Sunidhi's arrogance is a fall from grace

I am a huge Sunidhi Chauhan fan. I would say that among the new generation of female vocalists, she is right up there with Shreya Ghosal. But recently, I was disappointed to catch her on Rajeev Masand's show on CNN-IBN, where she responded to a question as follows:

Rajeev Masand: The most overrated singer is?

Sunidhi Chauhan: Atif Aslam. I know there are many fans of Atif Aslam but I think he can't sing. Sorry.

Here is a classic example of some arrogance taking over a very talented singer such as Ms. Chauhan. Saying Atif Aslam is overrated is one thing. She went beyond that in saying that he can't sing. Now that is a cheap shot if there ever was one. And rather immature.

For the record, I think Atif Aslam is a decent singer, and we really cannot deny that he has sung some good songs that have been well-liked by the masses. I would certainly place him ahead of Himesh Reshammiya as a singing talent. Then again, I would almost certainly place anyone ahead of Himesh, but that is a another story ;)


Anonymous said...

ye u r rite ..i m an atif fan and even i didnt lik her saying so ..but i think itz cuz of d fact that atif got many of his vids while she didnt get ne.

plz tell me smthng is she trained in music formally?

theBollywoodFan said...

I too did not like Sunidhi Chauhan saying so, especially since I am her fan.

However, Atif has certainly not gotten more music assignments, or more lucrative assignments either, so I humbly disagree with you there. Sunidhi is by far a more popular and more accomplished singer than is Atif, and for good reason.

Ms. Chauhan has indeed received formal Indian classical music training, albeit after her music career began when she was a child. Contrastingly, Mr. Aslam's ride to fame began at his college canteen, without formal training too, from my understanding of his career. Very interesting, don't you think?

I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye, like in most situations. It is just unfortunate that Ms. Chauhan chose to use the words she did. I think she is by far the better vocalist of the two, and such comments can only hurt her.

Anonymous said...

well it wont make any difference to atif what sunidhi said about him.most of the people do like him so 1 personal opinion should not matter.
whenever atif gets his chance he shows how good he is. doorie, tere bin and now pehli nazar mein show that he cant only sing but sing it to compete the best in the business.

theBollywoodFan said...

True. I was just disappointed at Sunidhi coming out and saying what she did. It doesn't suit someone of her caliber. Then again, she can use her position to be critical of someone, and you can bet people (especially the media and fans) will pay attention.

In the bigger picture, though, I completely agree with you. Atif has little to prove. He is one of the finer vocalists in South Asia.

Anonymous said...

Sunidhi was right ... Atif is the most over-rated , over hyped singer.... and he is no doubt complete besura..... he may be good for canteen party stuff, but not for singing.... given the tunes, any one in the prevailing music industry can do better , and much better than what he have done... his voice quiality is not good, and is digitally managed .... more over on higer notes his voice simply cracks.... he needs loads and loads of practise... coz he is not a good singer .. simple

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Anonymous: Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I haven't figured out Atif yet. He can be as good as he was in Pehli Nazar, and as bad as he was in Baa Khuda. He isn't consistent, that's for sure. No matter what, he seems to be a favorite of many, so there must be something he's doing right.

Have you listened to any of his Pakistani pop albums?


PS: Heck, even *I* am decent for canteen party stuff :o)

Sayontan said...

I believe some context is needed here. Sunidhi made this remark in the "rapid fire" section of "To Catch a Star" with Rajeev Masand, so she didn't really have much time to compose a politically correct response. I hope people disagreeing with her remark at least believe it is alright to *think* that someone is a bad singer and not *say* it!

I do believe Atif has quite a few shortcomings in terms of voice control. He makes up for it to an extent in "feel", but to a person looking for melody, it is not a very pleasant experience. His defects come to the fore particularly in case of live shows, where there are no tools available to correct his mistakes unless he is lip-syncing.

Sunidhi, for the record is a trained classical singer. She in fact lends credence to Suresh Wadkar's theory that a classically trained singer can sing any kind of song. A search on YouTube for "Meri Awaz Suno 1996" will show up a few links with her performance in the finals, when she was 12 and performed a semi-classical piece with extreme skill. Does that absolve her of making the remark? I am tempted to give her the benefit of the rapid-fire doubt.

FYI - I too sounded great in the canteen :-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Sayontan, and thank you for stopping by! I agree about needing context. There's no question she's the better vocalist of the two. Which is why her comment bugs me more.

Of course, it's okay to think of singers/actors as good or bad. We wouldn't be discussing movies and actors if it weren't. But she did more than say that Atif was a bad singer, which was distasteful, no matter how one looks at it.

Atif might not be the best singer, far from it, but he has certainly made it big for a valid reason. While people like us never went beyond being great (okay, maybe average, at least in my case) canteen singers (LOL), he's elevated to a level that's worth looking up to for those in the profession. It's no fluke, he's been around long enough, and his songs been liked long enough.

When I went to an Atif concert, I thought he could sing pretty well (no, he wasn't dubbing). Especially the stuff he released in Pakistan -- the Bollywood stuff is just okay. Let's not compare him to those who've learned classical stuff -- that's certainly not his forte. But pop and rock are, and if Himesh Reshammiya gets none of these comments that make national headlines, surely, Atif's exponentially better and more versatile than him! :)