Vidya Balan: Upholding standards of Brand India

I just had to follow up to my last post with a rebuttal of sorts, given that I appreciate those who prioritize operating at an equilibrium in what they do.

One such person is Vidya Balan. By far my favorite actress (the others would be Kajol and Tabu), there is a calming effect about her presence. And she obviously does something to show that she is proud of her Indian heritage. We see a trend in her movies too. Check out her wardrobe in Parineeta, Eklavya, LageRaho Munnabhai, Salaam-e-Ishq, Guru, and Bhool Bhulaiyya, and we see that she obviously has a compass about what is acceptable to her. That is the mark of a true professional. A true role model for the Indian youth.

Thank you Vidya! You are a true ambassador of Brand India.


Abhinav said...

I dont know how much I agree with all that,but Vidya's dressing in public needs sobering.She,oddly enough,tends to get too flashy and the pervasiveness of that awful dressing sense of hers gets her a lot of flak.There isnt a lot to pick on Vidya,so journalists(we know how they are loyal to some stars and do their best to bring contemporaries down)jump on the bandwagon trying to bring her down..
Strangely enough I revisited Parineeta earlier today,and Vidya's performance stands out not just because of how good it was,but because of how different it was from everything else she has done.People blame her for a Parineeta hangover,but I disagree I think she has only managed to retain the worst of all tics from Parineeta.Listen to her voice in Parineeta,it sounds so soft,but in her recent films she sounds so wizened its almost irritating(most notably in [the terrible]Heyy Babyy).Plus its the makeup--look at the way her jawline is made inconspicuous in Parineeta,it makes her look a lot younger,but if you have seen any of her pics where her jawline is conspicuous she looks a lot older than she actually is.And most of all those BIG vulnerable eyes--I dont understand why people try to gussy her up and brush her up into something she is not...
Plus she needs to lose weight and FAST.She is an amazingly natural actress but its these annoying tics she hangs onto that reduce the effect of her performances.Hopefully she does away with them

theBollywoodFan said...

Agreed Abhinav. I guess the context of my text had more to do with Vidya Balan's on-the-screen wardrobe, which, except in Heyy Babyy, has been good, relatively speaking. Her dressing in public has left a lot to be desired, but I would think that the majority of movie-watchers in India and abroad would focus more on the movies (at least I would hope that they would).

Agreed that Heyy Babyy was a disaster, as much for her fans as for her. And yes, she does need to lose some weight and fast, if only to keep up with the competition, which is only increasing.

She has consistently proven that she can act. She needs to be comfortable in her shell and, as you say, just be herself. A big part of that comes with the makeup crew, but hopefully she has learned her lessons.

I have not yet seen Halla Bol to have an opinion on it. I think she had a movie upcoming with Shahid Kapoor at some point this year too. Should be interesting.