Sunidhi Chauhan sings for Windows

Given that I have structured my academic and professional careers around computer software and the marketing strategies thereof, here is something that is very impressive that I could not resist sharing. Sunidhi Chauhan singing for the Windows Vista launch. Around this time last year, it must have been popular, yet I just found it last week.

In any case, it is obviously very creative. Hardly surprising too. I have never been a big proponent of mixing Hindi and English lyrics in the same song, and this one has plenty of that. In some respects, it sounds a typical trance/pop track from the 1990s that make little sense, and with heavy Hindi lyrics. What's up with 'sab now kar lein'? Of course, with Wow is Now, you have few options, since that was what the global marketing initiatives were driven by.

Yet, I have a hard time believing that 'Andhere mein bhi raushni kar de' made it to the lyrics. Sounds like an advert for a light bulb! 'So much features' is just wrong English. And USB ports were prevalent in the late 1990s, and my two year old nephew has a couple of USB devices he can connect to his toys now (not running any Microsoft products), so I am wondering how it would differentiate a product in 2007!?

In any case, I still enjoyed the track. What as a Sunidhi Chauhan fan, and a Windows Vista fan too (I was one of the earliest adopters), I never doubted I would. You too can listen to it and download it at this link. Enjoy.

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