On Kabir Khan's beard and changes to the blog

Thought of Chak De India (2007) while brushing my teeth this morning. I have been working from home this week, and all it took was one thoughtful glance in the mirror to make me feel that not having shaved for four consecutive days has given me a Kabir Khan beard of sorts (Kabir was, you might recall, the coach of the womens hockey team in the film). Ugh, it doesn't feel too clean at all.

Yet, friends and family who have seen me over these past four days say it looks decent. So I am confused. I am often careless with my hair (my hair style speaks to that), but does the carelessness imply the same sex appeal when it pertains to facial hair? Ah well, we'll see. One morning, I'll probably decide to do away with it. Besides, I can't imagine showing up to work like this, unless I'm going for the Saif Ali Khan look in Race (2008).

Glad that my gym and running routines are back on track (no pun intended). I am about to venture out there again. But a few notes first on changes to my blog's layout, specifically to the sidebar:

1. Gone are the Google News feeds on my favorite stars. The single most important reason for this was that the news feeds consistently provided links to inaccurate sources of information, some of which led to info that was derogatory and downright unfair to the actors. No way I would tolerate that, and I must say I am somewhat disappointed at the Google feed ranking mechanism. Where's the credibility, yaar?

2. Added buttons with pictures of my favorite stars, and a link to my blog posts about them. For example, if you click on the link below the Madhuri Dixit graphic, you will be presented with my posts on Madhuri.

3. Upcoming: I am going to eventually put together a blog roll, for fellow Bollywood bloggers whose opinions you might find interesting. If you have a blog to share, please do contact me!

Off I go to workout land.

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