Ustad Zakir Hussain to perform in Miami!

The one and only Ustad Zakir Hussain shall be performing live in Miami on May 4. By far one of the best tabla players in world today, and widely acknowledged as one of the all-time greats much like his father Ustad Alla Rakha (to make this Bollywood-related: that's what the 'A.R.' in A.R. Rahman stand for too!). From this DrummerWorld piece on Ustad Hussain:

Zakir Hussain is appreciated both in the field of percussion and in the music world at large as an international phenomenon. A classical tabla virtuoso of the highest order, his consistently brilliant and exciting performances have not only established him as a national treasure in his own country, India, but gained him worldwide fame. The favorite accompanist for many of India's greatest classical musicians and dancers, from Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar to Birju Maharaj and Shivkumar Sharma, he has not let his genius rest there. His playing is marked by uncanny intuition and masterful improvisational dexterity, founded in formidable knowledge and study.

Widely considered a chief architect of the contemporary world music movement, Zakir's contribution to world music has been unique, with many historic collaborations...

This will be a treat for any music-lover, let alone for someone who enjoys classical music. The Ustaad was introduced to us first through the Taj Mahal tea commercials in India back in the 1980s (the trademark 'arey huzoor Waah Taj boliye' (as in this commercial) won the masses over). Here is an amazing video which serves as an introductory lecture on the Tabla and some of the rhythms associated with it, showcasing the tremendous versatility of the Ustaad's talent. Listen to a sample of his work below.

For more information on the event, visit Definitely look forward to being there and sharing more on the Ustad and his music over the next couple of weeks.

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