The courtroom scene from Khuda Ke Liye

This scene was perhaps the most captivating in the film Khuda Ke Liye. Fantastic! Naseeruddin Shah is an amazing actor, but we knew that already. That he chose to be involved in this film speaks volumes of his willingness to address tangible controversial issues most would dare not approach. Thank you Mr. Shah!


Anonymous said...

Very powerful film that makes one look deep inside and examine what is the true purpose of religion.

If we extrapolate from this film, we see almost all religions are being abused and distorted by some people.

These abusers of religion are of two types : One who knows that he is using religion as a tool to acheive his own devious goal. This is the same as a murderer choosing a weapon or a carpenter choosing the best tool. The Abuser chooses the best weapon to get his job done and in his heart, knows that he has made a consious decision to use a tool for a short time for a fixed purpose.

The other type is more dangerous. This is the type that is convinced that they have understood religion and are convinced that they have the right and responsibility to forcibly make others adhere to their religion. This type feels righteous even as they spread hate, violence and show non-compassion. They get blinded by their belief system and don't even realise that they have too narrow a view point or are actually working on a wrong understanding of the true religion.

theBollywoodFan said...

Absolutely agree, Anonymous! There are always those who will use religion for their own (often political) cases. I say equal shame on those who accept all the talk of any religion being associated with propagating ignorance.

If everyone just followed their religion the way it was meant to be followed (and there aren't any two ways about it, every holy book has some common documented basic values guidance), I guess the world would be too peaceful for there to be a legitimate power struggle :)

And narrow viewpoints are always troublesome. But try saying that to those who think they know it all and love 'different' films, but don't care to see a 'Khuda Ke Liye'!