From Bees to Biscuits: Aamir Khan in Monaco commercials

Met a scholar this weekend. His favorite hobby is to maintain a few bee hives, and he was kind enough to show me some! The person, whose look reminded me of Ebenezer Balfour from Kidnapped (by Robert Stevenson), knows more about bees and their hierarchies than anyone I have met! His concerns were consistent with a recent Haagen Dazs print ad in the National Geographic magazine that noted the significance of the bees' functions and the threat resulting from their dwindling numbers. The bee crisis is very real, and I hope we can do something about it -- ideas are available at Here is a post on another ice-cream brand with a Bollywood connection.

So after all this 'bee talk', I went to an electronics store for home theater equipment, and left with the Bee Movie. And a good movie it is! Jerry Seinfeld is fantastic as a dubbing artist, Larry King makes an appearance on Bee-N.N., and a couple of songs from the Jaane Tu... soundtrack would surely be a great complement to this love affair! :o)

The song Shehar Ki Ladki (watch it at this link) from Rakshak (1996) would be perfect for Barry Benson (the bee) to impress his lady love, the New York City gal Vanessa...over the radio, perhaps? If he wanted to be a little more self-centered, perhaps singing 'Shehed Ki Makkhi' (honey bee) to the Shehar Ki Ladki tune might work?

Hoping we shall soon see quality animated films with Bollywood connections. I am expecting good things from Toonpur Ka Superhero releasing in November. Here is more information on the film, in which Ajay Devgan and Kajol are involved too. Sweet!

Speaking of 'sweet'...came across two new commercials of Monaco by the Indian biscuit manufacturer and confectioner Parle. Monaco and Parle-G are two of the most iconic biscuits (or cookies or crackers as we refer to them in the U.S., not to be confused with the biscuits served as hot baked products) in India, and my favorite as a child, during homework hours every evening. Think of Monaco as India's equivalent of Nabisco Ritz crackers, which I have grown to like at wine and cheese receptions here. =)

So when I saw my favorite actor Aamir Khan in commercials for Monaco, I had to share them! The person behind the counter at my local raashan waala (grocery store) in Bombay used to pronounce the 'na' in the word as 'Monaaco' as in naaraaz (disappointed), and not as in 'Monaco Grand Prix'. I'll try to have a post on raashan-waalas soon (they have made their share of appearances in Hindi films), since I was always fascinated by my trips to the independently-owned grocery stores. There was a good kind of inconsistency about them that franchised grocery stores cannot match.

Enjoy these commercials. And remember, life namkeen banaiye (make life salted/sweet)! They ought to have placed their products in something like Cheeni Kum (2007), which in turn, might have used Sugar Sugar by The Archies (watch it here)!

Image sources: Bee Movie, Haagen Dazs, IndiaFM, Parle.


Filmi Girl said...

As for Bollywood animated movies - don't forget Roadside Romeo! The Saif promo had me laughing so hard!

That's one cartoon I might actually go see in the theatre. :D

theBollywoodFan said...

Filmi Girl: Of course! Sorry I missed that in the post. What was I thinking? (Probably caught up in the name 'Toonpur', which I find fascinating.)

Roadside Romeo (official website here) -- releasing in October this year -- should be nothing short of spectacular. Yash Raj and Walt Disney should be fun to watch. Kareena, Saif, and Javed Jafri, and dialog by Abbas Tyrewala!

Sounds like fun!