention in my next post.

Some of the film's trailers are impressive. Can the same be said of its music? The short answer is probably not. The long answer is contained in this review of the album, which offers music by Anu Malik and lyrics by Javed Akhtar:

1. Aa Gaya Hoon Main, the first track, is sung by Kay Kay. Easy to guess that it aims to announce Harman Baweja's arrival to the industry. Sadly, the song does little. Fans of Kay Kay for his outstanding voice will instantly know this song hardly does justice to his vocal abilities. I started a 'yeah' count, but lost it a couple of minutes into the song.

2. Lover Boy by Alisha Chinai starts off in an interesting fashion, with a very catchy techno beat following a few lines by Priyanka Chopra. That techno beat is addictive, I tell you. Yet, the lyrics are hardly substantial, and the principal sentence is so overused it loses its effectiveness fast. How many times can one hear 'Hey you lover boy, will you be my toy?' anyway. Besides, it objectifies men =) Although that could be perceived as being good, because it does not do the inverse, thereby differentiating itself from the norm.

As an Alisha fan since her debut solo album released in the 1980s, I am disappointed with the song. What's more, the beat resembles that to Allah Bachaaye from Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006) with music by Pritam Chakrobarty, an Alisha song I loved. And it even has shades of Naughty Girl by Beyonce.

3. Seems like I might be among the minority that thinks Mausam Achaanak Yeh Badla Kyun (by Shaan and Alka Yagnik) and Milo Na Milo (Shaan) aren't too special. The beginning to the latter reminds me of Jam by Michael Jackson (from the album Dangerous) and parts of the song seem to be recycled Anu Malik material (there is even some resemblance to Jal Jal Ke Dhuaan from Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena (2005), with music by Pritam). Still, Milo Na Milo was going well (it does have a catchy beat, particularly the electronic influence), but the lyrics and the way they are delivered get a little too noisy for my liking. Might as well have had Himesh Reshammiya sing it at this pace.

4. There is a song I do like: Meelon Ka Jaise Tha Faasla by Kay Kay and Alka Yagnik is by far the best song in the album. It appears in happy and sad versions, both of which are beautifully sung and will be definite assets to the film. Well done here!

5. Sach Kehna, a solo track by Kunal Ganjawala, is decent. The start to this song reminded me of Khalish from Chocolate (by Pritam -- anyone counting the instances of Pritam in this post yet?), but the lyrics are above average. This song will sound better in the car.

6. Finally, Jaane Kaisi Hai Teri Meri Yeh Love Story is a very good song to end the album with. The lyrics are more sensible than those to most tracks in the album, and Shaan is in fine form. Anu Malik does well in integrating the saxophone and guitar with a more conventional filmy rendition featuring a tune that can be whistled too. The song has happy and sad instances as well. The latter will fit in well in a sci-fi flick, what with the violin and some haunting background vocals. Good stuff!

Here is what I would have liked to have been incorporated in a soundtrack for a sci-fi film. These two observations are drawn with reference to the soundtracks to Bas Ek Pal and Don (both from 2006), which, when compared to that of Love Story 2050, would be much better complements to a sci-fi film:

1. Music by Mithoon (who gave us soundtracks to The Train and Aggar last year), Pritam (Awarapan, Jannat), Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Don), or DJ Suketu (who is a leader in good, tolerable remixes that do not put to shame the classics like most of those who remix do);

2. Sunidhi Chauhan, Shilpa Rao, or Vasundhara Das instead of Alka Yagnik. Feel free to disagree here, but I think Sunidhi's voice and style would fit in much better in a sci-fi film. Here was a chance for the filmmakers to cater to Sunidhi's biggest strengths, and they did not have one song (not one!) with her.

Instead, the soundtrack to Love Story 2050 has few good songs with repeat listening value, of which Meelon Ka Jaise Tha Faasla and Jaane Kaisi Hai are the best. The album's uniqueness lies in that each song begins with dialog. Some of the tunes are catchy. And if the trailers are anything to go by, the visuals to accompany the above average soundtrack should be stunning. Yet, the music is somewhat disappointing, given that there was much potential to exploit, and the product is not one that can be traversed without skipping tracks.

Still, the music does not harm the film too much either. Although I shall watch Jaane Tu on July 4 (believe it will be the better of the two, but I could be wrong, of course), the geek in me is also looking forward to Love Story 2050! (Bash me all you want for this, but the music for the two should not be compared, given the difference genres the films belong to.)

Music rating: 2.75/5.0 (above average)

Have a feeling I might have to revise after watching the film. Better to work in that direction based on its integration with the film, than downgrade it after being turned off by a film, which happened with the last big Anu Malik soundtrack, that to Umraao Jaan (2006).

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abhinemo said...

Bang!! On target.

BTW, did you read the reports that the Wiki page for Love Story 2050 was disfigured by someone in Delhi (tracked by cyber techies). There was a poll about who looks better of Imran Khan and Harman Baweja and most people voted for Imran. Some more reports which points to something like a smearing campaign against Love Story 2050.

Just sharing gossips about Love Story 2050. ;)

Off-topic: Listening right now to Jhin min jhini from Maqbool. Awesome song. Ustad Sulatn Khan at his best. :)

salek said...

Based on your review, I doubt you’ll be translating the lyrics of Love Story 2050. Though I don’t think it’s anyone’s loss!

Now I haven’t seen Mr. India to judge its credentials as the first Indian science fiction film but will check it out eventually. It’s an Anil Kapoor classic and I’ve heard great things about Amrish Puri as Magambo. He truly was an icon of the Hindi film industry and the void he has left I feel has not been filled, nor will it ever be.

I agree that Koi Mil Gaya was science fiction, but Krrish was really India’s first superhero movie. I think Love Story 2050’s distinction is that it’s India’s first futuristic sci-fi film.

Will Mumbai really look like Harry Baweja’s vision in 2050? Most likely not. Will flying cars be a commonplace sight around the world? Highly unlikely with gas prices soaring (analysts are predicting $5/gal by July 4th!) and the auto industry still unable to produce a viable electric model for the mass market. 2200 is more like it, but I still think it looks pretty cool.

I also would like to hear more of Vasundhara Das and Shilpa Rao. Some of Vasundhara’s songs that I enjoy are the cheeky Shakalaka Baby (Nayak), O Rey Chhori (Lagaan), and It’s the Time to Disco (Kal Ho Na Ho). Hard to believe that A.R. Rahman composed songs as different as the first two in the same year (like Jodhaa Akbar and JTYJN this year), but I guess that’s what makes him A.R. Rahman.

And not to forget Shilpa Rao, her renditions of Woh Ajnabee and Javeda Zindagi were simply out of this world.

I think Alka Yagnik is reaching the twilight of her career, and should consider becoming more selective like Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. At the 2007 Zee Cine Awards, I got the impression that she had a strong sense of resentment. When she won the Best Female Playback Singer Award for Tumhi Dekho Naa (which is such a beautiful song), she seemed to be criticizing the industry for no longer producing the sort of “melodious” tracks for which she is well-suited. She actually didn’t say that last part but was suggesting that the music industry was leaving her behind in favor of younger favorites like Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan.

What I think Alka Yagnik is most afraid of is suffering the same fate as Kumar Sanu, and by that I mean completely vanishing from the Bollywood playback scene.

salek said...

Yes, Alka Yagnik did sing for O Rey Chhori, but Vasundhara Das sang the English lyrics.

Although not many people liked the music of Umrao Jaan (2006), I thoroughly enjoyed Alka Yagnik’s ‘Salaam’, ‘Jhute Ilzaam’, and her duet with Sonu Nigam, ‘Bekha Diya Hamein’.

Another one of her landmark soundtracks is 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', where every song she sang was amazing.

theBollywoodFan said...

Abhinemo: I was not aware of the wikipedia page of Love Story 2050 being disfigured. That's disgraceful. Shame on whoever did it.

One of the things I have learned from Aamir Khan is that one's greatness lies in one's strengths, not in others' weaknesses. Based on this, I would rather not get into an argument on who will be more successful or which film will be better.

I am sure most of us are just ready for July 4, to let the actors films speak for themselves!

And I ought to check out Maqbool and its music...thank you for the reminder!

theBollywoodFan said...

Salek: 'Meelon Ka Jaise tha Faasla' is a fantastic song, and if I were to translate one from Love Story 2050, that would be it. Beautiful.

Agree with your comments on Amrish Puri. There will never be another Mogambo. I think you'll enjoy Mr. India.

Also agree about the first futuristic sci-fi film. While I do not expect anything remotely close to Star Trek or Star Wars, I must admit I am truly enjoying the effort. 'Cool' is an appropriate word in this case!

Vasundhara Das had one song in No Entry (2005) that I was absolutely in love with back in the day (I think it was one she sang with Alisha and Sunidhi, who are my leading ladies of Bollywood vocals). 'O Rey Chori' in Lagaan was an Alka Yagnik song.

Shilpa Rao was fantastic in 'Woh Ajnabee' and 'Javeda Zindagi'. Truly. Another good song by her was 'Gandhi's Favorite' from Gandhi My Father (2007). It was Gandhi-ji's favorite hymn, so I like it anyway; Shilpa Rao's is one of the more amazing renditions one will hear.

Agree with your thoughts on Alka as well. Didn't she say something on the lines of 'Aaj kal beedi ke gaane zyaadaa mashhoor hain' (today, songs of beedi are more popular), referring to the song 'Beedi' from Omkara, which won the Filmfare award for Best Song in that same ceremony!

She is too classy, just not suited as well as the newer tier to sing for a sci-fi flick. And that is nothing against her -- for her performances in Lagaan, I shall always hold her in the highest regard.

Speaking of Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik, one of my favorite duets with them was 'Mohabbat Ho na Jaaye' from Kasoor. What a song!

theBollywoodFan said...

Oh, thank you! I did not realize. Wow, okay, so Vasundhara Das really should have been my favorite a much longer time ago :)

The Alka Yagnik hits you note make the great she is. What accomplishments!

PS: Apologies for the sequence of the comments to this post being out of order :)

Anonymous said...

Milo Na Milo, what about that song?

theBollywoodFan said...

As noted above, Anonymous, I didn't like it much. But music, like any form of art, is so subjective, and therein lies its beauty.