Timeless Classics: A. R. Rahman instrumentals

Last night was historic, we'll realize soon enough. Over the past few months, have slowly developed a crush on Rachel Maddow, although (given who she is, and not that there's anything wrong with it) chances she'd ever reciprocate are smaller than those of Shah Rukh Khan going to the moon in a sequel to Swades (2004). Yet, I can hope for change. Change is often good. And change is what an upcoming A. R. Rahman album aims to offer. The soundtrack to the film Ada (2008) releases on May 16. Per A. R. Rahman (quoted in this piece):

"The music of the film actually took six years to make because the film started six years back in 2002. The music has a very old school melody feel. But it also has other tunes so it does have a color of different genres in it".

Six years! Should be an interesting album, especially since we might have a soundtrack representing an evolutionary time line of Hindi film music this decade. The good news for A. R. Rahman fans is that 2008 will be busy compared to last year. After Jodhaa Akbar and Ada, he will also be providing his magic to Jaane Tu..., Ghajini, and Yuvraj. That is only as far as I know; there might be more.

Listening to a beautiful album today from the Times Music Timeless Classics series, titled A. R. Rahman Instrumentals. It is a good compilation with instrumentals of songs that need no introduction. Here is the track listing:

  1. Tanha Tanha; Rangeela (1995)
  2. Humma Humma; Bombay (1995)
  3. Hai Rama Yeh Kya Hua; Rangeela (1995)
  4. Ho Ja Rangeela; Rangeela (1995)
  5. Dil Se; Dil Se (1998)
  6. Tu Hi Re; Bombay (1995)
  7. Chaiyyan Chaiyyan; Dil Se (1998)
  8. Kya Karen Kya Na Karen; Rangeela (1995)
  9. O Re Chhori; Lagaan (2001)
  10. O Bhavre; Daud (1997)
  11. Tu Ramta Jogi; Taal (1999)
  12. Taal Se Taal Mila; Taal (1999)

My favorite instrumentals are those to Tanha Tanha and the Dil Se title track. Very cool, and perfect to work to, as I try to wrap up a project before devoting 95% of the upcoming week to the move. These are good to karaoke to as well, although the only one I know from start to finish is [surprise!] O Re Chhori. :) Rachel...err...Gauri, tum kahaan?

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