Wow, Asha-ji!

Wow. It is nearing 2 a.m. here in Miami, and I just returned from the Asha Bhosle and Amit Kumar concert at the Broward Performing Arts Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Before I called it a night, I just wanted to capture the moment.

What a wonderful concert! Asha Bhosle was amazingly entertaining and cordial, and it was a privilege to see her perform live. Amit Kumar was quite a revelation, and I shall surely want to pay more attention to his work.

Didn't quite think I had the scope for it, but I am an even bigger fan of Asha-ji after tonight. 'Wow' is a fitting initial reaction then. Much more in a detailed post on the event over the weekend. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

It was fun getting together last night after a while. I can't believe she even gave us a shout out!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo jealous :-) How fun.

BTW, I have added you to my blogroll, hope that's okay with you.

theBollywoodFan said...

Mahesh: It was truly a great time. Glad you and yours were able to make it.

Memsaab: You've probably heard this sentence in a movie before: 'Neki aur pooch pooch?!' (i.e. to suggest something on the lines of 'why ask when doing a good deed!'). Thank you! Your blog is listed on mine as well, and I'll look forward to checking in often.