Thank you Sachin

"It is a fabulous victory. This is victory based on teamwork and strong determination." - Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Let's not be all surprised with what Sachin Tendulkar did in Australia. Those of us who have grown up around Sachin and treat him as our real-life superhero are used to seeing him do this. Ever since we saw him play at Shivaji Park. And for Bombay. And for India.

Team India accomplished a milestone today, winning a triangular series in Australia for the first time in a long, long time. Behind the two final victories was a dynamic of teamwork that was refreshing to see. India did what few thought possible -- sweep Australia in the finals. And behind that sweep was one man who some of us believers in senior players think epitomizes everything that is good with Indian cricket. That man is Sachin Tendulkar. Need we be surprised?

Picture source: Cricinfo

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