Presenting Chhota Akbar...inspired by Jodhaa Akbar

I swear it's not an oxymoron, the Chota (which means 'little' in Hindi/Urdu) and Akbar (which means 'great' in Arabic/Urdu) used in the title for the same person (ahem, or toy). Having some fun with the Lego characters at my desk just a while ago, and I felt inspired to create my own Bollywood-inspired Lego character. So, here is the result. In all his royal glory, and ever-willing to put his life on the line and fight the evil forces to save his Mini-land Hindustan.

Presenting Chota Akbar! (that 'chota' rhymes well with 'Jodhaa' is a pure coincidence). And yes, he is inspired by Hrithik Roshan in Jodhaa Akbar (2008). Complete with the helmet, mustache, sideburns, armor, sword and shield. Do excuse the blue colored armor. I felt rather lazy to go into my stash of over two decades worth of collecting Lego (that I make a point to carry with me wherever I move to) to find dark gray or silver armor. =)


Anonymous said...

Adab theBollywoodFan!

Chota Akbar, may I present you Jodhaa, she's the one here pictured in red, but you can have them all.

See on my tour of Fatepur Sikri, one of Akbar's abodes, I found out that he had a few wives. Take your pick, though I believe that Chota Akbar would have the class to select sirf ek!

All the best!

theBollywoodFan said...

Again, that's a great post, Sita-ji!

Chhota Akbar says, "I'm all for Akbar's ruling ethic, but Chhota Akbar ke paas zyaada class hai -- he does indeed have more class -- to go for sirf ek! Hindustan zindabad!!! (**Lego pet elephant trumpets in approval**).