Aamir injured again; to rest at least three weeks

Dear, oh dear. Less than a couple of weeks after suffering an injury while shooting for Ghajini, Aamir Khan hurt himself again. This time, it's a little more serious, and demands at least three weeks of rest. From his latest blog entry:

Now I’ve really gone and done it!!!

Just when I thought I was recovered I’ve injured myself again. And this time its worse than last time. Serves me right for taking it lightly and not resting myself enough. This time it’s my left leg and yes this time it is my hamstring. So we’ve had to call off the schedule, with the climax incomplete. I am so mad with myself!!!

Unfortunately it’s hurting much more than last time and I am on pain killers which I don’t normally use.

Not interesting enough did I say last time? Well serves me right.

Few comments on this, besides again, a wish and a prayer for a speedy recovery. He really should stop jumping around on thermacole :o)

And to add some value to the post, check out the following rare video (thanks to an Aamirian in Russia) of the Filmfare Awards of 1989, showcasing Aamir Khan and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988). And how cool is it to see Amitabh Bachchan handing one?! Well worth a watch.


Crazy on Bollywood said...

Get well soon Amir,we r waiting for ur movie Gajni.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Filmfare video. I just saw "Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak" this weekend and don't understand the filmfare award for Amir there, though I do for "Raja Hindustani."
Yet after watching this Filmfare footage, now I do think he deserved the award! My Bollywood mind, so easily swayed.


theBollywoodFan said...

Crazy on Bollywood: Yes, the countdown to Ghajini has begun!

Sita-ji: Glad you enjoyed the video. I see it served its purpose! ;)

QSQT created quite a sensation that year. Aamir won the best debut award, and Anil Kapoor the best actor, if I recall correctly, for Tezaab.

I remember how QSQT and Maine Pyar Kiya (the following year) became mandatory viewing whenever families got together for weddings. One would think QSQT wouldn't, given its end. I had a few weddings in my extended family around that time, and know it was true.

While on the subject, Aamir Khan in this interview mentioned how the media wrote him off as a one-film-wonder because he had a few unsuccessful films right after QSQT, and how he had to work hard to stick to trusting his abilities.

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets well soon. He's the best!

Anonymous said...

Given the choice it would be Maine Pyar Kiya for me over QSQT. I like to know that there were mandatory wedding prep watching. Shhh! right now there's actually a link to the full movie here:


But like so often happens, the movie rattles around in my head and I do now, after the fact, appreciate QSQT more. That absolutely dramatic and shocking beginning and the equally wild ending were indeed over the top.

Additionally, I was just about to shoot some heroin, had my arm tied off, about to insert the needle, but then I heard the end of Amir's speech that you'd uploaded, and I knew I had to say no to drugs. :)

Saying nahin to drugs,

theBollywoodFan said...

Almost with you on Maine Pyar Kiya over Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, if only for the end. Besides, my experience was that Maine Pyar Kiya was received as a film that exemplified style. The car racing, the 'friend' cap, the pigeon, the saxophone, the dialog around cigarettes, the boxing gloves, the swing outside Bhagyashree's home...all of which were iconic in their own right.

QSQT had its share too, of course, not the least of which was the song Papa Kehte Hain. Still, if the number of views of a movie are an effective metric, MPK wins on my counter too.

Oh, and of course, say no to drugs! LOL...