Holi hai!

Happy Holi, my friends! Here is a classic Holi song. From the Aamir Khan film Mangal Pandey (2005). Enjoy.

Addendum 3/22/2008:

Now, on to the critical commentary. CNN-IBN had this to say (at this link) of portrayals of Holi in Bollywood:

It has been three years since we last saw any color splashed on the big-screen.

STOP. This is not true. In addition to the music video from Mangal Pandey (2005) I showcased above, here is a song from the 2007 movie Delhi Heights, starring Jimmy Shergill and Neha Dhupia. Get your facts right, folks at IBN!

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ashi.kacheria said...

neha dhupia looks so colorful in the video..lol. no doubt that neha dhupia is beautiful, smart and sexy.. i wish if I could be just like her. besides that she is a good actress who has worked in great films like ek chaalis ki last local, garam masala,etc and very few people might be aware that she has a great sense of humor.. don’t trust me? Well then check her out http://www.virginmobile.in/thinkhatke/