Salman Khan at IPL final, and 10 Ka Dum promo

Q. What do you get when you cross Salman Khan's mannerisms in Partner (2007) and Jaan-e-Mann (2006)? See answer below.

The way the Mumbai Indians lost to Rajasthan a couple of days ago (with below-average bowling at the death and some poor fielding costing them a semi-final berth) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) of cricket, I could not help but think of what things might be like if retired great and World Cup 1992 final MVP Wasim Akram (of Pakistan) played for Mumbai. I am a fan of and root for the Indian cricket team, but have always admired Mr. Akram (and somewhat envied him for how consistently good he was). Think of him as the Michael Jordan of bowling in cricket. With the game on the line, he would come out on top at least nine times of 10, regardless of the quality of the opposition. I wrote about my dream of seeing Sachin Tendulkar and Akram play together in this post, in which Akram is pictured with one of his fans, Ajay Devgan!

In any case, the IPL semi-finals are fast-approaching, and the final is on Sunday, June 1. As if all three games being played in Bombay weren't enough cause for excitement, Salman Khan will be performing at the final! Here are a couple of news pieces with notes: one from the Times of India, and another from Mid-Day. Part of this is an effort to promote Salman's entry into the television space as host of the show 10 Ka Dum.

A. The answer to the question at the beginning of the post is best summarized by this 10 Ka Dum promotional video. Cool, Sallu! His dance and look remind me of a couple of songs in Partner, and the stage with all the lights and dancers remind me of the promotional material (especially posters) of Jaan-e-Mann. Am I the only one who sees a similarity? As for the game show, I really think he'll be one of the better entertainers!

Addendum 6/13:
Here is a follow-up to this post, including footage from Salman's performance and the show.


Filmi Girl said...

Sallu is a great entertainer! (He's not usually a great actor, but he has a wonderful 'star' quality.)

I was hearing gossip that he was having meltdowns on the set of 10 ka Dum. Reality TV doesn't seem like the place to be for those whose names are not Amitabh Bachchan. ;D

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmi Girl: Yes, Sallu is a great entertainer. It's interesting how he made the switch from mainstream acting (whatever that's supposed to mean) to roles involving more comedy.

So the Salman Khan of Maine Pyaar Kiya, Saajan, and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, is very different from the Salman Khan of Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, No Entry, and Partner. His career path reminds me of that of his good friend Govinda! (There were a couple of Govinda-Neelam films back in the late 1980s that were quite the sensation.)

Have you seen Tere Naam (2003) or Kyun Ki (2005)? Of his films this decade, these two demanded great acting, and he was up to it in my opinion. If only he had accepted the Chak De India offer!

Interesting note about him on the sets of 10 Ka Dum. He seems most comfortable on stage and during interviews, so one would think he would be great for game shows, but we'll see soon enough I guess. And please don't get me started on Amitabh =)

Filmi Girl said...

I actually haven't seen those two films. I thought Salman did quite well in Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and in Jaan-e-Mann - of his 2000s films.

My impression of Salman is that he acts as a job, not as a passion. So when he has a good director that can pull a performance out of him, then he is superb, but if the director doesn't care, then Salman will not care either.

I think he's a very interesting person. I would love to read his autobiography one day if he ever wrote it!

theBollywoodFan said...

I really liked Jaan-e-Mann, and still have a hard time believing that it did not do better. Don releasing the same day probably had a lot to do with it, although the win for Don left Jaan-e-Mann with some undeserved comments from some fans the media. Shah Rukh and Salman had a few interesting things to say about the films (jokingly, of course, they really are good friends, and Aamir too).

Still, I liked the films releasing around Eid/Diwali time, and I thought both were good.

Last year was Om Shanti Om and Saawariya. This year will be Ghajini (Aamir Khan), Kidnap (Aamir's nephew Imran Khan), and Drona (Abhishek Bachchan). Drona's release was deliberately postponed to compete with the Aamir-starrer. Although Aamir v Abhishek is hardly a contest, in my humble opinion.

As for Salman, I agree that he is an entertainer first and actor second -- he probably makes most of the overlap of the two than anyone else. And my experience in interacting with Bollywood fans leads me to believe that he also has some of the most loyal fans of any actor.

I am an Aamirian, yes, but my second favorite is indeed Salman. I think many of the 80s kids are more loyal toward Aamir and Salman than toward Shah Rukh, because their movies were more substantial and less redundant. Might just be me, though, since I am biased in their favor :)