Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na lyrics and translation: Tu Bole Main Boloon

Song three of seven from the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na soundtrack is Tu Bole Main Boloon, with vocals by the music director for the film, A. R. Rahman. When the first trailer was released (see it in this post), I thought this was the title song. We might well receive it as that, but the title song has two tracks that I shall discuss tomorrow.

Here are the lyrics I transcribed, and alongside it my attempted translation. Here are posts related to the film, including trailers, interviews, etc. Listen to the complete soundtrack here.

The first songs that came to mind when listening to Tu Bole Main Boloon were Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong and Moonlight Kiss by Bap Kennedy -- think of Tu Bole... as being at the intersection of these two. These songs are my favorites from the soundtrack to Serendipity (2001), a favorite Hollywood flick purely for the dialog and its delivery. Moonlight Kiss is also my Hollywood champion of songs starring the moon! While Tu Bole... is not as romantic -- it is more about appreciating different points of view, even when it comes to relationships -- the music has a similar feel. Serendipity is a film I would like to see Bollywood remake, glove-lady and all!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the upcoming Kareena/Shahid "Milenge Milenge" a remake of "Serendipity"?

I don't know about "Tu Bole Main Boloon" - maybe it will grow on me when I see the picturization.

There have been some interesting filmi jazz songs recently - the one I really like is from "No Smoking" but there was one in "Parineeta," too.

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi, Zak: Thank you for visiting. Interesting blog!

Filmi Girl: I was not aware of Milenge Milenge being a remake of sorts. Should be fun! Although I do wish they give credit to the original source.

You bring up a good point about 'Tu Bole Main Boloon' growing later on. A. R. Rahman's music tends to do that. Experienced that with each of Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Jodhaa Akbar...all very good.

This song would fit in perfectly in a scene at a coffee shop or bookstore/library on a bright winter morning :)

I really liked the jazz song from Parineeta (2005) -- that was very interesting because the song was titled 'Kaisi Paheli Zindagaani'. Around the same time of year, Paheli, starring Shah Rukh and Rani released, and I recall people confusing the Parineeta song as being from Paheli, giving the latter some free publicity. Still, the former was a much better filmi product and had a much better soundtrack, by far.

Also liked the song Khushboo Sa from Khoya Khoya Chaand (2007 - here is my review of the film). Listen to it at this link. Interesting lyrics:

Husn pe ho yaqeen to ishq dagmagaayega,
Karoon intezaar mera yaar kab aayega.

Translated as:

Belief in beauty will lead love to waiver,
[I] Am waiting for when my lover will arrive.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Khoya Khoya Chand yet! When I went to the theatre, they had switched it out for Dus Kahaniyaan - which was actually pretty good. :D I did like the soundtrack, though.

Have you heard the songs for No Smoking? "Jab Bhi Ciggaret" is really a good jazz song.

theBollywoodFan said...

Seriously need to check out Dus Kahaniyaan -- its soundtrack is very cool.

'Jab Bhi Cigarette' is very interesting, yes. Not sure if I like it a lot, because the contents of the song are too close to an issue that has impacted several people I know. That keeps me from liking the song, but that also means that the song was successful! If only the film were as good.

Anonymous said...

Dus Kahaniyaan was very uneven but it was a fun watch.

My review is here: http://filmi-girl.livejournal.com/27784.html

Anonymous said...

i dont know if they're doing "milenge" now that kareena and shahid are broken up, but there was a tamil remake of serendipity, which is call "jay jay".
it stars madhavan, and it's called "jay jay" because the characters' names that are eventually written on either side of a 100 rs. note start with the letter j.

theBollywoodFan said...

Anonymous: Interesting point about Milenge Milenge, and thank you for noting the Tamil remake of Serendipity! Cheers.

J. R. Guinness said...

Do you have a translation of 'Kaisi Paheli Zindagaani' from Parineeta? I think that musically it is inspired by Louis Armstrongs 'A Kiss to Build a Dream On' & I wanted to see how the lyrics matched up.

J. R. Guinness said...

Do you have a translation of 'Kaisi Paheli Zindagaani' into English? I love the song and I think that musically it was inspired by Louis Armstrong's 'A Kiss to Build a Dream On.'

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi there, James, and welcome to my blog! You can find the translation to 'Kaisi Pehali Zindagani' at this link (scroll toward the middle of the page).

It certainly sounds like similar to something Louis Armstrong would compose, although I think it's fair to say that's not even possible for anyone :) I'm not familiar with the song, please feel free to share your insight. Cheers!

Sadie said...

Thanks so much theBollywoodFan! I've been looking for Hindi lyrics with English translations and have only found them here. Its tough being an angrezi Bollywood fan, but you just made it better!

theBollywoodFan said...

Thank you Sadie! You must have such a fantastic perspective on Hindi films! Do you have any favorite songs/films? :)

Sadie said...

@ TheBollywoodFan, I'm such an amateur, I wasn't brought up with this. I like the sounds I've not heard before, like the driving drums of 'Ghanan Ghanan' in Laagan. But also the unexpected familiarity of 'Masakalli' (Delhi 6), which sounds French to me. I also love that the films show boys just as interested in love and marriage as the girls, and the celebration of ordinariness - it feels more human than Hollywood. Can you suggest any films I should see? Thanks! :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Thanks for your perspective, Sadie! That's all very interesting, and yes, guys in Bollywood keep it real :)

No worries with just starting out. So what kinds of films do you enjoy? What all have you seen so far? Anything in particular (e.g. Lagaan?) that you've really enjoyed?