An Olympics torch-bearer India is proud of

Much deserving of the privilege of being a torch bearer in Delhi next month, for the upcoming summer Olympics in China this year, is none other than the torch bearer of a meaningful Bollywood: Aamir Khan. This from the following picture slide show of the unveiling of the torch and its guardians.

Speaking of Aamir Khan, here is an interesting picture essay listing his 'newly discovered' affinity for the spotlight. Now, I have been an Aamir Khan fan for a long long time, and I think he is justifiably very tactful in his approach to dealing with the media. And there is nothing new-found about this tactfulness. Maybe the media are starting to see him in a new light? Thoughts?

I just wish we all stop comparing Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan so religiously. They are both fantastic in their own right, and they can both be number ones, can they not? Heck, the Olympic games allow that too, do they not, if two contestants score exactly the same even after a tie-breaker?

And speaking of torch bearers, representing a country and its diversity, how about this song titled Mile Sur Mera Tumhara! Remember this? I recall when I was a kid growing up in Bombay in the 1980s that this song was quite the sensation on Doordarshan. Very inspiring, even today, don't you think? And check out how many Bollywood-related artists are involved in it too. Spectacular would be the right word. And Aamir Khan would be running with a torch in a modern remake!

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Anonymous said...

Ya, Aamir is truly deserving of the right to bear the torch for India. Agreed.