Krazzy 4 lives up to its title but disappoints

Saw Krazzy 4 last night. Starring Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon, Rajat Kapoor, Zakir Hussain, Juhi Chawla, Dia Mirza, and others, and produced by Rakesh Roshan and Sunaina Roshan. Most notably in the news for three item numbers, and a charge of music plagiarism that highlighted Bollywood's copyright woes (I thought it was interesting how Alisha Chinai strongly condemned plagiarism as unethical, given her first [non-filmy] album had at least three songs that were ripped off from Madonna's immaculate hits).

Krazzy 4 had some of the better comedians in it, so I figured it would be worth a watch, if only for their antics. For that, it was about average. The four, who play patients at a mental hospital, are caught in adventure when their doctor, a kind-hearted Juhi Chawla, intends to take them to a cricket match and gets kidnapped while on the way (we might well have had a more exciting time if the movie was set in a cricket stadium).

Arshad Warsi was his usual loud self. His acting was good for his character, but the character left some to be desired. It has become Warsi's niche to act in films like this. His performance in Sunday (a 2008 film, discussed in this post) was a lot more convincing, although a couple of scenes in particular, at Dia Mirza's home and in the car while listening to the cricket game commentary, were hilarious.

Irrfan Khan was good. As a self-proclaimed captain of the team, he looked the part. Seeing him in this role, though, was disappointing, especially since we expect a lot more from him. I think it is a combination of him trying to appeal to all sorts of audiences, and his willingness to work in nonsensical films as a result, that prompted him to take this project on. The scene in which he was introduced (fooling around with a nurse) serves as an effective precursor to his role in the remainder of the film. Disappointing.

The star of the film was Rajpal Yadav. Playing a freedom fighter who is a firm believer in Mahatma Gandhi's philosophies, his acting was perfect for his role. From an encounter with a person dressed as Gandhi, to a scene where the national anthem was sung, he does well.

Juhi Chawla proves further that she is willing to play sub par roles that can [sadly] work with sub par performances. As doctor of the crazy four, one could argue her role is limited, demanding little. Whatever the case, this is one performance she could have done without. She keeps saying she is a mom first and would rather not star in the lead as she takes up singing to classical music. While that is appreciable, fans of Ms. Chawla better hope she does better in the upcoming Bhootnath, also starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Dia Mirza outshines Juhi Chawla. She looks great (especially in the tri-colored shalwar kameez) as she plays a TV reporter who helps the crazy four in their quest. Saw shades of her role in Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007), in which she was excellent as a reporter.

[Aside: A TV reporter and four 'dudes' obviously reminded me of my favorite comic book heroes after He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April O'Niel!]

The three item numbers in the film were much hyped. And who wouldn't want to hype them when Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan star in their own? Yet, as expected, they serve little purpose.

As if that was not bad enough, Dekhta Hai Tu Kya starring Rakhi Sawant is worse. The scene leading up to the song is laughable (not in the sense the filmmakers intended, I am convinced), and the song is yet another silly (and sadly, it appears silently mandated in Bollywood these days) item number that is fast-forward-through material. That Irrfan was in it made it even worse.

Overall, Krazzy 4 lives up to its title but in so doing leaves a lot to be desired. The message of the film is conveyed ineffectively. It is disappointing to see some good actors deliver this product. Senseless and nonsensical comedies can succeed, but despite having some strong moments, this one does not. I am going with two and a half stars for an average film. It is all right for one who wishes to kill some time and get a few laughs while at it. If you do not watch it, you shall not be missing much, unless you are a fan of Rajpal Yadav or just miss seeing Dia Mirza.

Movie rating: 2.5/5 (average)

Soundtrack rating: 0/5 (poor -- if the title track weren't plagiarized, I would still have given it a star and a half at the most)

My classification: PG-13 (surprisingly clean for this genre)

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