Aao Huzoor at Buddha Bar

Listening to Nirvana Lounge (album information) at work today, and came across some very familiar lyrics at the beginning of the song Punjab by Karunesh (watch it here). One of my Jamaican friends gifted the disc set to me a few years ago, and I would definitely recommend it to fans of lounge music.

Then I heard Punjab being played at Buddha Bar in Paris last December. [Speaking of Buddha Bar, the place has an amazing ambiance, and is well worth the visit. Go there for the music (not the food) and you will not be disappointed. Here are some of my pictures, but there are several better ones at their website.]

And all this time, I knew the tune sounded familiar but never bothered to go research the original song. Then, last week, while listening to some of Asha Bhosle's hits leading up to her concert, I came across the song Aao Huzoor Tum Ko from the film Kismat (1969). Go figure.

How difficult is it to just give some credit to the original source? Before I get carried away with this, let me refer to a previous post on the subject. Hopefully, a few more instances like the one Rakesh Roshan went through with Krazzy 4 will help reduce the shamelessness. And hopefully, it'll work the same way across industries. If Partner (2007) was a rip-off, admitting it beforehand and having approval from the original filmmakers (the Hollywood counterparts) in the form of prior written consent, and public knowledge thereof, would certainly not have made the film any less entertaining for those of us who enjoyed it.

Oh, and before this becomes the Asha Bhosle blog, here is a commitment to the self to return to my normal blogging routine from tomorrow onward. =)

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