Bollywood and the Indian Premier League

Much has been said about the Indian Premier League (IPL) of cricket over the past few weeks. As a cricket fan, I enjoy the entertainment that comes with this brand of the game, which will not replace the traditional one-day or test (five-day) versions. It is good for cricket because it attracts those who are turned off by the average one-day game lasting close to six hours. And it is a much better format that the Super Sixes experiment in the mid-1990s.

Bollywood and its stars have been an important piece of the IPL's marketing efforts, which so far, seem to have worked. Figured I would post a list of the actors that are involved and the teams they support.

Mumbai Indians: The team I support given it is my home city. Hrithik Roshan is their brand ambassador, and here is their anthem (what we call the 'fight song' here in the U.S.). It is a nice video. Particularly like the shot of the billboard with Sachin Tendulkar. The Hindi text, Duniya Hila Denge Indians, is translated as '[The] Indians will rock the world'.

Also interesting is this from the team's official website, part of a video titled 'Tashan supports Mumbai Indians' that apparently played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

2. Kings XI Punjab: Owned by Preity Zinta. Their commercial is very good, starring Preity Zinta and with vocals by Daler Mehndi. Love how this commercial starts out, with the boy listening to cricket commentary over the radio. Brings back memories of smuggling radios or portable TVs into the classroom to follow the games (some teachers were surprisingly tolerant of this). My favorite was our high school librarian, who had a pact with students for all India-Pakistan games. "Be quiet, and I'll let you into the A/V room," he would say (yes, during class hours!). "But be quiet!" In retrospect, I was a rather bad student in high school. Oh well. It's all fair in love and cricket :)

3. Kolkata Knight Riders: By now, we know more about Shah Rukh Khan owning the Kolkata team than we do about the rising food prices across the world. Disliked how he was cheering his team at the inaugural game (it's not *all* about him, and his antics were distasteful) and how he showed up to the final of the Twenty-20 World Cup final last year, wearing an Om Shanti Om shirt and taking the liberty of going into the Indian team's dressing room because the cameras were there. Yet, there is no doubt his team's anthem is the most well made. Disappointed in the 2 Hot 2 Kool music album SRK and Bappi Lahiri came up with for the team. The songs seem to be composed with the sole intention of being ring tones. Would much rather have them go in the other direction. Still, this is an excellent video.

3. Delhi Daredevils: Akshay Kumar is their brand ambassador. Here is a video of him introducing the team.

4. Bangalore Royal Challengers: Katrina Kaif is their brand ambassador. Here she is in the stands with Akki:

Of course, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are never far behind. Love Kareena in a Mumbai jersey. And look people, she does eat!

5. As if that weren't enough, the IPL website too has a brand ambassador, and that is Riya Sen.

6. Much like any relationship, these arrangements are hardly immune to break-ups. Here is an example: South Indian actress Nayanthara sacked by the Chennai Super Kings.

So there you have them. Not an all-inclusive list, but of the most prominent.

[Picture source: India Times and the teams' official websites]

Addendum 5/9/2008:
Shah Rukh now has what seems to be India's first official [francished] pro shop. It would help if his team won a few games...


Anonymous said...

Most exciting news that Kareena does eat! Or maybe pretends to eat for the camera. I remember reading that she does some type of sweat lodge yoga. I think she should put on 15-20 lbs. to look a bit more healthy, but I'm from the midwest (high fashion calls us "snow cows", LOL)so that skinny makes me think either Hollywood or meth.. And as long as I'm being superficial, I have theories on Kareena. I love her look, and as I've said before her face is very Picasso/Matisse, and more precisely Raj Kapoor as a woman in look. I think she uses all that eyeliner around the entire eye in an attempt to make her close eyes look furter set apart, but this has the reverse effect. Ok, done. Thanks for allowing me a platform for my views. In conclusion, I do find her very fun to look at and attractive.

All the best,

theBollywoodFan said...

Agreed, Sita-ji. I do miss the slightly healthier Kareena (loved her in Asoka, as I've probably said before).

Never would have thought about the makeup effects...that's a great insight!

Kareena's dietitian was on the BBC a couple of weekends ago, and encouraged everyone who wanted to 'look like Kareena' to sleep on time, wake up on time, and eat every four hours. Doubt that's all she's been doing =) Seriously, she's looking a little too skinny.

One could argue it's not healthy for society to have such a benchmark for beauty.