Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na trailer: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi

Speaking of A. R. Rahman in this post earlier today. Here is another sample of what we can expect in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (releasing July 4), a product of Aamir Khan Productions, starring Imran Khan and Genelia D'Souza. Imran Khan sings in what looks like a school eerily similar to the one Aamir Khan and Neelam attended in the film Afsana Pyar Ka (1991 - here is my review). He dresses up as a woman, as Aamir did in Baazi (1995 - here is my review). There is a guitar and a bunch of college students. Remind anyone of a song in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)?

These posts have more information on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Enjoy this trailer with the song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi. The trailer can also be downloaded at the film's official website: www.jaanetu.com. I expect nothing less than very good songs in the soundtrack to the film.


Rajiv said...

It is a great song, really looking forward to Rahman Sir's soundtrack. Do you think Imran will be another Aamir?

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Rajiv: The soundtrack to Jaane Tu... should be very good. I liked the two songs in the first trailer more than the one in the second trailer.

I am not expecting much from Imran Khan. Might take a couple of movies for him to get a shot at proving himself. Any comparisons that are drawn between him and his uncle Aamir (as far as their acting abilities are concerned), are very very premature and even unfair.

He's certainly not going to be another Aamir -- there cannot be another Aamir, just like there cannot be another...hmm...Sachin Tendulkar :)

Tanya Kapoor said...

Love Story 2050 also releasing on the same date.

In Harman Vs. Imran's case, I would prefer Harman. A couple of reasons for this.

Aamir Khan might be a big star, but that doesn't goes to say that anyone launched by Aamir will be a big star. Remember Faisal Khan? Aamir's own brother. He had full support of Aamir, but what happaned to him? For all you know, Imran might meet the same fate.

Another point - Why would Aamit take Genelia, one of the most flop heroine of Bollywood as a heroine? I mean, how many fans does she has , apart from her own family?

Also, the director of the film is Abbas Tyrewala, the guy who used to write scripts before. In comparison, Love Story 2050 is directed by ace director Harry Baweja who gave us films like "Qayamat", "Dilwale" etc. I trust Harry Baweja far more than Abbas Tyrewala.

Further, a look at Love Story 2050 's promos makes you sit back and take notice. Love Story 2050 is an interesting film. Its a love story, but with exciting special effects and an intriguing story line. This might be India's first sci-fi film. The budget of Harman's costumes in Love Story 2050 alone must be equal to "Jaane Tu"'s entire budget.

Boss, a multiplex ticket now costs Rs.250. I would rather go and watch Love Story 2050 than see some overrated and under-delivered performance by some over-hyped star-nephew.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Tanya: Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

Is it fair to jump to any conclusions about either Imran Khan or Harman Baweja, especially since we haven't seen their films yet?!

They're both promising young actors, and I hope they both do well. There is enough room for Bollywood fans to appreciate more than one film released on the same day!

I understand that you would prefer Harman versus Imran in this case, and agree that a star launching a star does not guarantee success (nothing guarantees it, really, not even Priyanka Chopra). But do allow me to play devil's advocate:

1. Genelia D'Souza might not be very well known in Bollywood fan circles, but she has done her share of work and won significant awards in regional cinema. She is even going to be working on a film later this year opposite Love Story 2050's Harman Baweja!

Good leaders elevate the acting of those around them. You see that with those who start their careers opposite someone like Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan. It'll be interesting to see how Imran does.

2. Abbas Tyrewala did give us Munnabhai M.B.B.S., Main Hoon Na and Maqbool, remember?

3. Appreciate your trust in Harry Baweja. It'll be interesting to see what he and Abbas Tyrewala come up with. I know I am biased in my trust for Aamir Khan being greater than for anyone else in Bollywood. So it's okay for us to disagree :)

4. Correct me if I am wrong, but India's first sci-fi film was one with Hrithik Roshan and Jadoo, no?!

5. Love Story 2050 will be one of the more expensive Bollywood films, absolutely. Yet, the budget alone is hardly a reason to go watch it over another film that promises much too. Taare Zameen Par was probably one of the lower budget films (relatively speaking) of 2007. Best film of the year? You bet.

No matter which film we go see first, we'll be seeing some 'overrated and over-hyped' actors. That's what I think of Priyanka Chopra ;) All right, just kidding...I really did like her in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Don. Wait a minute, was I saying something [above] about good leaders elevating the performances of those around them? =)

Good luck at the multiplexes on July 4! Wish I were there. Do let us know what you think of the movies!